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  1. Nice vibe and mix and great vocal - nice job and good luck from me also.
  2. Tom - you know what I think of this - I already commented on SoundCloud. I didn't think I could like it any more but now you've gone and given away the inspiration. I've seen mine leave to make their way in the World - and it hurts like hell to let them go. But they do come back to stay once in a while: older, wiser and richer - in a thousand ways - it's all part of the journey we're on I guess... Andy
  3. Well it's a thought Nigel, but I figured if 23 minutes was good enough for Peter Gabriel then it should be good enough for me. 😉 #SuppersReady I'll flag it as a 'work in progress' then...
  4. Cheers all for the encouragement and your observations are spot on @Kevin Walsh - I do feel inspired as it's quite a departure for me so I shall keep working on it. Once I have completed the full 23 minutes (including a Catastrophe in 9/8) 😉 I'll post it here. I might be while... Andy
  5. This is just a snippet of something vaguely Prog I've been playing with - it's a mix of original riffs and EzKeys (mercifully only one minute long). https://soundcloud.com/andyb01/sunrise2019 The simple question is, should I carry on investing in this or did I waste too much time already? 😂 All opinions welcome and valid. Andy
  6. Oh Gary, that's one great sound. When's the album out? I love me some blues and that really hit the spot for me (great harp) - I loved it! Andy
  7. I love the narrative - really works - and whilst some of the mood changes are subtle some are much more dramatic. You should be proud of this, I thought it was a great showcase. Well done! Andy
  8. Thanks Daryl, after a few listens now I think you're on to something there - I will try that cheers.
  9. Thanks and agree 100 per cent - and their latest product EzBass is coming out in Q4 2019! 😂
  10. You see, I read those lyrics cold and I thought: hmm - good luck making this work. Then I listened and not only does it work, it does so brilliantly - with superb flair and craft. I particularly like the hard stop after the instrumentals. Oh and one more thing - the mix - as tight as a drum. Terrific stuff - never stop writing. Andy
  11. Interesting vibe David, great instrumentation - what an eclectic mix. My ears detected what I felt was the odd timing issue but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Andy
  12. A lot of people prefer sampled pianos and there are some great examples out there. My personal favourite however is Moddart's Pianoteq Stage - which is a modelled instrument - but you'll never get consensus on which is best because it's such a subjective decision.
  13. Andrew Ball


    Wow, wow and just wow! I loved this, it really drew me in. Terrific vocal and lyrical craft as well as the overall mix. Absolutely top drawer. Andy
  14. Ditto - great sound, great vocal and cool vid. Really enjoyed that. Andy
  15. Great groove, sounds pretty cool to my ears. I love this kind of stuff - just meanders all over the place. Fab. Andy
  16. I think it's great software as the stock clips can be endlessly customised or you can compose your own chord sequences and use it as a session pianist - very clever (although be warned, the MIDI add-on packs can prove an expensive addiction - look out for seasonal deals). Fair point on the guitar, I'm still not over the moon with it so I knocked it down a bit. I'm a competent guitarist but lead riffs just aren't my thing - my son says all my guitar riffs sound the same - I've told him, I'm playing all the same notes, but not necessarily in the same order. 🙃 Cheers Gary, coming from a man with your immense vocal talent that's a very kind comment. I think the tune is really catchy - that's why I used it. I know using stock clips from stuff like EzKeys will always split opinion but there it is - I'm not trying to pass it off as my own work. Thanks all - appreciate you taking the time out to listen and comment as always.
  17. So here's one I put together recently - the piano is built entirely from EzKeys and apart from changing the tempo and key of the stock clips I have made very few changes as I just think it works pretty well as it is. The lyrics are all my own work and and I have committed my usual crime against singing 😂. It's supposed to be upbeat'ish (well for me anyway) and a made up story about a couple who are having a 'sliding doors' kind of moment and can't quite work out whether they're going to split or have another go at things. Nits and crits welcome. Enjoy Andy
  18. Rik - I used to do the very same thing and achieve (what I thought) were spectacular results (in reality they were probably spectacularly bad). How could my 16-year old self ever have imagined that over dubbing would be as easy as it is now. Today, all those original tapes lie either lost, damaged or broken - a metaphor for the intervening forty years I guess. This is getting far too nostalgic, I'm off for a lie down... Thanks for sharing this - sounded pretty good to me considering the set up. Andy
  19. John - I was immediately transported back to Ant Phillips (Private Parts and Pieces), especially with the alt tuning. Nice stuff and great that you still have a copy of this - LoFi and all. If you re-recorded this digitally, I doubt you would ever re-capture the same soul and expression - even if you tried for a thousand years. Thanks for sharing - took me back to another time; life sure was a whole lot simpler then. Andy
  20. Definitely prefer the remix - I mean the original wasn't too shabby let's be honest - nice blend of funk and fab overdriven guitar tones (love the doubled lead at around 3 mins) - very good and great listen. Great tune. Andy
  21. I've missed you David 🙂 Jazz is a brave genre - especially the timing - I can never get it right so kudos to you for trying this; there's definitely a basis for something here. More craft on the ending for sure (one of those spiralling sax descant licks that tails off springs to mind). Looking forward to more. Andy
  22. Andrew Ball


    Lol you should hear mine without Melodyne! 😁😂🤣 Very anthemic this - 80s UK Synth Pop - I was reminded of the Pet Shop Boys Andy
  23. I could listen to stuff like this all day long - I agree more bluesy than prog but there are shades of Gilmour for me too. A very enjoyable five minutes Andy
  24. Production is great with great instrument separation on my cans and the lyrics are well crafted (which I always appreciate). Although I agree with @bjornpdx about the rhyming in v1 - I did think that was clever (and I may steal that idea) 😉 - would have been great to see that carried to v2, but I know that when you end up searching for a rhyme it can end up sounding contrived so vive la difference! Andy
  25. Andrew Ball

    Tiny Squares

    I mean, it's not as if any decent music was ever made with two guitars, a bass, drums and some vocals. 😂 I like this, it has a live feel and I imagine it sounds really good live - my only very minor crits are that I would consider adding some slightly more complex harmonies on the vocals and I would definitely open up that lead guitar a touch and really let that thing rock! Andy
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