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  1. Hmm... Without all of that, my Mom gets free batteries for her hearing aid out here in Oregon. Maybe you just need to show you don't make squat to qualify? (Being a musician should be enough proof of that, ya? πŸ˜†)
  2. Choosing a quality cable is easy: Does it cost 10x what it should? Does it claim to be made from unobtainium? Have they removed all the oxygen from the metal? Using it is also a piece of cake: πŸ˜†
  3. Belief in a flat Earth has become popular again too... It's the Dark Ages all over again! πŸ™„
  4. Give her a shovel and watch that opinion change! πŸ˜†
  5. First man: "Check out the horse I got for my wife!" Second man: "Nice trade!"
  6. And... "Whiskey was invented to prevent the Irish from conquering the World."
  7. This is a very disappointing thread. (Now, if you were to find a music video of this event... 😏)
  8. What the heck do you expect to do for the next 20+ years then??? 😢
  9. You might as well add Puff the Magic Dragon (since magic supposedly has an Irish connotation with Leprechauns, etc.). πŸ˜†
  10. Just leave the green food coloring out of my micro-brew please. πŸ™„
  11. Gee James, you could of waited for International Pedantic's Day! πŸ˜† (Have at it.)
  12. I'm also sensing a feedback loop now! Will SOMEONE please help Gswitz out here??? 🀣
  13. Um, didn't you guys see Scook's post right above yours? Meng has said the ads were NOT intentional and they are looking into the issue? πŸ™„
  14. I'm sensing you have some resistance here... πŸ˜€ Cue the amp builders!!!
  15. "Domestic Women's Day" just doesn't have the same ring to it...
  16. Ok, ok!!! I'll turn off my advertising hack. I was just trying to make enough dosh to buy some gear! *Sheesh!* πŸ™„πŸ˜‰ Just get Adblock Plus (a free Chrome extension). No ads here! πŸ˜›
  17. Hope everything goes well! πŸ‘ Afterwards we probably need to talk about more appropriate birthday gifts to give yourself! πŸ˜‰
  18. Although it just might work (most of the time!), I would HIGHLY suggest having all of the memory match exactly. This may save you from that one time in the future when things are just going wonky and you can't figure out why. πŸ™‚
  19. No, no... Just like our new start-up business name ("Two Bright Nerds, LLC"), I'm a nerd. I try not to be too much of a geek. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†
  20. For those that only use one core, I wonder if you can force them to use different cores... I remember seeing a video (Linus Tech Tips maybe?) that was showing how little having extra cores helps until you tweak things... That would be cool to spread things out!
  21. Ooo... Being a nerd, that was a FUN video! I can already see that his videos would be a huge (but enjoyable!) time-suck for me - lol! I've subscribed so I can enjoy his stuff once I'm not working 90+ hour weeks... πŸ™‚
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