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  1. Currently the only export option that retains the name in the way that you wish is to export clips.
  2. Click between any two nodes to select that section.
  3. Because the version files reference the old audio you are looking to remove with the CAF. Delete the version files and then run the CAF. FWIW Craig Anderton had a tip on the old forum about using the "Consolidate Project Audio" utility for this purpose. Run the utility. It will create a "Backup" file inside the audio folder. In Windows Explorer move the "Backup" file up a level to the "Project" folder. Then rename the "Audio" folder (I usually name it "Delete"). Then rename the "Backup" folder to "Audio". Then you should run the project to verify it works properly before deleting the old folder.
  4. @Craig Anderton had a Friday tip on the old forum about how to do this using LoopBe. It works great.
  5. Just imagine never having to pick up the mouse and move it over because you've run off the pad.
  6. https://www.kensington.com/p/products/control/trackballs/orbit-trackball-with-scroll-ring/ This is mine. But I took out the blue ball and replaced it with a red one that I had from an older one.
  7. I use a Kensington trackball. Just 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. Love it. Will never go back to a mouse.
  8. Further testing. The above is true for playback. If I record the tracks, they record the mono source.
  9. I'm getting the same as OP. I assign the output of any stereo track or bus to a new patch point.. Then I create two mono tracks using the mono patch points as inputs. I get a mono sum at each of the two new tracks.
  10. Base 57

    Blue sticky bar.

    @scook already answered this. Hold the cntrl key while moving it to where you want. No blue sticky fingers.
  11. It's a Sharp TV. I don't know the model number (I would have to drag out the snake pit and get behind it to find that). I've been using it for about 3 years and I would not go back. I had been using a dual monitor setup and when I first got the TV I used all three. It didn't take a week to realize that everything I wanted to see would fit on the one screen. So I gave away one of the 27's and added the other to the dinosaur exhibit in my garage. I can open both Track View and Console View but usually don't. I typically open the GUI for my Orion 32+ at the top of the screen and then open CbB over the bottom 2/3 of the screen. So I have an I/O meter bridge above Cakewalk. Credit where it is due. My wife bought it for me. She came home with it and a 60 inch for the family room. Together they were under $900. I love her.
  12. Clip pan will not override track pan in a mono track. And if there is a mono effect in the FX bin that will also override the clip pan. Any clip modifier (pan, gain, FX etc.) applies before the channel strip for the track.
  13. Base 57

    Blue sticky bar.

    The "i" key opens and closes the inspector. And also there are modifiers. "Cntrl-I" toggles the Pro Channel, "Shift-I" toggles clip properties and "Cntrl-Shift-I" toggles Track Properties.
  14. This. And it is VERY unintuitive to use the Select tool to move notes regardless of what is written in the (2184 page) user guide. This should work with the Move Tool and the Smart Tool.
  15. I will pile on here. I can also confirm that this is broken. Move tool only works on one selected note in the Staff View. I have been avoiding SV for a while so I don't know how long it's been broken but my workaround would be PRV. For those uncomfortable with PRV some workaround options within SV are Slide, Transpose or Cut and Paste.
  16. Base 57

    linking plugins

    The controls in the Pro Channel EQ can be grouped. The PC4K and PC76 Pro Channel compressors can also be grouped.
  17. If you export Clips and leave the name field blank the resulting files will have the same name as the source clips.
  18. Several years ago I had that happening. It turned out the pitch wheel on my keyboard was crapping out.
  19. Mine is a 43" TV. Wife bought it for me about 2 years ago for around $350. At the time Large computer monitors were in the thousands.
  20. I have a 4K monitor. I use 150% scaling without any problem. When you say What do you mean by that?
  21. Yes. I think we all want this. The bakers would have made it happen already if it was easy.
  22. If I knew how to make good videos I would but... The method you show is awesome but it is even easier without the alt-shift and cntrl-drag mod keys. With the edit filter set to show clip gain just drag the cursor along the bottom of the clip to select a range then move the cursor above the envelope to change it to the envelope tool. Drag up or down within the selected range and nodes are created automatically. AND whenever the cursor is showing the envelope tool clicking between any two nodes will select that range for adjustment.
  23. Shift-Spacebar is the combo for play selection.
  24. My favorite part of this whole thread.
  25. Yeah that's the way I've been doing it. But it can be real fiddly if you need to edit later. To me this is the difference between a Group and a VCA. For example, I have two guitar tracks playing similar parts. I have the track pans and the track FX send pans in a custom group. Track 1 is panned hard left and it's echo send is panned hard right. Track 2 is opposite. Using the method you describe I can automate some cool synchronized pan movements. However it would be easier to edit the automation if it were in one track acting as the VCA.
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