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  1. Synthwave Arcade Free with code WACM8695
  2. I'm definitely looking for something specific. Problem is, I need to wait on Larry to tell me what it is tomorrow!
  3. For those with one of the UVI Vintage Vaults - UVI Ultra Mini has been updated to 1.6.3
  4. My experience with NI and Waves is exactly the opposite. They both have very simple and comprehensive downloader/installers. With just a couple of clicks I can download and install everything without much fuss at all.
  5. Yeah, but you can play the guitar!
  6. I'm as far as "pro" you can get. Actually, I kind of suck at all this...
  7. Weird pairing for EW. I'm not sure how well that would "sit in the mix" with Hollywood Strings and Voices Of the Empire...
  8. They have an upgrade sale and a crossgrade sale every year. Just at different times.
  9. I hope not. I finally have a good handle on Cubase. I really don't want to switch again!
  10. Steinberg is awfully proud of their products... -A Cubase User
  11. husker

    Xchange Collections

    Agreed - if you can't do it, just say that. "Hey, that is a really old bundle, and we can't support those keys anymore." That I would understand. But when you just blow it off, all you do is ensure I never look at your products again.
  12. husker

    Xchange Collections

    FYI, I just purchased one of these not that long ago. One of items in my bundle was the Loop Loft The Producer Pack V1. I received a key code, but there is no place on the Loop Loft site to actually redeem it. I've sent them several support tickets, support emails, and Facebook messages to them, all of which have been ignored. So, if you buy a bundle, just be aware you will not be able to get this piece of it.
  13. When do new versions normally get released? Just trying to determine if this is the right time to buy. Thank you Larry.
  14. @cclarry - The price in cart for the upgrade to 4.5 Pro from Producer is $89.22. Is this about as good as it gets?
  15. husker

    Waves MultiMod Rack

    Excellent! Another Waves freebie for me. Thanks Lars!
  16. husker

    Waldorf Quantum 2.0

    If I only had a Quantum to go with it...
  17. I didn't know they stacked it that high
  18. Me too. Cheap entertainment.
  19. "Healing, love and positivity are included." Cool.
  20. husker

    Come On Larry

    With the global situation as it is, we need something to cheer us up. The deals the past few days have been underwhelming. @cclarry please post Omnisphere for $99 or something. I'd also take FM Tines 2 for $10, or the Audiobro Genesis Children's choir for $50. Or a Moog One 16 Voice for $500. I could go for that. Come on, Larry, help me out here.
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