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    Like a healthy bowel there is movement, now showing JRR Shop is down for maintenance. Please contact us through Facebook for customer support or to place orders.
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    Everything is 85% off. This particular link will take you to the plugins page https://audio-assault.com/plugins.php
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    Most of us Instead of mastering how to use what we have we are buying next ones... And then there is a promo... O, there a deal... Then we need to update our plugins to next version... it is free... but take some time, but wait for it... There is another deal And so on... I have noticed it decrease my creativity as instead trying to use/convert, invent a trick I am looking for fast and easy ready-to-use solutions... It looks like good idea to have plugins which save time but overall at the end of the day my best skills are buying and updating plugins what is not quite is what my plan has assumed It would be good to be strong enough to restrict oneself to buy a new plugin when all owned that type are already mastered and tried in at least few mixes... That's all said I need to finish this sincere confession as I need to look for another deals
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    This is what you get for not bringing me flowers , chocolates and a night at the movies before our last Date . Kenny
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    I love Axiom for many reasons. The UI and preset management is fast and civilized (the preset heirarchy is just a subdirectory in Documents, easy to copy them between machines). Doesn't waste a lot of screen space trying to look like a pedal board. Being able to open the editors for all the pedals, amps, etc. to see all the knobs at one time if desired (and if you have enough screen space). The modularity (being able to insert arbitrary VSTs, including itself anywhere in the signal chain). The way that every component has its own set of presets, as well as 'complete rig' level presets. The included LateReplies is incredible and does things few if any other delays can manage. (Though it is damned near incomprehensible without a serious manual deep-dive.) The Accoufiend that they include if you buy the $250 bundle mostly solves the lack of feedback/sustain that you get when you're recording a real amp at volume. (Which isn't an option for a lot of us.) That said, I'm a sound-designer sort, so I roll my own presets - starting with one of their amps, tweaking it, and then adding fx pre- and post- amp as desired. Downsides: I'm coming from the BIAS world. One thing that they did over there that isn't replicated in Axiom is a whole lot of "Mashall JayCeeEmm" -type "oh, so that's what this is emulationg" presets. There are plenty of presets in all levels of crunch, many of which give some hint as to what they're trying to sound like, but most of them do not. So it doesn't tick that "now I have a large pile of virtual 'real gear' that I could never afford... or fit in my bedroom" box that others (BIAS, the IKM stuff, etc.) do. No "ToneCloud" equivalent with user-contributed presets. That could be argued as a feature, given the useful/crap ratio of an un-curated preset repository, but having such a thing was useful on occasion. Also, some of their 'pedals' are functional, but not great. I routinely drop in Valhalla Delay and Breverb into slots in the rig rather than their provided delay and reverb units. One upside: a very generous fully-featured free demo. There's no timeout on it, and it just does the "mute the audio processing for a half-second every now and then" thing. More than adequate for use as a practice/dicking-around rig without ever buying the whole thing. Another upside: licensing is of the "put it on all your machines, just don't use it in two places simultaneously" variety, where you copy/paste an authorization code they give you. Don't know if the software ever needs to phone home. Certainly no 1- or 2- install limit, no iLok, etc.
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    I thought I would share a review of the VI Labs True Keys Bundle that is on special for $99 at Audio Plugin Deals. https://bit.ly/Audio_Plugin_Deals-True_Keys_Bundle This is a great trio of pianos from VI Labs that I have been using for a couple of years and thought now is a great time to feature them in a video review. Come join me for the premier (should be a little after 7:00 PM once uploading is completed):
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    Well, I'd say Axiom is not exactly a "plug a cable and you're OK to go!" type of ampsim. Rather it's first and only "sound design modular studio" oriented towards guitar players, not keyboardists. Some presets are pretty good stright off, though, in every category. And you get LateReplies and ReGuitar as built-in effects.
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    It is a DX plug-in. Run an advanced install of the 64bit version of SONAR 8.5 to install the plug-in. I just checked and it runs OK in CbB. "Time/Pitch Stretch 2" plug-in has a better pitch shift algorithm but cannot be inserted in FX Racks. It can only be destructively applied. I am not sure if this is available as a separate install from the advanced pick list. It may require installing the DAW to get it. The Stretch.Ax installs in the DAW program folder itself.
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    It's a little cheaper at Plugin Boutique and you can get the free Reason Rack lite with it. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/3-Studio-Tools/93-Music-Theory-Tools/6072-Phrasebox edit: Was looking for reviews and found this. Anyone use this? It looks kind of interesting.
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    Phrasebox is currently on sale for ยฃ29 (RRP ยฃ49) and the sale ends Monday 20th July. https://venomode.com/phrasebox I forgot to mention that it seems to be Paypal only.
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    Maybe offering a free interpretive dance in 4K would help? Second thought, scratch that idea.
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    He surely isn't sheepish.
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    I've been away from music for a while. I was also having so much trouble with my Octa-capture (or so I thought) that it made recording almost impossible. This tune was the last song done with countless crashes. I finally installed a 1TB SSD on the C Drive and almost all my problems went away! It's like I bought a brand new PC, considering that it was purchased 9 years ago from Jim Roseberry and it is still kicking butt! Anyway, this is my 1st attempt at recording a complete song in a long time. While I'm not a huge Coldplay fan but I came to appreciate the synth sounds that they layer behind their music. They use a lot of sounds on top of one another and effects to create their sonic background. Fat, rich tones that are usually slightly out of tune. As always, this was recorded in my home studio using Cakewalk by Bandlab and a plethora of virtual instruments. No real instruments were harmed or even touched in the making of this recording. Enjoy! Mark
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    Back when Roland ditched us Overload gave Sonar owners a full unlock serial if you send them a screen shot of your Sonar Splat serial found in Help/ About tab. I thought that was very nice of them. So maybe it will depend on if you took that step.
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    BTW if you plan to see a doctor about these matters, it's nice to be able to describe your situation in terms of the Bristol stool scale. I won't add a graphic. Google it or check Wikipedia.
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    A little Texas song. https://90dbband.bandcamp.com/track/amarillo Regards, Bob
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    Time for a bit of East (in this case the Indian Sub-Continent) meets West fusion. Expect tablas, sitars, and a bit of rub-a-dub-dub:
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    Neither do I. I would love to sit down at a restaurant and play a couple of jazz songs (Vince Jones style) on the house piano with vocals, then go back to my dinner. The classier the restaurant the better. The truth is, I don't have one to practice on and they feel completely foreign to my midi keyboard, I can play on the keyboard but the piano terrifies me. They are loud with heavy keys and pedals, mistakes would abound. The closest I can come is with Pianoteq by Modart, which is very expressive. When I move back into the house, getting a piano is high on the list. Making the jump from midi keyboard to piano, just to play a couple of songs well, I don't know, it might take 2 weeks or it might take 6 months.
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    Liked this Lynn, especially the guitar - agree with Bapu that personally i would bring the drums up a little and i thought the vox organ sound was a little too loud Apart from that good stuff Nigel
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    I really liked that lead guitar on the intro - that was cool. As always - I like your lead vocal. I think the song is very original and creative - regarding moods - it is a bit dark. I liked that organ - what was that? I thought the ending was excellent - nice touch there. By the way - you used AD2 drum grooves through Superior Drummer - I didn't know you could do that. I don't have Superior - but I have EZDrummer and AD2.
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    Arranger is a basically linear system for working with parts of a project. You can use it to arrange the sequence of verses, choruses, bridges, middle-eights. Once you have finished arranging you print. Matrix is meant for live performance. You initiate columns as and when you feel like it. You go with the flow.
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    The rules committee has deemed that although the Pink Panther was indeed a TV cartoon show....the theme was originally, and more well known, for the movie. Draconian punishment sanctions for violating the rules are being enacted. Neener, Neener!
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    Pretty much everything, I can get any type of sound that I could get with the wong with what I already have and regularly use (Softube, PG, IK, Kuassa, ReValver Amp Clones) It was good/nice, don't get me wong(๐Ÿ˜) just that it didn't really add anything for me. I'm trying not to overlap these days, so unless something is just a 'must have' for me, and can do something that what I have doesn't, or does it so noticeably better, I'm not going to bother. I started thinning out the herd back when I gave away the PA stuff, and since then have sold or given away quite a bit more, only want to keep what I'll actually use and use regularly. Done the same with my drum stuff, sold Superior 3 and 2 and EZ Drummer and AD 1/2, just kept BFD, and Bass stuff, kept MODO, gave away Trilian, purchased EZ Bass but gave it away soon after, MODO sounds better and doesn't require as much of you, I only use it for sketching, in the end the Bass is played with a real bass. If I need to reinstall before I leave this mortal coil, there won't be so much to install and set up, only that which I need and actually use.
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    Love the instrument choices. The vox are maybe(?) a bit too compressed and/or phase-y, unless that's the goal. The drums get a little lost for my taste. The ending caught me off guard. ๐Ÿ™‚ Overall it's a good song.
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    The error message about the session data folder will stop if you add a RegionFlag=0 to the registry: It's mentioned in this thread (old Sonar Forum): http://forum.cakewalk.com/Adding-iZotope-RX-to-the-SONAR-Tools-list-m1849148.aspx#1850413 See post # 12 (and ignore the last post # 22) Works great!
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    Wave Destroyer is an audio distortion plugin capable of a massive range of tones. The distortion character is endlessly tweak-able thanks to a unique compliment of controls as well as independent pre and post EQ sections. It can be used subtly as a saturator and exciter or it can be a tool of ultimate sonic destruction. Overdrive, distortion, fuzz, glitchy broken tones, and anything else you can dream up; its all possible with Wave Destroyer. https://www.gmhaudio.com/wave-destroyer
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    I couldn't have said it better! More Doug being Doug ๐Ÿ‘ t
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    You said you weren't computer literate, so the extra money you pay to a systems integrater will be money well spent.
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    @antler Yes, you can still get a 10% discount on all Blue Cat Audio products over at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp
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    An epic in under three minutes:
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    Nice one, Wookie. I'll have what you're having!
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    Hey Wookiee. I dunno - for a fossil rocker/Blues guy/rockabilly cat the technology and patches are a mystery. I have been in conflict with basic MIDI (in trying to use it for instruments) for quite a while now. However, I enjoyed it and I think you captured what you were trying to accomplish. Nice one!
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    I think the extra expense of buying a computer made by a systems integrator who's dedicated to making music machines is the way to go. It's not just that they know the hardware, they can give you support you'll never get with a custom-built computer. If music is a hobby, then you can save a few hundred dollars by doing it yourself. But if you depend on your computer for a living, being able to have almost 24/7 support is vital. There are three companies that get uniformly good reviews on their computers and their service: Studio Cat (Jim Roseberry) PC Audio Labs Sweetwater Creation Station
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    Get in touch with Jim Roseberry who is a forum member here. He makes and supplies PCs mostly to the professional market especially for Audio/Video work. He regularly tests components with Audio in mind and has access to the latest info on whatโ€™s the best, best value etc For a modest fee he will give you a list of know compatible products and links to suppliers if you want to assemble it yourself or you can get him to do that for you. Many of us here have used Jimโ€™s services and not regretted it. He comes highly recommended.
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    Mars ๐Ÿ˜ -- Scott R. Garrigus - http://www.garrigus.com * Cakewalk SONAR Video Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/user/ScottGarrigus?sub_confirmation=1 * Author of the Cakewalk Sonar and Sony Sound Forge Power book series: http://garrigus.com/?PowerBooks * Publisher of the DigiFreq music recording newsletter: http://www.digifreq.com/ * Publisher of the NewTechReview consumer tech newsletter: http://www.newtechreview.com/
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    Good Plan. They will probably have it at $599 off the "usual" price of $849.
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    I bought this to get the freebie. W. A Production seems to be the new SoundSpot. Let's see if I use these! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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