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    Melodyne trial period?

    Those of you that activated the (inbuilt) default addon Melodyne trial in may or june 2018, is it still working? The normal procedure for a trial software is to shut it down after a certain period. Will Melodyne trial ever shut down?
  2. Kurre

    Melodyne trial period?

    This was a test and doublecheck. It is shut down after 30 days. Seeing all this posts that tell you to use Melodyne when in reality you do not have it. Because it has shut down. Made me wonder if there was a secret password or something... Since i haven't received any pm with the password i asume it is people that can't understand how a person can be so poor that it can't afford certain software.
  3. Kurre

    Forum members /home country ?

    In the capitol of that place between Norway and Finland. I don't like to repeat myself. I've already revealed my country. Do you know how hard it is to come up with something new every time someone ask you "how is it"? And you are at work and get asked that by 50 persons.
  4. Kurre

    A song or band like... [This Song]

    It reminds me a bit of 70:s glamrock.
  5. Kurre

    CW/BandLab account dead? Had to re-register

    Yesterday morning i got a popup window that said i had to re-authorize with username and password. I'm certainly not going to do such a thing. Phishingattempt anyone? I've now waited for approx 30 hours and when i tried now the login behaved normal.
  6. Kurre

    WA Production 8 in 1 Mega Pack

    I was curious of the templates. They are for: Ableton, FL studio and Pro Logic.
  7. Kurre

    Wireless Wifi Receiver

    I also recommend a repeater.
  8. Kurre

    More outcome based menus/options?

    I like this idea(s). First do in background and ask if it was satisfactory. If not you get a wizard to help.
  9. Kurre

    Export to audio made easy

    You probably don't need to freeze a track. I just select the tracks and export to wav. They sounds fine to me.
  10. Kurre

    Who's Using ReWire with CbB?

    That's ok. If you could make Reaper to work with CbB as a Rewire client and explain how you did it. That would be of interest to me. Reason not so much but others probably would like to know about that one. PS. It seems to be some freakish law like murphys law that hide mistakes and missing words until i submit the text. 🙄
  11. Kurre

    Who's Using ReWire with CbB?

    What didn't you understand with "googled a lot"? Wikipedia have Reaper as both host and client (device). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReWire_(software_protocol) Another one listing Reaper as both host and client. https://reverb.com/news/how-to-combine-2-daws-with-rewire Users on vi-control.net: Nr1. Reaper can run in Rewire mode, certainly on a Mac. I have run it successfully as a slave to Logic. Don't see why it can't run as a RW slave on a PC as well. Nr2. I find If I open a Host DAW and the 2nd DAW shows up in the Rewire list, it can now communicate as the Slave. In my rewire list i find Waves and Reaper.
  12. Kurre

    Who's Using ReWire with CbB?

    I tried to use rewire once. Using CbB as master and Reaper as client. Did not work. Though i googled a lot, i never got to understand how to use rewire.
  13. Kurre

    The recent? Pettinhouse "letter to pirates" - awesome!

    I always thought of pirated software as a sort of publicity. There's no bad publicity as the kliche says.
  14. Kurre

    Disbanded my Band

    When i was in the 20's my pals and i tried to start a band. It didn't work out. The drummer was ok but secretly dreamed of being a singer. The lead guitar couldn't refrain from doing crazy solos more than 10 minutes. Me, to passive to make them follow my lead so we could accomplish something. Seems i was the only one that had own songs but i couldn't explain it to them. They was happy doing covers and jamming.
  15. Kurre

    Wavesfactory Sharine (for Kontakt)

    I am calm and feel fine. Not mad at anyone.
  16. Kurre

    Wavesfactory Sharine (for Kontakt)

    Ok, I'm stupid and you are smart. You win. Congratulations. So...who tells the newbies to stay the hell out of this subforum?
  17. Kurre

    Wavesfactory Sharine (for Kontakt)

    Just a little reflection on that. You have had 14 hours to edit your post. How is i to recognize kontakt software if i don't own and use Kontakt?
  18. Kurre

    Wavesfactory Sharine (for Kontakt)

    This is the third time i got interested and followed the link for more info. And it's the third time it is for Kontakt without any mention of that in the post. If it were a win vsti i'd probably bought it. (And way down there's a text that confirms my suspicion of the Kontakt free player has hidden bad agendas. It says i can only play 15 minutes with this software that i bought the right to use, if i use the free player. This smell of extortion variants is unsettling. I can also scent it in other businesses than the music bis. It's spreading and i don't like it.)
  19. Kurre

    USB Backup Drive

    I use win 7, win 8.1 and never had any failure. (Ok, one of thousand in all the year since usb2 became available.) That one time i remember the pc was sluggish and i should have counted to 5 before pulling it. If i'd done that the pc would had more time to finish writing. Since a couple of year back with storage size bigger and prices the same or lower i have duplicates on a sata disk which i then put in a box on a shelf. Earlier you had to have several disks to put all your files on. Photos, videos, audio, documents and software with licenses. Now it all fits on that single disk. Nice.
  20. Kurre

    Freeware Instruments Thread

    If you check that out you're gonna find good synths from Full bucket music. Here's the site: http://music.fullbucket.de/vst.html Every thing he does, and for free, is very good. I don't think he's capable of sloppy work. My favorites is Modulair and Sequencair.
  21. Today was the last chance for Sweden to do the right thing...and it did not. I'm a swede and feel soo ashamed, you couldn't believe it. An Ucraine woman visiting Stockholm have lost one of her legs after being injured in the terrorattack on Drottninggatan. She asked if she could stay in Sweden and become a Swedish citizen. She have been denied this. So... is healthcare cheap in Ucraine? Is it easier to get a job when you have a prostetic? Don't think so... Sweden send her back with less of a chance to a good life than she have had if she had not visited Sweden. That is so *****ing low it's unbelievable. It's shittier than Trump style of governing.
  22. I just noticed that the notification setting for this topic differ from my account setting. I have changed so both of them should send a notification when there is a new post.
  23. This time i have not got an email. Just checked again. I'll give you this list of all email notifications i have got. Which users post that triggered it and the time it arrived in my mail. gmp - 2019-07-09 00:12 RobertWS - 2019-07-09 14:21 Jesse Jost - 2019-07-09 16:40 Jesse Jost - 2019-07-09 19:30 Bapu - 2019-07-09 22:18 abacab - 2019-07-10 00:59 Jesse Jost - 2019-07-10 12:49 Jesse Jost - 2019-07-10 17:12 gmp - 2019-07-10 18:10
  24. I now checked the spamfolder. It was empty.
  25. Yes i did receive an email. Checking timestamps it seems it was sent instantly. That goes for Gmp's answer on test 7 too. John B's post did not trigger an email for me.