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    Love in Time

    Magical vocal - loving your work - as always. The accompaniment is a picked guitar I think (unless my ears deceive me)? Did you quantize it, as it sounds very 'perfect' to me. Maybe back off the quantize a little to allow some swing, so it sounds a little more rubato? Depends if it's a recording of you playing guitar or whether it's a VST I guess. Either way - it's taste and fancy stuff - it's still a wonderful song. Well done. Andy
  2. That's interesting John, I did the exact opposite as I could never get a good vocal recording using a dynamic mic (Shure SM58) - probably a combination of poor vocal/ mic technique and lack of experience with my chosen DAW. However, since I switched to a LDC mic, I've achieved significantly better results. That said, it does pick up 'everything' so I just need to set up properly to eliminate any potential squeaks, rattles and clicks. Andy
  3. @53mph I had a Gen 1 for many years and currently have a Gen 2 - I've never had the issue you describe above. Can't comment for the Gen 3, I'm surprised to learn there is a widespread issue but if there is, I suspect a firmware or driver fix will follow shortly as Focusrite support are excellent in my experience. Such issues are often caused by USB power settings on the USB port in question on the host computer. I guess you can only be guided by your own research, I wish you atb with your eventual purchase. Andy
  4. Sounds great - big 👍👍👍 here Andy
  5. I use one of these (although mine is the older Gen 2). Gen 3 was only released recently, I've used Focusrite gear for decades, unbeatable in my view and yes, I use this for vocal and acoustic guitar work both DI and mic. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface Hope it helps Andy
  6. Top notch as always Nigel, I expect nothing less. 👏👏👏👏 Andy
  7. @tiyaf Really, you've quoted my entire post just to insert a scam link - as if you think I'd miss it. Get lost!
  8. Gary I've been taking a break from posting on these forums recently (but dipping in occasionally), a song from you was always going to tempt me back. I was always impressed with Roger's work (beautifully understated). This is fabulous, and a first class tribute. Well done. Andy
  9. AndyB01

    Deleted Post

    Nothing to see here
  10. As a fellow guitarist, I appreciate your craft, very enjoyable listen. Some wonderful chord changes in there. Andy
  11. AndyB01


    Guitar sounds just a little forward in the mix to me and I'm picking up some ever so slight distortion on the bass strings (but that could be these earbuds instead of my usual over ear headphones). Nice work with lyrics on this, as well as your usual song craft. Andy
  12. First song in a decade eh? You really should do this more often. 😉 Great stuff Andy
  13. Nice chill to this - as always took a few twists and turns I didn't expect 🙂 Andy
  14. Definitely prefer the remix - some excellent chops on show - very cool. Great track Andy
  15. AndyB01

    Always Love You

    I like the nice simple arpeggio guitar on this track - a killer lead and BGVs as always - another great track there Rex. Andy
  16. Agree with Tom - the drums could be cleaner - harp and guitars sound just great. Nice job. Andy
  17. Another vote for bricks and mortar here, never done it any other way. I've bought my last three guitars from the same store (it's a 60-mile round trip for me), the buying experience and after sales is second to none - I would simply never go anywhere else. A mate a mine is an avid guitar collector and buys almost all of his guitars online and on eBay, he's rarely had a problem but he's on first name terms with his local guitar tech. 😉 Andy
  18. In that case, extra kudos to you. I don't suppose you'd be up for sharing the dots or tab - I wouldn't mind a go at it - sounds like a challenge. Great work Andy
  19. It has quite a rubato feel (which I quite like), it's easy to overcook the tempo changes, good tone and technique on those gliss notes. What guitar is it out of interest and did you mic it or DI? I like the harmonic to finish 👍 is this an original composition? Andy
  20. Can't see my user profile or messages any more on the mobile site but I'm sure it will come back. You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. 😉 Overall, I like it. 👍
  21. Mesmerising to watch (those triplets 🙈) - this is perfect as it is. Really enjoyed that and the piano sound is gorgeous btw. 👍👍👍 Andy
  22. Very classy that Nigel - sounded great and the video work was very impressive indeed. Andy
  23. Opening reminds me slightly of Fool's Overture by Supertramp. There's a lot to enjoy here - all 12:43 of it 😊 - loved the vocals and harmonies as well as the guitar work. Must have been a lot of work - well done. Andy
  24. It doesn't make them useless but it does increase online risk. I don't recall saying I was 'afraid to use the Internet'. I've worked in cybersec for 25 years, so I know my way around PCs, networks, firewalls and patching risks, thanks. I can make my own judgement calls on whether I want to continue using an unsupported OS. Cheers all the same. Andy
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