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    I by myself can prove your theory valid... I'm on Cakewalk since 90-ties
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    Get it here https://www.sonixinema.com/products/piano-textures
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    Whatever those folks at Ableton are doing, jeepers. I was able to switch driver modes without stopping playback. Yet they haven't even implemented WASAPI support, despite the fact that so many of their users are on laptops using no external interfaces. The internal help system even recommends ASIO4ALL. As much of a CbB rah-rah as I am, I will say that the first issue of Cakewalk by BandLab was quite unstable on my system. I had to "baby" it to get it not to crash. If I moved the main window during playback, the Now Time and playback head would stay behind on the desktop and keep running all on its merry own. If you go back over the change lists, Noel and company have implemented tons of bugfixes. It follows that for every bug fix, there was a bug. I have a theory that with programs we use all the time, after a while we learn to tiptoe around things that to new users are glaring defects. If someone only knew Ableton Live, for instance, and tried to add a plug-in during playback and CbB stopped its audio engine, they might conclude that it's buggy and unstable. We, on the other hand, would take that in stride. As you say, you've learned that plug-in X will crash it if you insert it while playback is running, so you hit the spacebar, drop in the plug-in, and hit the spacebar again. Ta-dah, all is happy in Cakewalk land. My favorite chorus is Acon Digital's Multiply. Acon recently updated it, including the "new and improved" VST3 version. If I use the VST3 in CbB and change the stereo interleave on that track, my DAW emits a horrible meter-pegging BRAAAAAAAP sound that doesn't go away until I mute the channel or plug-in. I reported it and the devs suggested I contact Acon, which is reasonable, it's obvious to me that Acon had some trouble with the VST3 spec. If I use the VST2 version of the new Multiply, it's solid as a rock, so I deleted the VST3 and only use the VST2. Ta-dah, all is happy in Cakewalk land. I used to be a QA engineer for a product that used 3rd-party plug-ins, and like VST, the "standard" was proprietary and controlled by a powerful competitor. We regularly saw plug-ins that worked fine in the other program but crashed the snot out of ours. Our program initially followed the spec to the letter, but our devs had to "code around" the various ways that the plug-ins didn't comply. Our product manager spent a lot of time in contact with plug-in developers, trying to convince them to use their resources to make their products more compliant. But since they already worked in the competitor's program, it was a hard sell. Whenever the CbB devs encounter a plug-in that crashes, they must decide whether or not to code around it. CbB is supposedly very compliant with the VST spec, Noel B. says that even Steinberg say so. But even when both the host and the plug-in are "compliant" with the spec, they still may have problems, because the spec doesn't cover every possible scenario. One of the more bulletproof ways involves "sandboxing," allowing the host to trap errors, but that introduces another layer, hence latency, and it doesn't solve the compatibility issue itself. CbB sandboxes during plug-in enumeration, which is great. Sound Forge doesn't, and it hangs on startup with a certain brainworx plug-in. Anyway, on topic: Cakewalk by BandLab handles plug-ins better than SONAR did. 😁 In my experience, and according to the change lists. So in the unlikely event that anyone is reading this, if you're still using SONAR and have issues with plug-ins, try CbB. There's no cost and no risk (except that you might get sucked into making more music).
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    $114.98 at Audio Deluxe https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/reveal-sound-spire
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    50% off Krotos Dehumaniser 2 and Dehumaniser Simple Monsters, now $199.50 and $49.50, respectively: https://www.jrrshop.com/krotos?dir=desc&order=special_from_date
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    Because this thread is only for specific issues introduced in the Early Release version.
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    Extended Discount Get 87% off - Cinematic Alpha Vocals Edition 2.0 , Now 19.90 USD , Retail Price: 160 USD. Offer valid until October 31, 2020. Compatible with Kontakt Full 6.2.2 or Higher. Vowels/Vocal Phrases + Bonus / - New GUI - New features: FX and Controls Requirements: Kontakt 6.22 (FULL), not compatible with Kontakt Player. Buy now:
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    I think this needs to be removed. I flipped out on this too a while back. Why would we want that?
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    I wanted to try and contact my childhood hero deceased astronaut Neil Armstrong with the help of a clairvoyant and her ouija board. "I'm really sorry", she said after a wasted hour "But I'm getting nothing." "Come on", I retorted, "It's hardly rocket séance".
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    please provide an image of Preferences > File > VST Settings
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    I have contacted Kontact and opened a support ticket.
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    8 out of 10 JAMES - One of the three:
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    Sure you can use drum maps with SI-Drums. If you are not getting any sound with a drum map, open it up in the drum map editor and check the routing. If you can't figure it out, create a new thread post images of the project and the drum map. If I understand what you want to do is have 4 separate instances of SI-Drums so you can isolate different kit pieces on different audio tracks. There are a couple of ways to do this. Create 4 complete instances of SI-Drums using instrument tracks or audio+MIDI track pairs. Using this method, each synth will have its own MIDI data in either the instrument track or Create 1 MIDI track use a drum map to route the MIDI data to 4 instances of SI-Drums each with their own audio track or Create 1 instrument track using CodeFN42 MIDIChFilter, NoteMapper or Veloscaler as the sent and use the VST2 drop down above the plug-in to "Enable MIDI Out". Enable input echo on the track. Then add 4 instances of SI-Drums using instrument tracks or audio+MIDI pairs. Set the MIDI inputs the SI-Drum tracks to the CodeFN42 plug-in and enable input echo on the tracks. In the 4 SI-Drums plug-ins turn off the volume of the kit pieces as needed. Using this approach all the MIDI is in one track and the drums only play on the tracks as desired similar to using a drum map but instead of using a drum map, it uses an extra track and a plug-in to distribute the MIDI. Killing the volume on different kit pieces achieves the instrument separation.
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    Thanks Noel So I'm writing instrumental cues for Music Libraries , maybe 2 or 3 tracks per week. Mostly midi ..the odd live part on occasion. Generally they end up in things like TV reality shows and such like. I don't actually use take lanes, I tend to record one midi pass and if it's wrong I undo it and record it again until it's close enough to keep or tweak in the PRV. I still have my projects set to the " Sound On Sound " recording option rather than comping. The clips I am muting are usually the only take, so to have them disappear by default is a bit disconcerting. I want to know they are still there as I may unmute a bit later into the process or move them elsewhere. When putting a track together there can be a lot of moving parts and the ability to quickly mute a clip but still have it visible is important to my workflow.
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    Interviewer: "So, Ed... Do you prefer boxers or tighty-whitey's?" Bapu: "Depends..."
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    For WA Production Customers https://www.waves.com/account/oneknob-louder-free For free until 30th of October
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    Thanks for the great reviews and for spreading the word.
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    420? Really! clear the smoke out and get some Cheetos, Prob have the munchies. I cannot see any situation that would need 420 plugins.
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    I see you’ve been at it again....
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    Well, I think your review goes way beyond mine! Very informative👍
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    Strummy? Do we need to send the barrister down to get you out of jail..... again? I see they even blocked the drive to you house, m8.....
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    Strummy and Plummy Pete and the Pitolero? hell of a costume!
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    Well, I keep threatening to repatriate me family back to the UK and run for PM. So why not? He’d do a lot better than our future King Harry!
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    Sounds pretty nice. https://www.rondegusmaolobo.com/product-page/thumb-jazz-guitar
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    it does look pretty good - just a bit too expensive for an impulse purchase though
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    I was impressed. Then I saw the title of the first preset is called "1st impressions". 😆
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    SALE -- $19.90 -- Awarded 4/5 Stars by Computer Music Magazine, Ascension is a feature packed 64-bit workstation virtual synth created for musicians who need thousands of presets at their fingertips, plus the ability to easily program their own unique sounds. Find out more: https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/cubic-audio-ascension-workstation-powerhouse-synth/
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    You can get the Izotope Visual Mixer and Relay plugin for free. https://www.izotope.com/en/learn/how-to-get-visual-mixer-and-izotope-relay-for-free.html
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    Maybe Mrs Gorsky is keeping him busy.
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    Plummily Excitable Necromancer Is Straummy
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    Hi, I just created an account so I could drop a quick update here for you. My name is Glyn and I'm the guy responsible for Loot Audio. Therefore it was my decision to merge Kontakt Hub and Sampleism together to build this new site. I decided to do that for many reasons but the main reason was for convenience. I wanted to have just one site where everything was available and categorised neatly - It's easier for our customers to have one login and it's easier for me to manage one site. It's been a much harder task than I first imagined it to be and only time will tell if I made the right decision. I realise taking down two successful sites was a risky move but I hope it will work out well in the long term. As 'TracingArcs' mentioned above, all accounts have been migrated over along with all previous purchases and orders. I think we did a pretty good job of merging the data from two sites together. You should be able to login with existing passwords but if you have a problem you can get me directly at info@lootaudio.com To answer the question from 'mibby' - I always wanted to have a period of perhaps 2 to 4 weeks where the previous sites would be online at the same time (a transition period) but it became apparent that orders would become lost if we did that. As we need to transfer data from one database to another - If someone purchased something on Kontakt Hub we would risk losing it, as it would not appear on Loot. I really didn't want to risk that so I decided to take them down and direct traffic to the new site. Again, this was a risky thing to do and you can blame me for making that choice :) We notified all of our users that are signed up to our mailing list about the changes a week or two ago. However as a lot of our users are not signed up to the newsletter we haven't notified them yet. In order to notify all our users via email we have had to build a new function that will find all of our customers and send an email to them. Our mailing list is handled by Mailchimp and does not contain all of our users but only those that have opted in to receive newsletters. This new function has taken longer than expected to build but it should be ready soon. When it is ready we will be sending out the news. Obviously building a new site is full of hurdles, pitfalls and technical issues and I must admit it has been an arduous task especially during these crazy quarantine periods. Hence we are in Beta mode, as I still have a long list of things I want to improve and features I want to add. No doubt you will find some things that could have been done better when you explore the site. However, I am personally aware of most things and am trying my best to address them as quickly as possible. The site is fully functional and I hope to be able to come out of Beta in around a month but feel free to visit and explore (and purchase) in the meantime. Best regards,
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    Mike, I enjoyed watching the video. Thanks for explaining, and demonstrating, why you like to have snap-to-grid and position the play head before opening up windows that have position text boxes in them. That saves a lot of typing. You might want to include a link to your video about creating a tempo map that matches a pre-recorded audio track.
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    That's a really good song Barry - nice job on this one. Excellent lyrics and vocal performance.
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    Barry Your music always takes me back a few years, back to when music was good. I like how you're not quite rock/pop and not quite country either IMO. Professional caliber singing and playing like others have mentioned. I do agree with Allan above though about the lyrics. You wouldn't be wondering how she felt about you if you're sleeping on the floor. I think the clues about her not loving you should maybe be more subtle. But just my 2 pennies.
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    Whatever you have going for a bass really grooves this tune, and your singing is super authentic and conveys the emotions. I got a heavy Bruce Cockburn/John Prine vibe and I love that! cheers, -Tom
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    Good song all the way around. Crystal clear mix, good lyrics, vocals, and some nice sounding guitars and playing. Nice one.
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