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  1. Close all other programs/apps and use Cakewalk as the only program. Then you know if your mouseclicks is eaten by another program or not.
  2. I beg forgiveness for this, but how does your tool tell the user if a failed attempt was written into registry? Non-pro computer users don't know if a certain software writes to registry when it fails to execute. But they probably know that it could be several hours of troubleshooting if the software used doesn't like to be installed two times. It's better to take a look and see if it's there in the reg than take a chance that the software can be installed over itself.
  3. It seems that the colored fonts have a pattern in my CbB. Green font - vst2, 32-bit. Brown font - vst2, 64-bit. White font - vst3, 64-bit or directx plugin.
  4. I usually skip hotfixes and wait for regular update but... There's something funny going on with my project tempo. When i open a project with recorded midi clips the tempo says 240. I've never saved anything with that tempo. I test the 240 tempo sometimes on clips as experiment. I suspect it could be stuck from what i did before opening the project but... When i play my midi clips at 120 tempo it annoys me because i don't remember i played it so slow. When i play my midi clips at 240 tempo it annoys me because it goes just a tiny bit too fast. Apart from that it seems fine,though i haven't recorded anything in the last month.
  5. I don't get the fanatism with kontakt? To me it seems a bit lazy to use soundsamples...
  6. Well...it kind of sounds like midi thru is used instead of midi out from the keyboard played.
  7. My songs is so secret that they never leave my head.
  8. Kurre

    Coming soon.....

    I hope to avoid more digging and be disappointed. All the facts please. I got interested in expand2 - noone told it needs ilok? I got interested in Captain chord - noone told it needs the daw to be online all the time?
  9. Think of record bit depth as the bit depth that have to do with audio you record with your audio interface line in.
  10. I actually preferred Paintshop Pro before Photoshop.👍 Workplace only had Photoshop and you were not allowed to install your own software so...
  11. I'll probably check all the cables going out from the Scarlett 6i6.
  12. Maybe the audio drivers? Check that it is the Asio drivers you are using.
  13. If you want to try another one i can recommend: http://adammonroemusic.com/drum-vst/am-beats-drum-vst.html
  14. Forget soundsamples. Try this instead: https://www.plogue.com/products/alter-ego.html Works fine in CbB and is lots of fun. Forgot to mention that i don't use win10. So, can't vouch for its behaviour with win10.
  15. Why not visit their support page? It's here: https://customer.focusrite.com/support/downloads?brand=Focusrite&product_by_type=551&download_type=all
  16. Hmm...volume automation and a sinus curve. Would it be possible to treat the maximum height of a sinus curve as a point/node that could be dragged sideways individually? Then humanize those points/nodes. Sorry. This just popped in to my head. Probably not possible but something for the future maybe.
  17. Have you checked (somehow) if someone is tapping your electricity. When they did work on the building, rented apartment, my electricity bill got higher. The only explanation i could think of was that the workers had tapped my line somehow.
  18. Is it only me? Since BA 5.1.1 update the login to this forum is easier with one step less.
  19. That is what is wrong and should be troubleshooted. Spacebar is windows standard for start/stop. Every daw in windows use this. I use it in Vlan when i watch videos. If something needs to start or stop it is spacebar you use.
  20. As a noncustomer it was far from instant. Registration for Audioplugin and a second registration for Black Octopus. And follow the clues. Do not do this if you're easily distracted. I'm in a good mood today so i let them lead me like a good marionette.
  21. Thanks evereybody for checking this topic out. 🤝 What it boils down to is: Manufacturers, please stop putting leds on everything you produce. If a led is necessary make it extremely small and faint. There's no need to see it 50 foot away. 🤗
  22. Drag and drop samples from Cakewalk_bb mediabrowser works fine. When you do that it makes a copy in the track. No need to return the sample just delete the unwanted sample in the track. There's no automatic delete of samples in the track what i know of.
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