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    Thanks for posting. I'm really excited by this new Granular module. The Granular Synth I used before had a developer that went MIA, so this is a welcome treat to have in MSF. I just released a new video on it yesterday, where I show how to import your own audio and create a pad.
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    e-book collection https://www.humblebundle.com/books/working-with-audio-from-taylor-francis-books?hmb_source=&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_3_layout_type_threes_tile_index_3_c_workingwithaudiofromtaylorfrancis_bookbundle
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    Since we're sharing good news. I got this fine fine message this morning.
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    Took me a while, but I am beginning to find ways to integrate their stuff into my projects. It's almost always in full-on orchetral arrangements when I need instrument lines that are particularily nimble, or for passages that are fundamentally unsuited to being performed realistically by programmed multisamples. Sonokinetic's phrase libraries are really good at filling in those gaps, and I find them pretty easy to blend with other libraries. When they work, they really work, in that role. Worth having, at least for me. The deal today is for their Orchestral Strings multisample library, which I also have. It's pretty good, with lots of articulations and a nice sound, although I find that it's not really for quick or easy arrangements; in my view, it's a finishing library better suited for arrangements that are already worked out in a fair amount of detail. Also, I totally dislike their instrument interfaces, and the Orchestral Strings one is no different. Very stylish. But also annoying, and they require a bit more work to operate than I want to spend when I'm working on music. However, if you can deal with that then $99 is a really good deal for a full-featured and good-sounding set of orchestral strings.
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    Not a deal: Just had one of my tracks played on the radio tonight for the first time, so buzzing a little 🙂 Edit: Adding links (still semi reluctantly!) to the track on the various platforms after a few people requested to hear it 😊 https://linktr.ee/disorderlyconductor
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    Melda 16.02 changes New MSoundFactory Added new GranularSampler.module. MTurboAmp Added new amps (Ceres, Liber) and pedals (Blues OD, Keba fuzz) MDrummer Added 4 utility buses to MDrummer’s mixer useful for mixing acoustic drums. MDrummer Added Master track to MDrummer’s mixer. Available only in MDrummer1out version. Arpeggiator allows selecting multiple octave shifts per step. MDrummer Added LoudnessAnalyzer module to MDrummer. MDrummer Derandomize cymbal selection by Auto Crash feature when Random Loops are disabled. MDrummer Prevent the randomly chosen loops from repeating. MDrummer Added drag & drop feature for effects in Mdrummer mixer effect pipeline. Minor improvements and fixes Added “Expression” value mode to multiparameters, which lets you produce custom units using mathematical expressions. MUtility Added more operators and improved documentation for all “mathematical expression” fields (e.g. MTurboFilter and MUtility) [MTurboFilter] Added new Drive parameter for additional operations with filters - i.e dry/wet. [MTurboFilter] Added new Hysteresis, Shaper, EZShaper, Compander, Feedback, Bit reducer and Sample rate reducer modules. MSoundFactory Pitch-bend range now defaults to 48 semitones to comply with MPE. Most plugins now contain the global Menu button for easier access to the Downloader and the “Detach device” feature. MConvolutionMB Added “Supply missing channels” option, useful to disable on surround/ambisonics processing. Randomizer multiparameters (and triggers in general) can be now triggered from other MPs, modulators etc. MAutoAlign Added support for showing used groups in plugin group list. MTurboDelay Added info to individual devices and possibility to store presets for each device. MMultiAnalyzer MMultiAnalyzer now displays number of duplicates to ease work with multiple projects at the same time. Downloader now displays version number for each installed product. The updates are still installed automatically upon startup. Added “High-resolution automation for Logic” option for AU plugins on Mac, which could solve the horrific automation resolution problem in Logic. It is dangerous, so use it at your own risk. MSuperLooper Added drag & drop feature for loops to DAW, or other tracks. MSaturator MWaveShaper Added gain reduction meter to plugins: MSaturator, MSaturatorMB, MWaveShaper, MWaveShaperMB MAutoAlign Added plugin toolbar featuring WAV rendering for example. Fixes Fix MDrummer MDrummer could freeze when playing rhythms and clicking drums at the same time. Fix MTurboEQ Passive device modified the sound even with “zero” settings, which after further investigation wasn’t correct. Fix Equalizers could crash in ambisonics channel mode. Fix Uninstaller could produce “Cannot delete registry key” error message. Fix MSuperLooper MSuperLooper could crash when mangling with track Input and Output values. Fix Using global modulators driven by feedback could lead to problems if the buffer sizes were changing or if MIDI (or other) events have been intercepted. Fix Plugins could freeze when changing multiparameter mode in some extreme circumstances. Fix Multiline edits did not properly understand Mac newlines. Fix Preset backup didn’t work properly with the new format. Fix MSoundFactory Changing advanced sample modulation state may have not update the processing until project reload. Fix Group based phase sync between modules & modulators didn’t work. Fix MDrummer MDrummer opened inside another plugin could freeze when loading drumsets for example. Fix MDrummer MDrummer’s Load archive feature could freeze. Fix MSoundFactory NoiseGenerator could produce incorrect level for pink noise & stairs for a first note when global oversampling was used.
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    It appears so . . . , Zo, and thank God for that, one can only take so much ugly. I haven't checked them all as yet, but I did check those that you mentioned above, and can confirm that their ugly has been contained to the regular old small sized windows.
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    Hold.. The Pretenders - Hold A Candle To This:
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    I'm not sure if Trinity Drums is great or not, or if it's something I'd use, but buying it from BestService, I selected the FREE Universal Sound Pack and picked an AAS expansion of my choice, so Trinity Drums and an AAS expansion pack for $10, seems quite good deal.
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    I talked seductively to mine and it wouldn't even answer me. Must be a woman🙄
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    Congratulations Philip, that's super impressive and glad you shared it! I gave one of your tracks a listen and really enjoyed it 🙂
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    It's good to see that MDrummer got a lot of love.
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    The usual end of year sale just started with the release of the new Windows 2023 version. Look at the website for the different options: https://www.pgmusic.com Over 70 new features, including KV331 Audio’s SynthMaster player synth now built-in inside the program. Sale until December 31st 2022
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    Hey, I was part of your early wave of fans! Congrats, my friend!
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    Common guys if you're creating a post for something include a link. https://www.audiothing.net/plugins/ Also LiquidSonics Reverberate 3 is currently on sale for $49 till Dec 11. They both appear competitive in terms of features.
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    And look at MTurboFilter inside MSF. Nice.
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    Really though - do any of the freebies strike you as worth the $10? Not being sarcastic - just curious. Was underwhelmed by the Trinty sound demo, can't see me using it - but YMMV. If I spend the $10 it would be for the freebie.
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    Thanks; good advice. I actually saw a music book bundle probably less than year ago. It was one that had far more sociology and other academic-oriented books than this one. Not sure if that's the one you got. Given my academic background, that bundle might have been better for me than this one. I did actually check the sample pdfs in this one and the other one. In both collections I looked at, the quality of the content varied. Addendum: The Foley Grail, Website. Info about the book; not the text from the book; includes supplementary materials (several clips from videos not included in the bundled book version). From the pdf in the bundle: "Accompanying the book are online resources featuring video demonstrations of Foley artists at work, video tutorials of specific Foley techniques, lectures from the author, and more." You can see some of those at the Website. No need to answer questions about what words are on any of the pages from the book! 🙂
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    I think your link doth stink 😇, it giveth - Newsletter preferences - Subscriber not found. AutoGain Pro AnalogStage MK2 SpringVerb
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    Three plugins 70% off for two days Let's start our Christmas season with this special secret sale reserved only for our newsletter subscribers. Starting from now and until December 7th, we are offering you three of our plugins: AutoGain Pro, AnalogStage MK2 and SpringVerb with a 70% discount. To get the discount just enter the SS70AGPASSV code at checkout. https://newsletter.hornetplugins.com/
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    The guy you are referring to, is the dev of VC64 not VX64, which was an inhouse developement.
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    Balanciaga approves it ....
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    Thanks! I saw that feature. I was actually referring to a total UI makeover, similar to what Cakewalk did with the "Skylight" interface in Sonar X1. It's a deep program that has had continuous development and feature additions for years, and it works great. But I would still welcome some more intuitive workflow enhancements and a re-think on the many menus and dialogues. If I stay away from the program for a while, it takes a while to get up to speed again, like learning another DAW!
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    A fearless amalgam. Thanks for posting your synth and sound sources list as well. Any sound source can go together with any other, if you use them all creatively, extremely creatively, as you have here. I applaud your frontier spirit. cheers, -Tom
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    Seems to still be missing the drum you created a while back and we hoped to be in the next release, can you nudge for us?
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    Is this typical for these book bundles? $1.00 get 4 books (25 cents each) $10.00 gets 10 books ($1.00 each) $25.00 gets 18 books ($1.39 each) My bad (in part). Now it says $18, not $25 for the whole bundle. It seems to default to $25.00.
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    They may not want to be seen as endorsing the products mentioned in the topics. All good, as Peter said, if you find it useful and know of a permanent freebies that deserve attention, bumpit. I think at this point you can Google Cakewalk freeware and those topics will show up On the first page, which is great.
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    I was looking for a modern/cinematic drum library to augment NI Action Strikes (I've used most of those loops already). I was planning to get UVI Asteroid, but had applied the "SNOW" code to get UVI Qudra (which I'm really digging BTW; thanks to @Brian Lawler for posting that code!). I also picked up Aleatoric Metamorphic Movement for free which has a few very useable sounds. And both were just $6.60 (b/c I had some unused BestCoin).
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    maybe it has already began and we are all robots chatting you up online 🤖
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    It's really the apps, where the UI can vary so much - compare Gmail app with Outlook app for example and how message selection works. Or where send icons are in different messaging apps. Like it or not, Apple has enforced some UI guidelines which makes it much easier for Jo/an User to move between different apps with little difficulty.
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    That pink bunny (why???) scares the sh*t outta me.
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    Edits cannot be copied between clips but setting up clip selection groups in advance of editing may work in this case. Track automation may be copied between tracks. A solution may be lurking there too.
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    To copy markers between projects, try "Select All" and "Copy Special" (to verify at least Markers is enabled) in the source project then "Paste Special" just the Markers in the new project
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    Absolutely! When I say something is not my style I mean that it's not something that I usually gravitate towards and therefore I don't have the qualifications to evaluate its merits. But I am genre agnostic and can definitely enjoy other music besides 90s death metal. And I think music is like visual arts in the sense that while I may not fully understand the subject of a painting I can still appreciate the craft itself and the skill of the artist.
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    Calling all owners of Spectrasonics Omnisphere. Grab 200 new presets for Trap, Urban, Future RnB and Hip Hop with 60% off for a limited time only, exclusively with us at Plugin Boutique. $16 https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/31-Synth-Presets/3469-Omnisphere-Trapsphere
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    Love that Triumph song! 🙂
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    Santa Claus is coming... to eat your soul! Seriously, who approved this godawful nightmare of a graphic? It's about the most off-putting thing I think I've ever seen in promo email. A (human) Santa in BDSM gear would be less disturbing. Instant delete, do not want!
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    If you prefer, download the Eventide Anthology installer and use the pick list in the installer to select which plug-ins to install. The current Anthology installer contains all of the current Eventide plug-ins.
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    I think it would be a hefty lift to modernize it. But they do a great job each year of adding to it!
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    I keep hoping that one of these years the annual BIAB update would include a modern facelift. But since that might upset some long-time users, it would be cool if it was a skin or workspace that you could just toggle Legacy/Modern whichever one you wished...
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    Xtra Styles PAK 14 and XPro Styles PAK 4 plus the 2023 49-PAK are also new.
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    There's also a new Xtra Styles Pak 15 https://www.pgmusic.com/xtrastyles.php?pak=all&os=win#pak15 All of these paks are now $29 (normally $49) and you can get 1-15 for $199. https://www.pgmusic.com/xtrastyles.php?os=win My whole video I did on BIAB would not be possible without me buying all the xtra styles paks at the time. This upgrade is going to cost me $99, plus another $58 for the two Xtra Styles I don't have. 😡
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    I'd definitely recommend a Z690 motherboard with a K CPU. When choosing a CPU to work at ultra low latency, clock-speed is the single most important factor.
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