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  1. The radio stations hated that so many of us would call in to have them play this because of how long it was! 😁 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Heart's Dreamboat Annie were the only two 8-track tapes I ever owned. You gotta love when the tape fades out mid-song and switches to the next track to continue it! SMH...
  2. Past due for a Bill check! Are you surviving Mr. Bayou? 🙂
  3. But, to be fair, after going to the Deals forum, they can't afford to go anywhere else! 😆
  4. Why are you leaving your guitars to Ed's son??? 🤔
  5. No, just going to need a new, main PC soon and was seeing if I could combine uses (as always!). I need to do some serious data crunching soon (a Windows program I'm writing that will data-mine a database I created) and I need to be able to have 4k output in both landscape and portrait modes. I think I'm just going to start with a DIY over-powered full tower with a lot of RAM and a temporary graphics card, then update later as GPU's become more available. Then, after a few (a lot of?) paychecks, think about creating a dedicated DAW with Jim Roseberry.
  6. I'm afraid our Beagle ran away... 😕
  7. At least he didn't say "Thanks, Mom!" 😁
  8. Gee, that one sure looked familiar! ('Cause I posted this version a while back! 😜)
  9. Wow, those were baaaaaaad!
  10. Well, based on YOUR choice, I'm apparently a lover and you're a fighter! 🤣 (And neither of us appears to be doing a great job at either! 😜
  11. Thanks for that. It led me to his follow-up video which led me to several from Linus (Linus Tech Tips - have watched this channel for years!). Thinking back, since both the company I worked for and the one I'm going to work for pushes Dell, it reminded me of similar support calls I've had with them. Ok, back to trying to figure out WHAT I need and WHERE to get it I guess! 😢
  12. Even moreso if it was done by this pair!
  13. It's about time to have a Utah Saints, KLF, 808 State, etc. weekend me thinks! 😎
  14. Absolutely! I think it will save me a ton of money by NOT seeing it every time I come down here! 😁
  15. Bill has become... comfortably numb? 🤔😉
  16. It probably should "Left Here Left Now" now...
  17. Except that the former is (usually) a one-and-done, while the latter tends to accomplish the former with a million cuts! 😆
  18. Dang it Bob! How do you do that? Juuuuuuuust as I'm clicking on the Submit Reply button I see the "Notes has replied" pop-up! Oh well. I'm leaving it. 😜
  19. My last entry was so much fun, let's do it again! Jump into the Fire > Jump & Fire (just the songs this time) 😉
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