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  1. Thanks for the tip Jack. Fans all cleaned out a few months ago and were working then - I don't fancy messing with the heatsink so I'll pass that one over to my local friendly computer tech. He's very good, and charges a reasonable rate 🙂 Andy
  2. AndyB01

    What else but TD 3

    I like the contrast between the bold sweeps of the keys and the percussion - maybe the drums could become a future theme - or then again... 🤷‍♂️ Looking forward to new projects or future instalments Andy
  3. @Jim Roseberry I am guessing these might be indicative of the problem Looks to be running a tad hot... Andy
  4. +1 to this - I use 1Password but have had LastPass in the past - other flavours of password managers are available. Forget Excel - just get one - it's life changing (in a good way); especially if you put the work in to update all your shared and simple-to-hack passwords with the random passwords generated by the app. Browser and multiple device integration is top drawer and autofill works perfectly a good 95+% of the time. Just make sure you set a strong, unforgettable master password and you'll never have to remember any others. Andy
  5. Thanks Jim, will do. I think I'll be coming to you to purchase some consultancy on a spec when the time comes for an upgrade. Regards Andy
  6. This ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ Just spent three hours trying to load some eBooks on Mrs AndyB01's iPad. Christ alive, why is Apple kit so damned unintuitive and why do they have to make everything so painful and difficult to do? 🙄 Give me a PC or Android any day of the week - at least then, I feel like I'm actually in control.
  7. @Kevin Perry yep that's a good shout too - I am definitely old enough to remember SCSI drives. 😂 Although, looking at the mobo on the laptop, I don't see too much physical wiring but you never know. Thanks for the suggestion
  8. You did a great job with it, I didn't mean to take you to task (my reply did come across as a bit heavy), we're all a bit self-deprecating about our own work at times (I know I am). Sometimes I guess we need to big ourselves up once in a while. 👍 Andy
  9. I still use DimPro occasionally, there are some really good sample sounds in there. Track sounds good and has stood the test of time, then again, musicianship of this quality always will. 🙂 Great vibe - enjoyed it. Andy
  10. AndyB01


    I listened to the first song (French is such a beautifully lyrical language), I also get the slight sibilance but I can live with it - great vocal I thought. That aside, production and mix sounds good - interesting lyrical concept as well. I will have a listen to some more. 🙂 Andy
  11. AndyB01

    Stay (In Love)

    Sounds like a track straight from one of those classical 'chillout' albums - a great example of a simple idea, cleverly developed and beautifully executed. 👍 Andy
  12. Well I take issue with your use of the word 'cheating' - creativity and originality comes in many forms, and very few of us can be virtuoso multi-instrumentalists. I really enjoyed it, vocal has an unusual vibe that I can't really label (a good thing) and takes some unexpected turns on the melody line. I also like the slightly anthemic change up at 3:30. Well done. Andy
  13. AndyB01

    Indelible Stain

    Good grief Nigel - that was awesome!! I did wonder where this was going for a few moments when the rubber gloves came out... 😂 A powerful message about the power and determination of a woman scorned (best lock up your angle grinder). I shall make a mental note to put my phone down and pay full attention next time Mrs AndyB01 asks me anything. Oh - and the song - incredible mate: vocals, backing, lyrics - everything - I loved it! Top - and I mean absolutely TOP - work. Andy
  14. AndyB01


    Nicely crafted song and video, and well-performed. Enjoyed it 👍 Andy
  15. AndyB01

    Truth Always Hurts

    Great song - stellar vocals and the guitar sounds great - top work all round. Andy
  16. This is one of those 'how long is a piece of string' questions but grateful for any suggestions. I have a Clevo i7 32Gb RAM laptop (badged as a Scan 3XS music production laptop, but it's a Clevo under the hood). Getting on a bit now, circa five years old, running Win 10 Pro. I upgraded both hard disks to SSDs a few years ago and these report good drive health. Recently it has started shutting down at random. No BSOD, no error, screen goes black then - poof - it powers off. It can be under load in CbB, just surfing the 'net or complete idling with nothing running - no rhyme or reason. Sometimes it comes back up straight away on restart and is then rock solid for hours, other times I've had it crash repeatedly six times in quick succession. Nothing obvious in Windows or minidump files that I can see and core temps don't seem to be running too hot. I have tried with or without battery fitted and it does it in both states, so it's not a dud battery causing it. My suspicions are heat or fans. The fans are noisy (always have been) and I dusted them all out a few months back. I also sit it on a mesh grid to allow the base fans and vents to work more effectively. Any idea what utilities I can use to do some more detailed investigation or specifically which logs I should be checking for a readout of potential triggers? I have read that these laptops have a RPM monitor in the BIOS, if it develops a fault and determines (incorrectly) that a fan is not working, it will auto shut down the device regardless of the actual core temps or state of the fan. Either way, I have checked the BIOS and there are no options in there for fan control. I'm planning to take it my local computer guy for some checks but I'd like to be able to give him a bit more to go on. So all contributions and suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance Andy
  17. Well that woke me up this morning! 😂 Great little rocker and loved the use of the wah - I'm in - where do a buy a ticket? Andy
  18. Loved Fleetwood Mac back in the day - still do - Rumours is such an iconic album. RIP indeed 😓
  19. That is your problem I think. You want a stereo jack and adapter - like this
  20. Daft question but humour me - the headphone jack used on the Solo does have two rings on it and not three? Andy
  21. AndyB01

    What We've Got

    I admire your dedication and effort - it shows in your work and the results you achieve. I like the new version, agree about the mandolin - very nice touch. Andy
  22. I had no idea that was there, looks very cool and I will definitely use that. Thanks Andy
  23. AndyB01

    What We've Got

    Another great song Rex, my only crit, I felt the piano VST was a little 'dull' in terms of its voicing - not sure - perhaps it needs a touch of reverb to give it some sparkle or maybe a different VST? However I am also nitpicking - lovely harmonies as always and I thought the panning of them worked well. Andy
  24. Lovely song Gary - very heartfelt performance - something of a James Taylor vibe I thought. Look forward to future mixes - as others have said there are lots of options here from stripped back to the full works. Andy
  25. Thanks, it is a beautiful thing for sure - koa top - sometimes it's just enough to gaze at it... Once you own a Taylor it's hard to look elsewhere tbh, it's like joining a family - the ethics, the passion, the way they look at sustainability - I always have to remind myself how lucky I am to own it. I think it's a keeper. Andy
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