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  1. The echo was the problem, thanks a lot! Worked with the FX variant.
  2. Does anyone know how I get Scaler 2 to play directly another instrument and not only the included ones? I read much about it, watched a video how to make it in Ableton (which there seems quite easy) but in CbB there are no options to get another MIDI instrument let use Scaler's output. I probably have to use a MIDI help track, but all my tries ended in dead ends.
  3. Good point! Kontakt always sets the Mod Wheel to 0 after stopping, whatever setting was there before. I simply did not see it. Silly behavior of the program, but your idea was right. Thanks. 👍
  4. 1. I play with a VST, for example the SoniVOX EightyEight Ensemble Piano and record that on a single instrument track. Afterwards I create a new stereo bus named "Piano". I route the output of the instrument track to the Piano bus. Everything behaves normal. Plays loudly as expected. 2. I do the same in a new project with Native Instruments KONTAKT 6 (full version). Insert it as an instrument track, choose a library (Ethereal Earth or The Giant), play something and record it. Everything plays fine after it. Then I create the same Piano bus like in 1. I route the Kontakt instrument track to that bus. And suddenly the level is so low, that I have to raise the volume on my monitors to 2/3 to hear anything, but the background noise level is getting very high either. Deleting the Piano bus and putting the output of the track back to Master bus does not help anything. Every hit on the MIDI keyboard for that instrument plays as low as the playback of the record. When I insert a new instrument with KONTAKT, that one behaves normal again. The first one still low on volume. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Hi altogether, since I started with Cakewalk by BandLab in last fall I have an annoying hang everytime after I start the program. I start it, the search for plugins goes through and I for example insert a new VST instrument or start to play the previously recorded tracks. Right after that (from 5s to 1min), both the Cakewalk interface and the VST interface hang for about 10-30 seconds, where no input is accepted. But I can still play the instrument (see nothing but hear the sounds) or hear what I recently started to playback. In that case, I cannot stop the playback because the interface and the transport buttons are not responding. My Behringer X-Touch cannot stop the playback either, the faders in Cakewalk do not do anything and the ones on the X-Touch are pulled back up right after I pull them down. After a few seconds, Windows says that Cakewalk is not responding. Sometimes sth. appears in the Windows taskbar named "HUDNowTime". But not always. After that freeze, everything behaves normal again and all commands done while it hang are executed now. For example the faders go down now and the playback is stopped. Has anyone seen that before? The problem exists since fall 2019 and made it hrough every update till the 2020.04. It happens, if I use MIDI or if there are just recordings and no MIDI instrument loaded. In fall I used Windows 10 1903, problem remained the same after update to 1909. The following components are connected: M-Audio AIR 192|14; M-Audio Keystation 88 Mk2; Akai MPD218, Behringer X-Touch Any suggestions?
  6. Aaargh, something very important happened! 🤯 As for now I have 2 Mackie Controls connected: 1st is the Keystation, 2nd is the X Touch. But Cakewalk cannot save independent settings?? When I edit Mackie Control 1, all parameters are also set on Mackie Control 2 and vice versa. WTF?? 😰 I just realized it when I tried to use the transport function on the Keystation after setting up the X Touch. Never could I imagine that a software would react like that... 🙄 How can I get different settings for each device? Especially as I am thinking about adding a potential 3rd one?
  7. Thanks again for that evaluation list. With that in mind I tried Behringer X Touch (the big one) and I was totally amazed that it works nearly perfectly, the motor faders are great! I had luck in snatching a perfect looking b-stock for the price of nearly the Nektar. I'll set it on a swivel arm for notebooks to save space. 🙂 So the smaller controllers all go back. Nice. The next thing I consider is the use of an extra controller for drums. This time I wait before ordering as your information is very helpful and would have saved lots of effort, transport etc. The ones I already focus are: - KORG nanopad - Midiplus X Pad - Akai MPD 218 or 226 - Arturia Beatstep (small version) Could you recommend any of these or another similar one?
  8. Hi azslow3, thank you for giving me help for that first step! Wow, I got the Keystation's transport controls working! The handshake was the problem! :-)) Now I can go for the bigger part: Sad for the Nektar, as I like it from optics and haptics. But if I had a better idea what exactly to do I would be willing to put a little effort in programming every key and control on that device. If I can be sure that it will be really usable after that effort. If using an alternative would be quicker to dispose and better to use afterwards, can you advice me which one is best for Cakewalk (which one to try first)? As I have alternatives here, as said before. You seem to know almost every of them... 😉 1. Behringer X Touch One 2. Behringer X Touch (with the 9 motorfaders) 3. Presonus Faderport V2 4. KORG Nanocontrol Studio Or is there another one which works better out of the box and is in that price range? Original Mackie Control ist even used too expensive for my level. 🙂
  9. Hi altogether, as a relatively newbie to audio recoring I started with Cakewalk (I like the interface very much compared to any other DAW so far). Last week I bought an M-Audio Keystation 88 and connected it with USB to Win10 (1909). It is recognized by Cakewalk (newest version) as a MIDI device and I can play with VST-Instruments. Pitch is also working as expected. BUT: Neither volume control nor transport controls are working. The MIDI-device "Keystation 88" and "MIDIIN2 (Keystation 88)" are both activated. When I press the PLAY button on the Keystation, red light on the MIDI activity symbol in taskbar is blinking and Cakewalk seems to recognize sth. because the hourglass comes up and Cakewalk freezes. After around 10sec it reacts again, but nothing else happened. After that presses on the transport button do not repeat the hourglass nor any other reaction (only red lights on taskbar icon). After long trials I loaded MIDI-OX. I can see MIDI triggers from both MIDI-Ins that come with M-Audio USB. Controls are coming through IN2. Why can Cakewalk react properly to the normal keys and have then a problem with the control keys? Another try was the connection of a Nektar Panorama P1 Controller. All the same: With MIDI-OX I can see all the activity, also in the taskbar, but in Cakewalk the same inital freeze and no reaction to anything I start on the P1. I have already renamed TTSEQ.INI. Attached are 2 screenshots. Sorry, I use the German version. 🙂 But should look the same in English. Have I done anything wrong? Or is there another option to activate the transport controls? I tested both ACT and Cakewalk Generic Surface. All the same. I wanted to test some other Controllers (have KORG, Presonus and Behringer here) this weekend, but if that simple thing is not working I stop before I unpack all the other controllers. Perhaps interesting detail on the outskirts: I tried SoundBridge DAW and there was no reaction either. Some environmental info: i7 8700, Asus-Board, 16GB, 3 SSDs, AMD RadeOn RX 580, Presonus Studio 24c interface, Any help is very much appreciated.
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