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  1. You should check if the vst you're interested in loading, is 32-bit or 64-bit. 64-bit vst is the preferred version to use. 32-bit vst often works with Cakewalk that has a good "bridge" to cake care of small differences. But the risk of plugin error is higher with these.
  2. I have one other thought on this. If your onboard soundcard or your audio player have separate settings for your speaker uncheck any enhancements settings.
  3. I choosed to forget that one. I focused on how two out of three could give different results. My answer reflects what i see as the only possible culprit - the speaker and its connections. Otherwise there's some missing or unknown facts we are not aware of.
  4. It could be that the speaker takes the input through its own audio interface and that would color the audio.
  5. If your speakers is "Edifier XM6BT - speaker system - for PC - wireless" it connects by Bluetooth. There's a difference in quality between direct out from the audio interface or converting the audio to a Bluetooth stream and then back from Bluetooth to audio in the speaker. Get yourself a speaker system that connects directly to the audio interface and your speaker audio would sound fine.
  6. Kurre

    Ripchord 2.2

    Thanks! Your answers made me investigate more. Started a thread here:
  7. To import midifiles to Ripchord they have to be midi type 0. I have successfully imported midi type 0 with up to 3 tracks in them. To see what type it is. - Open the mediabrowser and go to your midifiles. - Highlight a midifile and look at the bottom of the mediabrowser window. In its frame is some info about the file. With midifiles you will see the type and number of tracks in it. Most of your midifiles probably is of type 1 so you have to convert to type 0. The quickest and easiest must be this little converter i found. http://www.jososoft.dk/yamaha/software/midiformat/index.htm It install fine on win7 and 8. Probably also on win10 because it was updated this year. It's 32-bit but works fine and fast. I browsed to a folder with 40 midifiles type 1. Told it to put the converted file to the source folder and add a zero to the filename. The whole folder was done within a second. This is a page with free midi chord progressions you then could import to ripchord. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:MIDI_files_of_chord_progressions ADDED May28: Info from user Michael A.D. You are not limited to one keypress. So you might set up basic chords that one finger plays and upper extensions that another finger could play. RipChord is also great fun feeding into Chord Potion. PS. Did you know that someone collected all midifiles before Geocities was shut down? 51000 midifiles. https://archive.org/details/archiveteam-geocities-midi-collection-2009
  8. Kurre

    Ripchord 2.2

    Does anyone get chords to turn up on the piano after importing midi files? How does one do that? I can see the name but that's all. I do import genuine chord progression midi files. Those chords play fine in the pianoroll. Is there a manual somewhere? I have seen the youtube ones and they don't explain this mystery with perfect import of midi files as promised but it doesn't do anything. Are we allowed to complain? He never promised that the midi would do anything.
  9. There's a new free synth out. It's name is Odin 2 and it's a vst3 plugin. Still in beta but already amazing. You'll find it here: https://www.thewavewarden.com/odin2 There's more info in this thread on KVRaudio: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=542997 And you can see it in action on this YT video:
  10. I was curious and saw there was a possibility to rollback to previous version, which made me feel safe enough to try an update on my win7 pro. It all went very smooth. Restarted the pc before starting CbB. CbB started fine. Gave the arranger a quick test with midiclips. It works fine. I had version 2020.01 and was thinking to stop updating and hold on to that version. For some reason this update fixed something that have slowed down the starts with the version 2020.01.
  11. Well, i had to give it a try. I've already stepped down. There is 8 left in the world.
  12. It's not like me to remember something so completely different to what is there now. So i can only think of one thing. It was written with another formulation in the beginning as i was one of the first persons to read about the new update.
  13. That was not what i read. I don't know where you get the impression that i'm stupid. An expanded thought. The multinational giant MS forces you to make an account to install win10. It can be worked around but they made it hard to do so. MS have also implied that win10 would have ads. Do you think ads would not affect creative work? Does updates and maintenance in the background never affect you when you're working at the pc? Almost never isn't really a good answer.
  14. Ok, that was bad, very bad. It was not made perfectly clear that it was a "new feature" solely for EA program.
  15. If opening CbB was ok and it appeared with opening the song i would try to open other songs to see if i got the same respons.
  16. The most common way to use the midinotes from a stepsequenser with drumsounds is to use a vst sampler. This is an easy to understand sampler and it's free: https://decomposer.de/sitala/
  17. I'm thankful for the new rollback feature which i hope will function well. This mean i should be able to continue using CbB as long as any eventual major problem can't be traced to the windows version. Nice that someone care about me...gives me a warm fuzzy feeling... Oh, and arranger too. What do i get on my real birthday? Still, it's no waste to have better understanding of Reaper.
  18. The reason i'm negative to win 10 is multitude. Expand your thinking. With CakewalkbyBandlab, which i like. is this movement towards an extremely small niche for a daw. A daw that is to be not solely windows only, but windows with the version 10 only. PS. To give back something positive i propose to the developers: Fork the software. Release todays version of CbB as free software. Remove the update and authentication from it and give it a slightly other name. Copy Reapers way with a notification in the center when started. But have it to be manually exited so people can take their own time to read it carefully. The notification should state that it is released as is and are never going to be updated or supported. If they want updates and support they have to use CbB instead. In that way you can continue to develop CbB as usual and still have win 7 and 8.1 users contribute to the community. PPS. Music hardware seems to be of good quality. Folks take them out from their storage and fire them up without a problem 30 years later. People like that nowadays, reuse things and not throwing them away. But you need the old software to still be around to be able to use lot of the old hardware.
  19. It's something fishy with the given data. Microsoft employé maybe?
  20. His support is good to me. Yesterday i went to download the updated plugins in the group buy. DLooper was added to the page with plugins but i missed the new MSTR-plugin. He wrote in his newsmail that 2019 group buyers would get it for free. I sent an online message asking him about it and he responded in under 30 seconds. He asked for my mail. I gave it to him because i understand that it could be used to id myself. He then gave me an url to the plugin download. Ok, the first url was to the wrong plugin...i went there directly in another tab and could tell him that...the second url worked like a charm. I thanked him and went on my way. I also got the url's in my mail to archive for future use.
  21. Sometimes BA downloads the installers but never start the installation. Check C:\users\xxxxx\appdata\roaming\bandlab-assistant\downloads It's the bandlab-assistant with small initials. If the installers are there you can just doubleclick them to start the installation. Begin with "Cakewalk_by_Bandlab_setup_date". Maybe, to be on the safe side, rightclick and run as admin instead of doubleclick.
  22. That's interresting. So vst3 doesn't need to be installed in its own folder. You avoid things being messy by never having double versions of vst. 👍
  23. He was attacked by a KVR user in his own thread and accused of shitty support on a different product that was not mentioned in that thread. He didn't like that. It was WK who suggested they moved their discussion to the "off topic" forum. It escalated to namecalling each other and the moderator got a swing of it by doing nothing. I found it absurd that he was the only one that got banned. The other two should have been banned too. They provoked him.
  24. Kurre

    Melodyne expiration

    It just hit me what the biggest difference is. Waves Tune has a rather tiny not scalable window.
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