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  1. @DeeringAmps I've asked my singer for the guitarist, it's mister Mario Cyril Cablat
  2. @DeeringAmps thank you for your appreciation, and no, it's not midi files! But I don't know the name of the guitarist, it's a friend of the singer. The Cd version is the same that the one which is above on the top. I've renamed it to emphasize the difference with the "radio" version.
  3. Really good. I like the horns, for me it sounds good. The line of the bass is very catchy. The overall mix is great.
  4. I've made a less compressed radio master from this CD version, what do you think of the rendering (see first comment)? I've also tried both versions with the algorythm of youtube, and I think the less compressed sounds better because of loudness penalty whereas on soundcloud the sound of the CD version seems more appealing to me , it's a typical case of loudness penalty on youtube, I've post it here on comments for those who are curious and to have your opinion.
  5. Very good song. I'm agreed with Mark Skinner, a bit more of wet on the lead vocal, I would like to hear it more in front, your voice is marvellous
  6. Yeah right, it sounds like heaven, truly The production is impressive, with a high level of quality. Goog song.
  7. I'm curious to hear it with a vocal. But as the work is "in progress" it's probably not the time for it. I'm agreed with Guerilla Genus, there is a lot of idea that can find their place here, since the base is inspiring. Good work, I'd be happy to listen the extra work you will make on this.
  8. Well done. The final synth has made me rightly think of a bee that is foraging. Nice stereo, and vocals sounds good. Sometimes some of the chorus start a word a little before or after your leader voice, but it's a detail. At 3:14 the succession of a telephone lead, and after a simple vocal, and after the doubler is a perfect idea. The chorist at 4:27 brings a wonderful power to this part of the song. Good mix, great work.
  9. oh cool. I'm happy you've appreciated it.
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