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  1. I mostly use DAWs for making music. so far, I have LMMS, OpenMPT, Soundbridge, and Cakewalk. Yes, I have experience with DAWs.
  2. but what if I Wan't to export to midi? the entire reason I got Cakewalk is to Get a Midi Editor.
  3. The title speaks for itself. I'm trying to Export my Music to midi, And it Always exports All of my Instruments to Piano. Always. How can I fix this?
  4. I'm a New User, and I have been screwing around with cakewalk for the past 4 hours, and so far, I hate it, mostly because the Interface is Incomprehensible. is this the case for Other Users? it is for me. sorry.
  5. I'm a new user, and I just imported a MIDI file, and I wan't to change the instrument, yet I don't know how. What can I do?
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