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  1. You really need something that will allow you to control the amount of gain that is being sent to the source. Controlling levels from your synth is almost useless. Dedicated audio interfaces have a knob that controls the signal. Onboard audio does not. Why this is working in Cubase and not Cakewalk i have no idea. Only other thing i can think of is possibly you have a bad cable.
  2. problem is..when your doing automation for 3 tracks at one time its kind of hard to widen a bunch of tracks.
  3. Yea slight confusion going here. kind of went a little off topic (sorry to the OP). myself and another user are looking for a way to make fine adjustments to automation nodes..weather that be in a clip or in a lane. Kind of like the way you can hold down SHIFT and drag a volume slider (to make smaller adjustments). I love automation in Cakewalk. I love the clip and lane functions. But in order to do detailed work you need to widen the clips vertical height. At one point we used to be able to hold SHIFT and drag a node to make fine tune adjustments. That seems no longer possible.
  4. Are you saying, i select a node first... then drag from the lower part of the clip while holding CTRL ? That will allow me to make fine adjustments ?
  5. yea i tried both the clip and the lane this morning. Not sure when it changed but it does not work anymore. I would like to see an update to lanes and automation. its tough to do any detailed work in such a small amount of space.
  6. I believe you are referring to automation. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=Automation.11.html
  7. It used to be SHIFT+CLICK/DRAG but i just noticed that doesn't seem to work anymore.
  8. Yea, that's the thing..i never print any FX..Ever. not even when working in the box. All FX are done in the mix using my Focusrite 1820 which has 8 dedicated ins/8 dedicated outs. The FX are feed through scarlett mix control and never any latency. Matter of fact, it hardly taxes the audio at all because all the FX loops are external and not internal. In other words, Cakewalk is hardly doing anything, its all within my Interface.
  9. This is a pretty good idea. you would just have to find a way to incorporate it, maybe a shortcut to pop up the fader control. I typically work in a lane (Automation lane) which gives me a good amount of room to focus in on nodes but it can be dicey at time dialing in fine measurements. Though there is a shortcut to make fine adjustments it would be nice to see the db scale a little larger too.
  10. You are indeed correct. But i believe its mostly because a lot of users have moved away from using the External FX plug in. As a mastering engineer i use external FX but i don't use the External FX plug ins. I route almost all my hardware through my interfaces input/outputs. I know this is tough for some because you need the interface with multiple I/O's. If i need to tap an insert, i do it right from the source of my Interface. I hope its an easy fix for them, that way you can be happy. This doesn't come up much because i dont think many users use the External FX as much anymore but i'd like to see it updated so i can play around with it, maybe i can find some uses for it.
  11. Practice and Preamps. Those are my 2 T's. Sound wise though... Buy a pre amp, it will warm up your signal before it hits Guitar sim. Give it a tube like sound..a soaring sound. I use a Focusrite ISA ONE. Ive had/used a couple but the ISA ONE has been the keeper for me. This is guitar rig (Dual Riff through an ISA ONE)
  12. I've gone through this scenario myself. My Focusrite does plug in so i use a switching system built in to a power surge outlet. This lets me power up the focusrite, Speakers, Mackie control and Mackie monitor selection device (Big knob). With USB i used have a switch. It was a USB cord that allowed one USB input.
  13. But your not using the Focusrite drivers if your using WASAPI and not ASIO ? The drivers that came with the scarlett 212 are ASIO and very reliable. The "No hardware detected" is a tell tale sign of your interface not being detected (either not plugged in or power off).
  14. Screensets are per project, workspaces are global. Screensets are more than just views.
  15. Did you install the Focusrite Scarlett ASIO drivers ?
  16. I think you can set up a workspace or a screenset to use a default smart tool. essentially what you would do is set up your staff view with a screenset using your default tool, lock the screenset and then use the screenset to navigate through views.
  17. I just watched this video and Its pretty much the exact same way in Cakewalk. Unless i'm misunderstanding. That drag/select menovour (using the smart tool) This is what i don't understand. But you can always click on a spot outside the gain automation and then that spot will become highlighted/selected and the same drag up/down procedure will work.
  18. I can see in the back ground of your pop up menu, it appears a lot of clips are selected. Try positioning your pointer... Then deselecting everything (Using CTRL+SHIFT+A) Then try the insert measure.
  19. I agree, ive given up on using the shortcut for melodyne zoom. i just use the sliders on the side of the app within region FX.
  20. I do the same exact thing. buses have 2 main functions for my use. 1- FX sends (a place to route your FX using sends) 2- group busing (a place to control over all signal/levels)
  21. I'm not sure if you mentioned it.. but you need to install the Focusrite Scarlet driver. That can be found on Focusrite's website. Once you install that, you will want to uncheck your soundblaster sound card from this preference menu. You will want to select ASIO as your driver mode and then check mark next to your Focusrite input/ouput.
  22. Try Piano roll view/ View options/ Show grid lines. There's also other options in the PRV/View menu to synch Global resolution.
  23. Could be on another track and you are mistaking it for being on the vocal track ? Have you tried to solo the track and isolate the noise ? Zoom in real close to visually inspect for the noise, be the noise...remove the noise.
  24. I use 32 notes and 64 notes all the time using this same exact method. You are suing triangle drum grid. Piano roll is a lot easier than grabbing those little triangles.
  25. A word to the wise, Take caution when mixing different reverb plug ins. Different reflections on different tracks will totally cloud the perception of a mix if not done properly.
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