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  1. When exporting mp3 hearing pops. Here is example of audio what sound of pop i hear when exporting mp3. What to do to export without this pop sound? BeyonceHelloRemix.mp3
  2. It's very unhandy. Would be nice if erase tool will work and erase selected clips part because cut and delete clip is extra unhandy steps
  3. Why Erase tool not working on clips? It ereases midi of clip but clip left not erased?
  4. How to detect tempo of audio sample and setting up another tempo for audio sample in cakewalk?
  5. How to setting up different snap values for Piano roll and Arangement Window. For example i want my snap settings 1/16 in piano roll and in Arrangement window i want my snap settings 1/4 or 1. How to already do it ? If it's not possilbe then it would be good feature.
  6. Yes yesterday i also wanted this very much because automation edit features is industry standart now in many music genres.
  7. Please add posibility to hold cntrl and presing some key to change default behavior of duplicating step sequencer clip as linked. For example i want to duplicate some step sequencer clip as unique and not linked directly without doing unlink step sequencer clip operation. Maybe some additional key with holding cntrl and i can drag with mouse duplicate as not linked clip?
  8. Please add visual changes preview of midi arpegator function without bouncing to see changes.
  9. How to change time ruller view to show only bar numbers? I don't want to see beat numbers but only to see bar numbers. How to change it?
  10. How to disable this annoying behavior when i m inside clip and make one another note futher then it makes new clip for that note. It would be very nice to enable behavior where clip extended where i 'm in not to make new clip for another note. I know i can bounce to clips all together but its extra step.
  11. Would be cool to make similar in Cakewalk with posibility hide cables. Also Send level button and if Mixer can be more smaller view posiible. Cakewalk mixer occupies much space and also very long faders.
  12. Fl Studio already have this very simple and easy!! Cables show sends in which channel focused.
  13. Please add "Narrow All Strips" Keyboard Shortcut
  14. Is it possible to set option in export to export track folder with all audio files in it in seperate folder similar structure or to posibility to export folder with containing tracks in zip file?
  15. It means already possible this type of sidechaining but in PC?
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