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  1. If you look in the deals thread there are all sorts of comments about Waves V12.
  2. I have a Nektar Impact and have not found a way to do this either. I wrote support to ask.
  3. reginaldStjohn

    audio to midi

    My preferred way is to use Melodyne (see pp 999 or Reference Guide). You can also use use audio AudioSnap to convert transients to midi but this is more for drum type conversions. See the Reference Guide,
  4. I don't have any specific answers for you except check that the midi track's input is set for your controller, that your controller is still setup in Cakewalk correctly and that you see midi activity in the midi track when you hit a key. Things to check: - Did the midi channel of the controller get set or changed? - Can you record midi onto a midi track but just not hear the audio?
  5. Just a thought, If you try to record a midi track using your keyboard as the input on the track do any midi events show up or record? If so then it might be a matter of routing the instruments output to an audio track. Can you show a picture or your Cakewalk screen?
  6. If you turn a knob and it changes a parameter, pan, volume, frequency etc. then the project has changed and will show that you now need to save it. This would be expected.
  7. No, Not that I know of. This is often called Pre-Roll
  8. Might be helpful to tells us some specific changes you have/are seeing or capture a video of it happening. Do you have any midi controllers hooked up or are you running any kind of automation program like AutoHotKey?
  9. Depends on what is important to you: Keyboard feel, durability, motorized faders, features, Cost etc. Here is a list of some that I know about, Nektar MAudio Behringer Native Instruments Akai Korg
  10. That is because there are two states, the selected track size and un-selected size. If you adjust an unselected track all the tracks, except the selected one will resize and become the unselected size. Then when you select a different track it will go to the selected state which you did not modify in the previous action and the previously selected track will go to the new unselected size.
  11. The audio track is for routing the audio from the virtual instrument through the mixing system. You can freeze the synth or bounce the synth and that will create audio on the audio track. But then then changes to the midi will have no effect on the audio output because the audio has already been captured. Think of it like routing an external sound device/synth into your DAW. You would only see a waveform if you record the audio to a track. With VSTi's you are using the DAW as a mixer to route the Synths audio to the audio mix system. If you want to see audio then you have to record the synth output to an audio track by Freezing, bouncing or recording.
  12. Well, the Reference guide gives some options. See pp 323 "Instrument Track Per Output. This option pairs a MIDI track with a separate audio output track (mono or stereo) for each synth output, assigning sequential MIDI channels. This allows you to have multiple Instrument tracks for a single instance of a synth." It depends on the synth but you have to find the setting to route the audio out of the instrument to a separate channel. Then in Cakewalk you set the input of an audio channel to that output. Or you can instantiate multiple instances of the same softsynth and load different sounds in each. Then you have a simple instrument track per sound to which you can apply effects.
  13. I haven't used the arranger much yet so I am not of much help. However, Can you post a screen capture of before and after your move? That might help others see what is going on.
  14. It might be useful for you to post some of your computer specs, CPU type, speed, amount of RAM etc. to see what you are working with.
  15. What is a "mic fader" Do you want to control the level of the signal coming into Cakewalk or adjust it after it is recorded?
  16. The only way I resolved it was when I re-built my computer. It actually still many have the error I just haven't used it enough to verify if it is fixed or just waiting to happen again.
  17. Yes, You would need to route each instrument to a separate audio output to add Audio Effects to the individual instruments. If you don't need or want to tweak the midi any more then you can freeze or bounce the instrument tracks so that they are audio. In either case, you need an separate audio track for each sound you want to apply a different effect to.
  18. Well, not a USB driver but the control surface driver or interface binary. The DLL shown in your first image is a driver of sorts that interfaces the Nektar to Cakewalk. That is what was crashing on me and that is what your image shows as having the exception. As for the USB ports that don't have a driver installed you could try to delete them from device manager and see if they get re-installed. Try to update your motherboard drivers etc. Or just disable them and see what happens.
  19. From the images it looks like the LX88 driver is having problems. I have this exact same problem with my LX88+. I have worked with Nektar on it and they had me re-install some things but nothing made it any better. I Recently upgraded my computer and re-installed everything and have not seen the crash yet. However, I haven't used my controller much either.
  20. The velocity is not quite the same as volume. If you make the velocity of a note very small, like 8-10, does it sound different or quieter? The velocity not only can affect volume but also the timbre of the note. Are you trying to make it quieter or just not hearing a difference of any kind when changing the velocity of a note?
  21. reginaldStjohn

    Strange dropouts

    I have herd of others having this or a similar problem. I can't find any of the threads right now. However, it seems to be related to projects getting corrupted somehow? I know that doesn't help answer the why but if you create a new project and drag your audio files and midi files into it does it still do the same thing? How about doing a "save as" to a different folder and make sure that "copy project audio" is checked?
  22. Do you have "Dim Solo" enabled? Look in the preferences.
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