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  1. The title in a forum potential visited by under 16's is a little questionable @iRelevant. The song, sounds not unlike me on a bad morning after a bad night in the pit of pain, before coffee. Electro Punk definitely fits, different.
  2. Foot taping is not recommended with this one @daryl1968 it was composed with the intention of screwing with ones brain, well it screwed with mine anyway. Thanks for the listen and comments
  3. Wookiee

    Red Blooded Man

    Tricky subject mater so I will avoid the subject mater other than to say there does seem to be a general mood to complain, moan, criticise, point the finger about anything just because people now have access to world wide platforms. Musically I found the song very well performed and written the lyrics do little for me.
  4. The initial vibe I got on this was Gilmour meets Santana, nicely done @Skyline_UK very balanced mix.
  5. Thank you @Bob Oister you are most kind, as you know that balance between the Bass and the drums is always a fine art.
  6. Definitely hearing a repeating theme in the vein of Tubular Bells, I found the strings a little harsh and trill on the Adam's overall though a very listenable track, nice job sir.
  7. Wookiee


    Welcome to the forum, sounds like a good start, I am with Tom on the vocal being a little clean and perhaps the bass could do with a little more weight as well.
  8. Enjoy the chill @SPAK and @garybrun
  9. @amiller Thanks for the listen, sorry for screwing your head. @lynn Thank you I have added the new mix to the first post.
  10. @Douglas Kirby Thank you for the listen and comment, I will revisit and review the Bass.
  11. @SPAK I had a day like that only I when I came round somehow I had managed to get to Scotland, without a wallet, which is quite a way north from the southeast of England. Thanks for the listen and comment.
  12. Thanks Lynn, it is a jump around in odd n/8 time signatures, there are passages in 11/8, 9/8, 7/8 and 5/8. Drums from SD 3, Synclavier V on lead, Mellotron V and CS 80 V on support, with the Mini V providing the rumple bass.
  13. Thanks for the listen, I will take a look at that low end rumple
  14. Thanks @garybrun well it does start in 9/8 🤘 oops I said 11/8 ,but it dose have a bar of 11/8 in it.
  15. A little something from the furry mind. A Tangled Web or A Tangled Web Mk2 Thanks for listening.
  16. @bitflipper good to hear from you Dave, glad they made you whole again, stay safe.
  17. Anyone can play any instrument, now getting a tune is a completely different thing.
  18. Overtones of Gilmore's first solo album is what I am hearing Bat's sounds nice and chilled in a fuzzy way.
  19. Wookiee

    Funk Cello

    Interesting tune, I like it though, sounds OK here on the Adam's. (Would you like the first post in this thread removed because of the bad link.)
  20. Classical EDM nicely done Kakku, though the HH's are a little buried. (I deleted your unintentional post as indicated.)
  21. Nice song Daryl but as other have noted it does sound a little thin, especially the vocal.
  22. What does it say in the True Peak box @Michael Martinez ? Looking at the new version it is defiantly not looking as loud. I am seeing a peak of -0.5 so it looks more like it is warning you you are close to the edge, the other mix was showing +1.5
  23. This is a much better Mix than I listened too of the the other track Michael, I must be hearing a remix as I am not hearing the lack of bass or kick here. There is a little light clipping in a few places and you are exceeding the -14 LUFS I have attached a screen grab with Span and Youlean Loudness meter in Soundforge Pro 12 all those little red lines in the Youlean meter are indications of clipping.
  24. I second getting a copy of Span, which is free, useful tool with a sizeable GUI.
  25. @Michael Martinez Basically yes, I have a Global reverb buss, which consists of the N-type Channel emulation then the quad Curve EQ set as described followed by Breverb with a hall type patch, totally wet no dry. Then using the track sends I just send enough to create that gel on the whole mix.
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