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  1. @PhonoBrainer Thank you so much for your listening, Tom. I like the simplicity of the intro, however having four bars instead of height is an idea that can work, for me.
  2. good work here. Love the paning of the guitars, and your voice.
  3. Glad to read all this ^^ you've made my day.
  4. Well done, it sounds good! Bravo
  5. Esther Brulard


    It leads me to a resting state. Like the sound and the images too.
  6. @bjornpdx yes you're right, I make my own songs for eleven years now, and I only mix since 2015.
  7. Yes and no, I'm from France (I'm not canadian ^^). Thank you, for this nice comments
  8. Good arrangements, I've really appreciated this song. I'm ok with the other listeners for the bass. Good mix
  9. Esther Brulard

    With Being

    Good tone of voice,and I can hear all the good work you have done on this piece of music! Thank you for sharing it.
  10. Really interesting track. The mix is well done, I like the unexpected mixture beetween the modern synth, and all the acoustics instruments. Pretty original with this percussions.
  11. I'm very happy to share music with you. Thank y'all very much. It's my pleasure now to listen to your work.
  12. In France producers put vocals forward almost whenever a song is made ^^. Therefore maybe the fault to my culture 🤷‍♀️ Thank you for your appreciation
  13. Thank you for your listening! Happy to be here with you.
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