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    There is only one version I'm aware of and it's free. It sounds like you have snap to grid enabled and set to whole notes.
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    As we all know, Larry might be IK new spokesman, so speculation might be really hype!
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    I am no stranger to speculation myself, so I appreciate your post. BTW, this was from less than a year ago: but TS 3.5 MAX included: So, as you said, who knows?
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    I used this in a piece in December. It's since become my go-to paper clips library.
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    What's New in SampleTank 4.2: - Added drag-and-drop sample import functionality - Expanded options for user sample import - Updated user manual with new sample import information - Fixed a bug on the Layer Panel where notes could get stuck while scrolling - General reliability improvements
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    The idea behind this plugin was not to make just another guitar plugin but to create inspirational sounds from guitars: 18 instruments created from recordings of classical, acoustic, folk, electro-acoustic and electric guitars. 5 performance techniques: Open strings, harmonics, muted, short notes and special (fx). 5 textures to regulate independently. Get it now for free https://zaksound.com/sapphire-guitar/
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    Sly & Robbie - No Surrender:
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    One thing, their copy states that their vinyl samples are recorded from commercial vinyl albums. That's copyright infringement for sure. It's certainly the AnyDayLong guy and he's affiliated with Past To Future. I've bought PTF stuff for years, but don't know anything about them, so I can’t vouch for how legit they are. But it's clear neither are great respectors of copyright laws when it comes to samples lifted from vinyl records. Their drum samples seem fine. They're not detailed and I don't think they lifted them from vinyl records, but I don’t know for sure. This dev does seem rather shady.
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    Deal: 75% off "Master Bundle" by Instruments By Lamprey Value: €100 Discount: 75% Price: €25 Grab the deal now on http://www.VSTBuzz.com The "Master Bundle" is the ultimate value-provider. Every single product on the Lamprey website for as low a price as is realistically possible. Containing 17 playable instruments in both Kontakt and NEAT Player formats and 3 free Sample Packs, this collection has everything you need for Ambient, Cinematic and Underscore work! Grab the deal now on http://www.VSTBuzz.com!
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    I might get this...as the only other Manley Massive Passive that I'm aware of is the UAD, and since I can get it at the reduced $59 price, it might be worth it! It falls a little over my buying guideline of "Must be at LEAST 50% off", so will probably pull the Demo to see
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    That's right...it's Indiginus.... Fame was included in TS Max 3.5 Simeon, as were the Teac/Tascams https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/ts3/index.php?p=compare
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    The Resonator was developed by Tracy Collins over at Indiginus. There is also a Kontakt version available but SampleTank adds the built in strumming and pattern engine which is really nice for this title. @cclarry, don’t forget the new FAME Studio reverb and Tascam emulations could also be included
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    No it's not. This is the cursor for that: As for the rest of it... have it your way. Just trying to help you have a better chance of getting your issues addressed whether due to defects or misuse.
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    There’s a whole thread on this at Gearspace: AnyDayLong The drums are good-sounding and are very similar to the styles/eras they represent. I like the Stones one but do not feel entirely comfortable buying. Even at these ultra affordable prices. Are there known copyright or other issues, is there proof the samples are being pinched from elsewhere?
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    Sea Anthem I started writing this about a year ago and I was really liking the melody but then I realized the melody was actually from the Song of the Seas track from Vangelis' Oceanic album. So I put the project on hold. When I heard that Vangelis had passed away recently, I got back to the project, changed the melody a bit and tried to make the song sound like something Vangelis would have done. So kind of a tribute to Vangelis. 6 minutes. Sorry. Pigments Omnisphere u-He Zebra and Repro Analog Lab V Wide Blue Sound Orbit
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    I feel like I'm on Sunset Boulevard, heading north, on a road trip to nowhere only thing I can say is push it the top is closer than you think!
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    Moods correspond to different scales, for example the "Spanish" scale has a mystic quality to it. Not sure what kind of mood corresponds to the scale you just played Wookie, but definitely not comfortable, at least to the Western ear. IMO -Bjorn
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    I'm really liking the melody and lyrics John. You have a strong vocal range that handled the highs and lows of the song very well. -Bjorn
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    Nice one. Different from your usual. I'm guessing you were switching from one mode to another (Dorian, Lydian...) Reminds me of the communicating with the aliens scene in Close Encounters. -Bjorn
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    Now time for the free $10 Cymatics gift card! Just use the code "FREE10" at checkout, no purchase necessary. You can use this on any pack or plugin in our store. https://cymatics.fm/
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    Still my touchstone trying to figure out how you found that hello
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    at first it sounded like you were a bit hesitant but then you stepped into yourself nobody will hear the truth until you express it
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    Working with video footage (especially 4k) is a whole lot more demanding than multi-track audio. Realtime video processing (chroma-key, particle effects, etc) can bring even the fastest machine to its knees. A couple years back, I did a one-minute 3D Animation with Cinema 4D (1920 x 1080). It was a scene of a simulated studio control room. With a 9900k, the render took over 24 hours.
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    I don't play any video games. I spend all day every day working with computers. I like my down-time away from them.
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    Lenny Kravitz- If you cant say no
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    It's not just about running 400 tracks. It's about being able to effectively work at super small ASIO buffer sizes. Some newer audio interfaces (Antelope, Presonus Quantum, etc) allow round-trip latency as low as sub 1ms. ie: Playing thru guitar processing plugins (in realtime) at 1-2ms total round-trip latency are now possible/practical (while running a project). You can't do that with an older/slower machine. May not seem like a big deal, but that makes the playing experience similar to playing thru an Axe-FX, Helix, Quad Cortex, etc. Developers will always find a way to use faster CPUs. Things we take for granted today (Melodyne, etc) weren't possible back in Cakewalk Pro Audio 6.0 days. I could run 48+ tracks back then... but software based reverb/etc was primitive (Cakewalk's reverb was mono). Quality of plugins has increased dramatically. BTW, You don't have to be a world-class chef or food-critic to enjoy a great steak or glass of wine. PRS guitars are wonderful instruments... whether you're a world-class player... or just a hobbyist. There's SE (import), S2 (US with some import hardware), Core (USA), Wood Library, and Private Stock
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    I needed a plumber on a weekend recently for an emergency repair (leaking radiator) - £210 for around two hours work (excluding the cost of a new rad)! 😳 Not a bad day rate that, I bet he wishes every day was a Saturday. 😉 I wouldn't do it though - God bless 'em I say. Andy
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    Nice that you chime in. I may get all of your plugins someday even though I don't need them. I like the no nonsense gui and willing to trust the end user with no authorization scheme and no installer. I also like you are willing to allow negative reviews on your site. Keep up with the youtube videos. I think that is great marketing. This was the first time I've ever come across this criticism.
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    A marriage isn't really successful unitl one of the spouses dies. After all, it's 'till death do us part' 😬
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    Thanks for the explanation, John. 😀John B
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    This will not get an "installed" from me. I pretty much abandoned this DAW at Pro X5.
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    He's off working on his next 20-year sentence. 😁
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    wonderful chord changes.jack c.
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    too many times i can't understand why so many people view our songs but never listen to them.record your voice 2 more different times to make your voice more full in and tune.nice song.gary duncan quiclsilver.jack c.
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    hey ********** my father was a plumber, I worked with him for many years I still remember people laughing about him as he was cleaning up their shit. So ****** ***** I know this is the coffee house, but what I say is so ********
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    Going 15 minutes without something making me temporarily annoyed.
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    I never set my sights so high ... just waking up does me.
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    Waking up each day and realizing I'm on top of the dirt. Priceless.
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