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  1. Opzilla is a fm synth from 2getheraudio. You decide yourself what to pay for it. There's a slider for the payment amount. I have not tested it but some KVR users have and they seem to like it. https://www.2getheraudio.com/instruments/opzilla
  2. Maybe an interference problem? Shorter cables is less prone to pick it up.
  3. Sorry, i will add now that it is a BF deal. Valid until November 29, 2020.
  4. I got it in the mail. Music Maker 2021 Premium Edition 1x € 49,99 incl.vat wizardFX Suite 1x € 0,00 Also included Soundforge 12.6, Orange vocoder ME, some free sounds and some free instruments. I bought it today. Have tested the songmaker ai. It used samples from the soundpools you selected as freebies. Gave you a choice to stop instruments you didn't want and stop sections (intro,verse,chorus...) you didn't want and then made an arrangement for you. Sounded fine to me. Pretty cool. 👍
  5. @martsave martin s Pluginboutiqe have big problems with its website. Hopefully they're up later this day.
  6. I'm still at beginners stage with production technics but... couldn't the group function be used for this.
  7. @JoeGBradford As @Starship Krupa says. It's new presets. I understood that early on when i downloaded. It was only 1.7 MB zip for the whole bundle. 🤔🙂
  8. Probably because your link goes to one pack. The bundle contains 3 packs. I too had to compare bundle and packs.
  9. I have installed it. Took a little time before i found where it was in xpand. The only three i tested right now is called arppad - insomnia/ something or nothing/ zion - and was great fun. Especially the first insomnia was alone worth the 8 euro. Ok, maybe i exaggerate a bit. But if the first three expansions is that good the rest should be totally ok. 👍
  10. I'm about to visit PB to buy Scale 2. Thanks for this tip.
  11. Looks like i'm still after all this time are living rent free in the head of user905133. Ok...we do not add anything to our Cakewalk. Because everything is solvable by vst plugin. There...are you all happy now. And that means of course that adding a sampler is out of the question. (I don't really know why i'm whining right now? Maybe it's that time of the month? Men can have that too, you know.)
  12. An addon oscilloscope/spectrum analyzer should be implemented as a selectable view in an audio track with rightclick menu choices just for that type of work when the view is osc/spezer. Route the thing to be analyzed to the input and of you go...
  13. I found a thread on KVRaudio on Zampler. Info about Zampler itself: It plays files in sfz and rex format. It does not play wave files unless you first get an sfz editor and make it sfz file format. It does not preview the files in the browser. It does not do a preset change. You will have to go to the browser and load it from there. Considering that i have lot of good synths and they say the samples is mostly synth sounds i pass on this. It's a bit hard cause i've upgraded my pc. Now my C drive is 1.5 TB SSD HD compared to the 500 GB mechanical HD that's now drive D. I no longer need to stay away from samplebased plugins.
  14. Isn't this a rompler? It seems you can't edit only add effects. The audio formats is sfz and rex. How hard is it to convert those to wave format? If i download 72 GB of files i would need it to be waves format to have use for it in other audio applications.
  15. 20 euro is my pricerange so i bought it and have listened to some of the presets. I wish all drone presets could be put in a separate folder. To me they are only for show, like a pissing contest, and not useful for making songs. Please explain how a sound that is changing pitch, soundcharacter and volume over time, and changing those changes by velocity input can do anything other than a background noise? You still have to make a melody and drums and bass and...When you change to next note it doesn't simply transpose but you get change to the change of the changes. WTF. Most of them are too abstract to be used as ambient sounds in videos. But the positive side is , like with Odin2, it encourages you to make your own presets. 👍
  16. I'm home from the dentist. Got to think about this video. In scandinavian language, but it probably have been made by many comedians.
  17. It is from Cakewalk alright. All win7 users are seeing that when we install a new update of CbB. The phrase "this operating system is not supported . . ." should be read as "this operating system do not have a supportdesk any more . . ."
  18. To come up with the idea of making a known solo song to a duet. Doing harmonies and nailing it. 🥰
  19. It started as windows only but he got a little help to produce the other versions.
  20. I wonder if it is any idea to do that to my 12-stringed? I always wondered why there was so few 12-stringed for sale in shops until i bought one. It is a messy business to tune it. And it takes like ten tries before it suddenly sounds perfect in tune. ---- To answer myself - probably not. It was one of the cheapest on Gear4Music. Not much chance to improvement i think. And yes, i can't really afford it. /// Thanks, it's always good to get it off ones chest. 😉
  21. Kurre

    AIR Riser

    No. But now i'm going to check eventlist next time i test it to see if there's modwheel events appearing there, coming from somewhere else. 👍
  22. Kurre

    AIR Riser

    Invert button is irritating as hell! It is out to make me insane. It makes a swith whenever it feels like it. Sometimes in the middle of the curve. 👿
  23. Maybe you should start with the step sequencer.
  24. Maybe it's as easy as difference in default midi volume. If Cakewalk has defaults for MIDI Volume = 101 and Reaper has defaults for MIDI Volume = 64 there's an audible difference.
  25. Yes. It happens sometimes. Not frequently and not in the same way so i don't worry about it. Sometimes i get the feeling it's a timing issue in the way that the plugin is doing some calculation and is busy just at that moment when i tried to move the ui. Then it finish what it was doing and let go of the hold on the ui and i can move it again.
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