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  1. And there's your problem. Everytime you add a effect it consumes memory and the more effects you use the larger the project becomes. Pro Tools don't even allow you to record if you have less than 200GB available on your hardrive. Although every other DAW allow this, you're likely to run into issues such as performance issues. Then there's background app as well. What's the specs of the Laptop?
  2. That definitely your PC. Hardrive full or busy acting up. Could be CPU as well. I clean out my system fans every 4 months and replace CPU thermal paste when needed.
  3. Something like that, yes. Bugs get fixed with every update on a monthly basis. Thousands have been fixed already since Bandlab took over. Right now the team focus on more serious bugs. This one is the size of a grain of sand. It will eventually get fixed. I think it just popped in to introduce itself to you - so you wont see it anytime soon again. Like I said: I get it from time to time, and get rid of it really easy by opening and close any window quick with its shortcut, like the piano roll (Alt+3) or the console view (Alt+2.) Most of the time I just hit Shift+D twice to open an existing window, but it is hardly anything of concern to me, that's why I've never bothered to report it. Some have though. If it pops in again activate it with "X" Do a quick sweep across the screen to pick it up and press "X" again to disable it. If that does work - a quick close of the DAW (as you discovered) is always the cure.
  4. It pops up from time-to-time. Normally, when I open any other window with a quick open and close - it goes away.
  5. Check if you have "Replace old with New" deselected in preferences>editing.
  6. For stupid questions like this.
  7. This is the third time in two days. Right now, my speculations are running towards "clickbait" for spyware . . . UPDATE: This guy is bombing every category now. This is alarming. Cyber war perhaps?
  8. Yes. When you're using teh full zoom "Z+Highlight" Just use Alt+Z to return back to its original size. Whem you Hold "Z" in plus left click to Zoom in steps you'll have to hold down Alt+Z or keep tapping on it to reverse your steps. I'd suggest you change these key shortcuts to your preferred Shortcut Keys. It is link to other keys. By default ALT brings up the cut Shortcut key and I believe Z turns off snap and Smart Tool. Systems are switched off and I've locked up already.
  9. 🤣 No. 🤣 That was a joke based on the other threads we've seen this month from users saying that. Also, I was done with some projects at the time, which has left me in exhausted. Now I'm two weeks off from making music and spinning discs (Dj) really needed this time to myself. Glad I could help with the request.
  10. Lol. What do you mean welcome back? Was I gone? 🤣 To Zoom in: Hold down "Z" and left click. To Zoom out: Just hold down "Alt" and press "Z."
  11. 8GB ram is a little on the shy side for just even some basic 12/16 track, 8bus project with effects like those mentioned above including some VSTi such as Kontakt etc. That's not to say you can't use them. Regarding the test. If it will help you identify things for future mixes - Yes, you can run the LatencyMon when you disable these effects - only those on the Master Bus (don't delete them.) Have you tried to reinstall the drivers of your interface again?
  12. You might want to add at least another 8GB of Ram to it. Do a test and report again. DISABLE 4 Effects to confirm what we are saying - any of the following manufacturers. iZotope, Waves Abby Road Reverb, Lurssen Mastering Console and maybe Fabfilter EQ3. Cakewalk LP, MB and Adaptive Limiter First try this with all the effects on your Mastering Channel.
  13. Might even be some sort of worms or spyware once you click on it.
  14. The x2 upsampling in the control is enabled by default.
  15. You might want to reinstall your drivers. It should work without any issues in 256.
  16. Yeah. That is weird. I can't think of anything else that might cause this right now.
  17. Those specs are decent enough for it not to have any issues. Perhaps this project has more effects than the others? Try taking the upsampling off (x2 button) off in the control bar.
  18. Check your CPU performance when adding it to your project. It's one of those plugins that consume a lot of system resources. What are your system specs?
  19. Or, maybe you just need to learn how to right click in your web browser (or the browser menu tab on your phone) and locate the "translate page" option. That is what the rest of us are doing. I speak 5 languages and Dutch happens to be one of them.
  20. Have you tried recording the tracks clean to be mixed afterwards and render when done? The dropouts could be due to CPU overload from effects that are being used when recording 15mins of non-stop recording - especially once that consume a lot of memory.
  21. Seemed like a "Scam-Spam." That guy was offering a certificate for some university that can be purchased.
  22. Klik met de rechtermuisknop op een lege ruimte tussen de module en selecteer Modules en verwijder wat u daar niet wilt plaatsen.
  23. Yes, and it's weird and this is on the main system. It seems to be fine now. That was the third time since UPDATE 1. I haven't done a reinstall or anything yet. Like I've said it is not an issue that prevents me from making music - it's just distracting and only seem to happen in the CV and not TV. I'll do some troubleshooting later. Maybe do a rollback and reinstall.
  24. Will.


    This depends on the track that you're recording on. There are millions of techniques out there for this. A technique given now might not work for your next song. Your snare might need to sit under the 808 in another track, or your vocals might not even need "Fattening." Maybe it just needs to sit up front (AKA) "In your face." Every track has different challenges. This is where knowledge and creativity come in | and | you can't teach creativity - unfortunately.
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