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  1. @Aithen DeJhemani you can enable versioning .
  2. Is that not your picture above showing a list starting with Bass >?
  3. @greg54 are you saying that if you clicked on the arrow by, let's say Bass, no instruments are listed?
  4. Wookiee


    Thank you Douglas, the drums are SD phased and chorused from 9 FX you will use from Arturia. Thanks for the ears and the comment.
  5. This has potential and once you have added the final polish I am sure it will work, I will wait for that final mix before making further comment.
  6. Wookiee

    Lucky Break

    @Douglas Kirby Listening on the Event 20/20's today, one had to do some retail therapy, though what was therapeutic about it I do not know. Sounded good here.
  7. Wookiee

    Cherry blooms

    @Makke I enjoyed that nice playing, enjoyed the guitar tone and FX.
  8. Pleasant enough little ditty that sounds like a good balanced mix here on my event 20/20's
  9. Wookiee

    Casbah - video

    I like this @bjornpdx this has a certain feel, not unlike Peter Gabriel's soundtrack album Passion. Cool stuff.
  10. This must be the remix as I am not hearing the crits raised above, pleasant easy listening, possible even good to drive to as it has the same relentless drum track.
  11. Wookiee


    @Bajan Bluemy thanks Nigel probably 😃
  12. Wookiee


    @noynekker All original or tweaked patches no samples were abused in this. The Eight voice has a lead with a pitched drone linked to the ARP driven HH / noise pattern. I.e. split keyboard left and right using different parts of the one patch. Thanks for the ears and comments.
  13. Any particular audience, it is quite experimental.
  14. Wookiee


    Thanks most kind of you to spend time listening and making a comment.
  15. Wookiee


    Thank you Paul I hope the journey was cool too, I do appreciate the time and ears.
  16. Wookiee


    Thank you sir, you are most kind.
  17. Wookiee


    To slow?
  18. @Makke thank you sir you are most kind.
  19. I will be honest I do not see the point it is a total distraction and nothing to any mix it is applied to if anything it distracts. The last thing anyone wants who owns vinyl (which I do) is to hear scratches from damaged vinyl.
  20. When I listen to this I get a scratching sound like you have used iZotope's Vinyl I ask just to check if it was an issue my end. as all other Audio plays back fine.
  21. @Critical Chameleon Before I say anything more do you have some form of Vinyl emulation on this?
  22. Wookiee

    Dark eyes

    A recording and mix of your normal standard @Makke. Sounded well here on the Adam's
  23. Do you have a genre in mind or this just a touch of @Ross Manariti at this moment? Mix sound reasonable here, some of it does get a little repetitive but that seems to be the nature of modern music as @Ruralrocker2010 suggest a breakdown in there would have been good.
  24. Not meant as a crit but not a Cakewalk Mix, enquiring furry minds like to know these things? Sound's OK here on the Adam's.
  25. Wookiee


    So am I 🤔 seriously I can only think it is all floating around out therein the ether and somehow it finds its way to my furry paws. Thanks for listening and commenting.
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