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  1. It's in the queue but we haven't had a chance to get to it yet.
  2. This thread has run its course, so I'm going to put a lock on it. Please feel free to create new threads about any relevant issues, and we'll be happy to investigate. Thanks!
  3. Try setting your Workspace to None (this defaults to Basic on a new install).
  4. Please get us a dump file. You might need to change/add the ExceptionHandlingSeverity value in the Initialization File section of the Preferences to 7 to catch the dump if you're not getting one generated already (this defaults to 1).
  5. I'm able to load Clarity Vx without a problem. It's possible there might be something with your local Waves install that might need to be addressed, but in general there doesn't appear to be any issues with it on our end.
  6. Releases are named "Update 1" when they're an addendum to the existing update. The release from yesterday addresses a handful of issues reported in relation to the initial 2022.02 Update as opposed to a larger update numbered with a different month.
  7. The simple way to check if you're hearing your system properly is to just throw a mono sine wave on a track, then hard pan it both ways, see what CbB's metering says, then see what's happening with your monitoring setup. If CbB shows it's hard panned and you're not hearing that, the most likely scenario is that there's a software mixer/driver panel that's not fully spreading your stereo image after the fact.
  8. I can repro this one Keni, we'll look at it for the next update. Thanks!
  9. The track Gain control is your signal level before FX and the fader is after FX.
  10. This is correct. When we first implemented the feature in Cakewalk, the V4 trial would still allow the conversion to work under the hood without a full license. Version 5 does not allow this.
  11. Melodyne is required to be installed to do Audio to MIDI conversion.
  12. @Jeremy Oakes @scook I got a repro on our end, including one from well before this Early Access, so not a new issue, but it's logged for the next update. Thanks!
  13. This is already fixed internally. We'll have an update for this release with this fix soon.
  14. You can send me a PM with a dump
  15. It's a different team that handles the development for BandLab Assistant as opposed to the Cakewalk app itself. The download page for Cakewalk now offers the Web Installer directly so a user would not need to have BandLab Assistant at all.
  16. Is every project save slow or a particular one you're working in? Try creating a new project with a few things in it and save that.
  17. I believe you've found yourself in the wrong place. This forum is dedicated to the Cakewalk by BandLab app for PC. If you're experiencing problems with the BandLab app for web/mobile, https://help.bandlab.com/ is where you need to go.
  18. Thanks, when you send along the log we'll do some investigating.
  19. The scan process runs independently from your project being loaded, so that shouldn't make any difference. If you could try the update again and see if it remains slower, we'll take a look into it. Thanks!
  20. If you can get us a project where it's readily reproducible, we'll take a look into it and see where the problem is. Thanks!
  21. Can you elaborate on the problem? What demo projects are you looking for and where are you trying to find them? There are 2 currently shipping demo projects, "Sophia Jane - Living For Now" and "LORD - Time to Fly". The demo projects installer launched by the Cakewalk web installer places these into your existing Cakewalk Content folder, defaulting to C:\Cakewalk Content\Demo Projects If you turn off sandboxing for the plugin scan does it complete normally?
  22. Demo projects install to C:\Cakewalk Content\Demo Projects by default, and should appear as a separate tab on the Start Page once installed. If you need to reinstall the demo projects, they're available from the Cakewalk Web Installer.
  23. adding "ExceptionHandlingSeverity" into the Initialization File section of the Preferences lets you adjust how aggressive Cakewalk's error handling is. 1 is normal, and 7 is what you'd want to set it to if you're trying to troubleshoot something and it's not catching a dump file already.
  24. This is a setting on the Editing tab of the Preferences: Otherwise it will duplicate the exact clip length on purpose.
  25. If it's crashing, can you please get us a dump file? Try adjusting ExceptionHandlingSeverity in the Initialization File if you're not getting a dump now. It might be a combination of things going on in your template as well. I can't reproduce your problem with Superior Drummer 3 alone.
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