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  1. I adopted this attitude a couple of years ago. Computers are much less frustrating now.
  2. I think that looks really cool. I would use it.
  3. If you have not already, try using USB cables that have ferrite chokes on the ends. Especially the one that connects the interface to the laptop.
  4. The argument about the phone is pointless. Even if he had one he would have to use something like Touch DAW (which is what I use) and that can be difficult to get working right. The simplest workaround for now is a wireless keyboard. FWIW I like the idea of a fixed number of loops.
  5. If a CbB project contains any audio clips the sample rate is fixed and cannot be changed.
  6. Exactly It's not always about bulk ranges. It can be about subtle nuanced changes that add space and dynamics to an otherwise static mix. The way I currently do it is to remote control one of the group members with a midi track routed through LoopBe. That way I can use a single envelope to control the group. But it should not be necessary to use a third party app to do this.
  7. Quick Groups cannot be automated either. Clearly from your last 2 posts you have not explored the use of Control Groups. Specifically "Relative " and "Custom " Groups. It's not just about adjusting controls up and down. They can be set to move at different rates or even opposite directions. You can group unlike controls so that (for instance) dragging down the fader pushes up the reverb send. Control Groups is one of the most powerful features of CbB but the inability to write the automation to only one track for ease of editing seems half-baked to me. YMMV
  8. This for one... And because Control Groups have relative offsets. And because Control Groups work on controls other than volume, such as sends and pan. There are other reasons.
  9. To be clear, Key Changes in the Meter/Key view have no effect on playback. It only changes the display in the Staff View.
  10. This ^^^ The Key Signature should not change without a Key Change being inserted somehow. Maybe they are already in a template you are using.
  11. Try increasing the size of the midi buffer in Preferences.
  12. The key changes likely are not random. When you copy and paste clips, one of the default paste options is key changes. If you don't uncheck the option the key that is in effect at the copy point will be pasted.
  13. Apologies for my above post. I meant to put it in the EA thread. Don't know how I messed that up. It was after coffee and before beer. Oh well... Cheers
  14. Attention all planets of the Solar Federation... I just realized that this is version 2112
  15. My workaround is to route a midi track through LoopBe to control the grouped tracks. For all practical purposes it is a VCA.
  16. If Control Groups would follow automation envelopes written on a single grouped track there would be no need for VCA 's. Currently you have to write (and edit) automation on all of the grouped tracks.
  17. Base 57

    3/4 quantize

    Correct Whole notes are not used in 3/4 time. I think OP wants to snap to measure. But snap to the quarter would likely be more useful.??
  18. Cakewalk is a MIDI sequencer. Originally that was all it was. Audio editing and VSTI's were added years later. For drum note editing, using the step sequencer may be easier to understand than the Piano Roll View. Don't even open Staff View to edit drums. Creative Sauce videos mentioned above will be a good starting point.
  19. Base 57

    3/4 quantize

    Use dotted half note. A whole note has the value of 4 quarter notes regardless of time signature.
  20. What interface are you using and what are your computer specs? This is likely a hardware issue. When a digital audio file changes speed unexpectedly it is usually because the reference clock has changed.
  21. It is working well here. My only comment is the Parent Folder should have some indication that it contains Sub Folders. It indicates the number of audio, midi, synths and hidden tracks contained in the folder, but the sub folders are not included.
  22. Hi @treesha As you have found Gain and Volume moves won't undo. But you can right click the control and select Revert. Hope that helps.
  23. Typically the Boss delay pedal goes before the amp. If you want to route a recorded track back through the pedal then you should use the reamper. But nothing is forcing you. If you are looking to track through the amp sim then loop back through the pedal while playing live, latency will be too much without a very fast computer and interface.
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