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  1. Yea, and no-one on either side is willing or able to give me any details. Unfortunately, I've decided to finish the project I'm working on and abandoning Cakewalk for any future projects. I already purchased a copy of Studio One 5 for future projects, but keeping Cakewalk installed in case I need to revisit it. I've been using Cakewalk since its inception and don't like to make the move, but I don't have much of a choice considering I spent a lot of $$$ on the Waves system...just learning another DAW in LA (FZ).
  2. I recently purchased a SoundGrid Extreme Server and was having problems integrating it into Cakewalk, so I got on the phone with Waves Support and was informed that Waves plugins will only work as native plugins and won't be offloaded to the Extreme server. When I asked why, the answer they gave me somewhat vague. First, I was told it was a technical issue but when I asked for clarification I got an answer it was a "political" issue between Waves and Cakewalk and I should be using another DAW such a Reaper or Studio One 5. I've been using Cakewalk since its initial release and am comfortable with the workflow. I don't want to go through the learning curve and expense of changing DAWs. Does anyone have any insight as to this issue of should I take it up with the Cakewalk devs? Thanks, Jon
  3. I'm having a similar, but not exactly the same problem with the MPD218. Windows 10 21H1 and the latest version of Cakewalk. I've set up a test project specifically for testing plugins. The audio hardware is a Scarlett 4i4, and it works flawlessly. MPC also works as a standalone application, but when I try to load it from within Cakewalk the interface appears but nothing happens. No response from the drum pad even though the lights work. The plugin is unresponsive as well. Then Windows comes up with the Cakewalk is not responding window and it (Cakewalk) crashes. Akai considers the MPD218 to be a legacy product and no longer supports it, nor has it been tested with Windows 10. Perhaps it's time to look for a different drum pad, but I'd like to see if this one can be made to work...
  4. Have you tried changing the sample libraries data folder location in Waves Central setup? I moved the location to another drive on my Dell e6420 using an adapter that replaces the DVD drive with a hard drive. Moving them freed up a little over 46GB of space on the system drive. I've never had any serious problems with Waves, and they're a lot easier to manage than some other vendor's plugins. The important thing to remember is not to manually move around files without understanding the consequences.
  5. Good catch! I was using driver version 2.05 and updated it to 2.07rc1 (the latest version even though it's a release candidate.) My guess is they retired development since it's an obsolete product. But that wasn't the root cause...there was a record WAV file and when I listened to it outside of Cakewalk, I heard the noise. I removed it from the Audio folder and now the noise is gone, however now every time I open the project it's looking for the file and I can't figure out how to tell Cakewalk to permanently ignore it...screenshots below. I've also attached the WAV file just in case you want to hear it but turn down your volume first ;). WaterView Band Labor Day 01, Track 1, Rec (4).wav
  6. I created a new project from a live show. It is just a 2-track 24 bit 44.1k WAV file recorded on to a USB stick and taken using the record function of a Behringer X32-Producer console. I imported it into Cakewalk and everything was hunky dory until today. What is happening is when I load the project and try to play it through a Tascam US-1800 I get a sound like you hear when you tune an FM receiver where there's no channel or an off-the-air TV channel. Just a bunch of distorted white noise but almost loud enough to fry the headphones. The US-1800 driver version is 2.05 and I'm running Windows 10 Enterprise Edition fully patched (Winver 2004 (OS Build 19041.508), 16 GB RAM and a Samsung 870 EVO 2 TB SSD. LatencyMon shows nothing out of the ordinary. Has anyone seen this issue before and how can I fix it? If you need anything more information from me I'll be sure to supply it... Thanks much, Jon
  7. I've been using Cakewalk since the Windows 3.0 era so my opinion may well be biased. I've found the UI to be very intuitive for the most part and I've tried some of the other DAWS such as ProTools and found they were too much of a learning curve. When you look at a mixing console, you have a fairly "standard" layout of controls; faders, busses, meters etc. I started using a real analog mixing console in 1975 in the electronic music studio at the University of Pittsburgh. Yes, it was before the digital age and primitive as it was it gave me a good understanding of what I needed to do to accomplish the task at hand. When I started using Cakewalk it was almost the same as sitting at the old analog console so it was relatively easy. I'm still learning things and get frustrated from time to time but with all the information available on the internet someone out there has a solution to whatever problem you encounter. Bottom line is hang in there and you'll be amazed at how great a product it is!
  8. All the samples are .WAV files. The folder(s) they are installed in are subfolders of C:\Cakewalk Content\Audio Library\Dimension Pro and in the root of the clavinet and mellotron subfoldes there are some .SFZ files. I don't know which virtual instrument I should be using and that's what my problem is. It's easy for me to move them to another su bfolder if necessary.
  9. I have all of the above samples I purchased from DSF back when I was using Sonar and would like them to be available to Cakewalk for BandLab. Can someone point me in the right direction so I can use these samples? Thanks, Jon☺️
  10. I, too have been buying from Sweetwater for many years. My personal sales rep's name is Ty and he's been a great help not only in giving product advice but also is very friendly and personable. Once I had to add to an existing order and he took care of it with no issues. Their Sweetwater card can be a good way to get gear when you can't afford the up-front cost as long as you can afford and make the payments on time. It's 0% interest but like any other deal if you fail to make the payments the interest will kill you!
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