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  1. That's because most forget to apply and save their workspace settings. Its really important to do this. On the first page right at the bottom it need to show the tick. ✔️
  2. So 11 is out. Well, I guess the only thing to do now - its to consider both. Maybe, the two don't play well together? Or the new driver updates of your Audient? To narrow it down, try both on a simple one track project. If the issue persists - contact all 3 developers support team directly. Cakewalk, Icon, and Output.
  3. Dang it! I don't know how to feel about this. I own both. It's actually the first time I hear about a fire incident with both. Should i be worried? Its my 4th Audi in 7 years and probably 100th Samsung phone.
  4. That's what I said with the iKeystation after a having it for a year. Look at me now . . . problem free. You do realize it wont hurt you to try it right? When did you update to 11?
  5. 🙆🏻‍♂️ Icons? 🙆🏻‍♂️ A test quick: First save the project as a "copy test project" > unplug your interface and do a export without the interface. Before you export though - make sure that all the main outputs (that was set to the Audient) are going into your "Master Bus." Reason: I have the 5x Pro iKeyboard that CbB don't want to be friends with. Might not be your case here, but it's worth a test. Could be those plugins too, yes.
  6. Not related to this - just curious. What's your PC specs?
  7. I had this happened recently, but haven't changed anything. I just saved the project closed Cakewalk, made a quick run, came back and that happened. My fix: Well, as you've said - it might not be a fix for everyone, but I did the Ctrl+Alt+Del thing and ended every task where I could see it was still showing up as "in use."
  8. This is expected seeing that when setting up Mono tracks Cakewalk it adds a gain of +3dB. There has been a multiple debates on this issue across the forum, unlike with pan setting that has the 0 balance control. When switching a stereo track/insert to mono in CbB, it takes both the L&R channels and collapse it into a mono output track that adds this +3 extra dB in gain that you're experiencing - in fact: Kudos for noticing that. So the next time you record in mono you can compensate for this, by dialling back the gain knob on your interface mic/guitar input while you're checking the levels on the meter, to keep your noise floor in check.
  9. Eat ice cream it will cheer you up. Well, people still use it as you can read. I do. It has samples you wont find any where else.
  10. It doesn't crash when you route it properly. I used it on a daily basis for sound design. It has pretty nice retro drum samples. I've load it first and last, in between - it works fine. You didn't install any recent Sonar Platinum files, perhaps?
  11. My studio has been treated 4 days now and before I could not hear this. When creating a SC with Aux - MEANING: Routing a synth bass output to an AUX track and sending the input to the compressor, there is a click everytime when the trigger happens in the SC channel as if the kick bleeds in to it, when it is in Solo mode.
  12. I have done all of this. The Vst3 version works in Logic pro x. Weird. It also have been tested on my secondary system with the same result. It seems the Vst3 does not work in this version of Cakewalk for me. It was work prior to this release. It is one of my go to EQ. This is the first time ever using the VST2 version in a project.
  13. Mine show too, but does not output any sound in Vst 3 only in Vst2.
  14. Cautiously and respectfully doing a feature request for Boz Digital The Hoser VST3 to work in the current release. It was working prior to this update, but it seems only the Vst2 is working in the current release - specifically. This was the very first time I am installing it as a Vst2, upon looking into the cause. The Vst3 version install, launch, but has no output to it in the current release. Vst2 works fine.
  15. There's one with Loop Points too. Its does not follow 128 snap and tick snaps.
  16. No problem. That still doesn't fix the issue though. It either falls short or overlaps. You have to zoom in to get an accurate fade to grid snap.
  17. No need to turn snap off. Just Zoom in more and snap it to the grid. To further help - go into Preferences>snap settings and tick your grids. It is very annoying. Having your fades sound musically with the clip and tempo - is important.
  18. No wonder it was smelling here inside. Glad my comment could freshen up the place.
  19. Good for you. 👏🏼
  20. Well, if you don't need help - don't b**ch about it. Everyone else runs a smooth UPDATE. Maybe that's why support dont reply to you. You ask for help, you get help, but then you wipe your a** with it.
  21. Cakewalk requires you to activate your DAW every 6 months. You were not forced if this is an actual requirement. You can't sign insurance papers without reading the agreement. So the error here comes from yourside. Secondly: The web installer works smooth. Again: It is a requirement made by every software developer to UPDATE your software for a hassle free workspace. This is a really quick and easy step to do every month. I don't know about the others, but I refresh my activation with every UPDATE - this keeps my system running smooth with no issues. If you go to the Help Tab inside the DAW - everything you need to keep thing up and running are there. Rather invest in 2 minutes to sign in and keep things up to date every month. All this takes 2 mins every month.
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