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  1. In latest CbB update, VST and VSTi are showing in the list in either blue, green or brown. Anyone know the color code?
  2. Will there be any live feeds? 😎
  3. You guys are tops! Thanks for all your hard work on CbB (world's best DAW!)... I truly appreciate it. Your pretty much monthly updates are always wonderful treats to look forward to. Rawk on!
  4. Aye, John, that's the ticket! I knew there'd be a simple solution... thanks so much, buddy!
  5. Hallo all! I am a bit confused... I'd like to create a GPO track with multi outs. I start by creating a synth instance with multiple outputs. CbB creates stereo audio tracks 1-2 through 31-32. (!) It only creates 1 MIDI track. I'll dupe the MIDI track and assign 1 to Chan 1 and 2 to Chan 2. I then test record several notes in each (having assigned instruments in GPO.) Now I freeze the synth and only get audio in the first audio track... the notes and sounds are correct BUT I want to have the second MIDI output audio to the second audio track. I've triple checked routing and it is correct... what am I doing wrong? Help!
  6. Here's one done in SONAR/Cakewalk. Do you need a Cake bundle too or what, Noel?
  7. ALSO Kontakt Factory Selection updater to 1.4.2.
  8. Phoen1xPJ

    My music...

    Thanks Kevin! Hopefully this will make an impact...
  9. Phoen1xPJ

    My music...

    Thanks so much, guys! Spread the word...
  10. Kev, do you set them up as two panes top and bottom?
  11. I'd like to see tabs available just above the timeline for multiple open projects. 'Twould be so much easier and more visual than going to the Windows menu item to select projects! 😃
  12. Ha! Figured how to change my user name to my desired nick and how to tweak user image size. I do miss that our locations are no longer shown... 😥 Noel, can that be added back? Mine was Location: Atlanta.
  13. Yeah. I do miss Kamikaze's address!
  14. I am a Philadelphia-West Virginia to South Carolina transplant that now lives in Atlanta and so misses his coastal South Carolina ocean fronts... But, like Little Feat sez, "Oh Atlanta!"
  15. Thank you, guys! Glad u liked! 👍
  16. Here is a tune that will be heard on my upcoming solo Phoen1x album "Immaterial Witness"...
  17. Phoen1xPJ

    My music...

    Here is a link to all the Vertical Alignment stuff we've released since early this century, all done in various Cakewalk's: https://verticalalignment.bandcamp.com/
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