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  1. Whatta clown! 😁 (Hmm... So, THAT'S where my first guitar went! 😮)
  2. *Wonders how many drummers were harmed in the making of this mockumentary...* 🤔 😜
  3. Wow, look at those puppies! 😜 C'mon Bill! Things can't go South when you're already there, so it's all good from here on, ya? 😉👍
  4. Almost purrfect, but those might cross feline Bob.
  5. Well, sit down and relax Nigel! What's the rush? 😁
  6. My point was this: If you create a place for off-topic fun and discussion, then let it be that! That was the original purpose. ALL the other forums are meant for purely music-related topics, ya? They've literally made it a place where someone can announce that they're engaged or expecting a child and we aren't allowed to congratulate them because it's not music related. Wow, really? SMH...
  7. Apparently, they're taking your old saying that "Post count matters not" a bit too seriously Ed! This is supposed to be a virtual Coffee House, maybe they just want all the old members to leave...
  8. craigb


    "Cue Kenny?" Hehe... I'm actually wearing the shirt below right now! 😆
  9. Someday I'll probably get something like this, but only AFTER I retire! Otherwise, I'd never leave the house to go to work! 😆
  10. I'm not sure why I keep getting complaints from the neighbors, this is only for my own listening enjoyment!
  11. Not a problem since, apparently, nobody's allowed on stage anymore anyway! 😕
  12. I just landed a new full-time IT job, so new hardware is finally on the horizon but, the more I look into things, it appears that the issues may lie with the motherboard and chipset. I get sporadic issues with USB, disk access and video. The new company gets deep discounts on Dell equipment, so I may just try the 1050 with a new box and my current hard drives before going crazy with the Cheez Whiz.
  13. That one really annoys me too. I hate the games where you have to do an entire "thing" before it autosaves at a checkpoint. I'm a big fan of quick-saving just for the fun of trying something stupid knowing I can do a quick-reload once it fails. 🙂
  14. For a new job I just got on Monday, I've got to go in today for a drug test. I'm wondering what they'll give me to try! 😁 (Gee, I hope this isn't just another big misunderstanding on my part like that whole, nasty business at the Public Shooting Range! 🤔)
  15. craigb


    I can see where this thread is headed! It's only .
  16. craigb


    Give it a will ya?
  17. craigb


    That's low!
  18. Some would say the connection between Neil Innes and the Rutles isn't obvious! 😜
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