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  1. I did this for the first time. It went well. Went to the theme forum on the lookout for more fx chain "skins". Didn't see any in the topic names. Any tip on where to look for readymade ones?
  2. Hmmm....... What if you used volume automation? Maybe could work if it's possible to make a group of all tracks and automate that group. Decrease the volume automation line to zero for just the part you don't want to hear. Edit. I'm rested now and apologize for that. Obviously there will be this long pause instead of jump.
  3. Maybe give it some more time? Start the download and then go and do something else for a couple of hours. Try another day. It could be a bad internet day when the relays and dns-servers is in a bad state.
  4. Rightclick Bandlab assistant and use "Run as Administrator". If you have a led that indicates harddisk activity watch that and wait until the activity stops before you start BA. The reason i'm saying that is because win10 runs its updates, maintenance and lots of other scheduled stuff and sometimes it affects the user downloads and other user activity. Those settings about start at inactivity and stop at activity doesn't really work as it ought to on win10.
  5. It is a steaming format and seldom used as a file. Have you tried to convert it in VLC? Because VLC can handle *.opus files.
  6. Wav-files is either one sound or several sounds in sequence. It's the sampler software that mixes together the individual sounds to a layered sound. They then explain that as working with multilayered soundsamples and thus implies it is about their "special" files when it really is about the procedure. Wav-files can actually have several channels for surround sound. But such wav-files need special decoders to make sense of them. Ableton Live's simpler is a plugin/sampleplayer for use in a track. The article uses 8 tracks/simplers. If you want to mix down to a single wav-file it can't be channels it have to be a single sound or several sounds in sequence. You can simulate a layered sound (different sounds at the same time) by copying (in the background) the slices in a sequence to disk and play them from there. With short percussive samples it would seem that it played the wav-file directly because of the speed of modern filehandling.
  7. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! I wish HY-plugins would also have a group buy.
  8. It is definitely a plugin issue. I've saved lots of presets for lots of plugins and it has only happened to me once. Would be nice if there was a plugin setting that could be activated for that single plugin.
  9. bluevationer First is to open Bandlab assistant with a right click and using "open with adminrights". Second is to click the button that says "install". If you do it on the first install it only installs Cakewalk, If you do it on the second install, that you get when open the menu besides the first install, you will install Cakewalk plus those addons you have marked with the checkboxes.
  10. When it's written that a samplers soundsamples is multilayer isn't that wrong? Shouldn't it be that a samplers soundsamples is multisequence? My logic tells me that a layer is together with something and a sequence is after something. Sure, stereo could be considered multilayer. Does it mean that a multilayered soundsample is built like a wav-file with approx 7 channels of different sounds?
  11. The video shows me right. It took quite a time to understand what he said at one point in the video. I kept hearing "trife" until he started doing things that changed the volume. Then i understood that he was saying "drive".
  12. It looks as it is a bunch of bass soundsamples that comes with a player. It probably doesn't do anything than play the samples.
  13. You have to precise if it indeed is the daw Cakewalk or the Windows 7,8,10 you're writing about. If it's Cakewalk: Do a Google search on "scroll line jumps and skips to the music" together with the word "daw" to pinpoint what sort of scroll lines you want to get info on. You'll probably see results about Cakewalk. Read those. If you don't find a solution with them then you search here and can also post and be more precise about your problem with the help of info you got from reading those other posts.
  14. Ok, you win. Obviously i have an inbuilt filter in my head that removes all bad things. I shall go and enjoy my Led Zeppelin II (first edition) on vinyl now.
  15. Hmm...that click and pop argument is very common wording people use to fend off old ways of listening to music. I don't get it. WTF are people doing with their vinyl. Only way for me to hear that is if i have a scratched vinyl. And no, it doesn't scratch easy.
  16. Vinyl have a slightly different timbre than digital. My guess is, it have to do with overtones that is filtered out of the digital music. Vinyl just sounds "more".
  17. I'm going to downgrade my last win10 to win7. I've already turned of win update on existing win7 and 8. All is smooooth...⛩️
  18. Topics tend to be quiet when there's nothing to complain about.
  19. I should mention that Cakewalk does not allow an update rollback. Well, not a supported one at least. You'll have to fix it yourself. Hopefully the Bandlab team reconsider this for the future development. You are allowed to install Cakewalk by Bandlab on multiple computers so why not install it on another computer and test it out? Then you can install and move over the projects to the one for live use when you're ready.
  20. I think in cases like these it's updates that can be rolled back that's important. It shurely isn't when but how an update is installed. If you are 100% sure that an update can be rolled back and don't leave a mess it should be fine to do an update whenever it suits you. You wouldn't be afraid that it should cause havoc on your existing setup.
  21. Right now i am updated to 2019.11 Build 63 on my laptop. I ignored the Bandlab assistant icon on the desktop. I started Cakewalk. It notified me of the update. I clicked on the update tab in the notification. The Bandlab assistant started and downloaded the necessary files. It seemed to take longer time than earlier updates but i can't prove that. Then it started to install but halted and asked me to shut down Cakewalk. I did that and continued the install and all went fine. I can only think of one possible difference between starting B.a. with the desktop icon and starting it from within Cakewalk. Could it be that Cakewalk gives b.a. admin rights where desktop shortcut doesn't?
  22. 30 minutes ago i tried to update my laptop that have CbB 2019.09 build 70. That didn't work. Same problem as others. It seems version 2019.11 Build 54 is an explicit requirement.
  23. I updated to 2019.11 Build 63. It's fine. The faster scan and start that i expected in earlier build showed up now. Midifiles play at correct speed now.
  24. You probably need to go to the Bandlab site and download it directly from there.
  25. 87% off = 18 euro for “Transfuser 2” by Air Music Tech. One day left on the deal. It needs ilok manager. https://vstbuzz.com/deals/87-off-transfuser-2-by-air-music-tech/
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