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    Get iZotope Ozone Elements 9 FREE at sweetwater USA only https://www.sweetwater.com/feature/ozone-elements/
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    Now why can't every site work like that one - clicked on Buy Now for Oriental Toolkit and it downloaded straight away! šŸ™‚
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    Beenbeta testing this , now i can say it's beautyfull
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    The main plug-ins I use at the moment are 1) The Glue 2) Arturia Compressors 3) Arturia Pre Amps 4) McDSP Compressors 5) 2CAudio Aether Reverb and Valhalla Reverbs 6) Eventide delays and processors including Ultrachannel 7) Arturia delays and reverbs 8 UAD Neve EQ 9) Soundtoys various 10) Kuassa Amp Sims 11) Sonnox Oxford Envolution 12) Various Nomad Blue Tubes EQ's 13) Izotope Ozone8 I have others but these are my first port of call sort of thing. Pseudopop - you can hear our music at this link https://www.youtube.com/user/DevineLie/videos Nigel
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    I need 1,000,000, more plug-in and then my mix will be satisfactory! šŸ˜†
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    And yet another: MADONNA Presets attached .. INTO THE GROOVE Madonna Arturia Presets.zip Yummie .. that BASS is nice in the Jup
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    This just popped up on the PA Facebook Page
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    https://curiositystream.com/ If you like your documentaries, your discovery channels and all that, this is a no brainer ... Princely sum of $12 for THE YEAR. Was keeping an eye on this for a while .. so jumped for it last night. Watch on your phone via the app, stream via app to your chrome cast or smart TV, cast via Chrome Browser on your desktop and so on Go Here to see the categories and click on them to see shows available under the respective category: https://curiositystream.com/categories Once in a category keep scrolling down and more shows will come up as you scroll down
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    Enlisting a youthful chamber group made up of male & female vocalists, V CHOIR by design is a creative and affordable add-on to any composers audio tool box. Powered by advanced scripting features within Kontakt, V Choir does not incorporate sampled vocal phrases, but a selection of sustained vocal elements ā€“ Sah, Tah, Voh and etc. Special features include - Mod controllable sample start (removing all constants) Sample offset polyphonic legato Creation and storage of custom vocal verses Attack and release control per vocal step real-time playback sequencing In addition, Bela D Media has included a free copy of Scoring Noise Pro to add realism to all your MIDI performances.. FULL VERSION DOWNLOAD FOR KONTAKT Price: $49.99 USD To learn more, please visit https://www.beladmedia.com/v-choir-by-design/
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    You click "Subscribe" which will give you the 3 issues for $0 option...but it can only be used one time... and it might be over IDK...
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    THAT is exactly what I said in the support email I sent...LOL
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    Starting from April 4th and until April 8th every HoRNet plugin (except the new Total EQ) will be available with 60% discount, all the bundles will have a 30% discount. Have a look on the countdown on our website to not miss the change to get our plugins for less than half their original price. The sale is valid from April 4th and will last only until April 8th at 21:00 (Italy time). Have a look at the countdown on our site and do not miss the chance to have our latest plugins for more than half the price! Just go to http://www.hornetplugins.com
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    Spent a bit of time extracting the ARTURIA presets from various free downloads at: https://reverb.com/marketplace?query="synth sounds of"&make=reverb&sort=price|desc&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=curated-gear&utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200325 D&S US I have attached a zip with all that work done for ye. IF you want it .. feel free to download, of course at own risk, check with your AV .. fine this end though but check for yourself I have not checked them all .. so take as it is given .. SCROLL DOWN A FEW POSTS AND I ADDED 2 ZIPS WITH SYNCLAVIER PRESETS ( SYSX ) Reverb Arturia Presets.zip
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    Absolutely Cart is automatically filled and emptied by something random
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    This is what I want to listen to when I'm in the outer bay airlock preparatory to my spacewalk to go pry the Neptunian Squid off of the starboard sewage port. sonically, 10/10. cheers, -Tom
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    $10 ā€œI Remember 1989ā€¦ OK - Actually I don't but I know I was listening to great records covered in classic old reverbs, and here they are ready to go, so easy, no fiddling about for hours with a million parameters, just slap it on and away you go, for the price of a couple of beers, its nuts.ā€ Russ Russell: Producer (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, At the Gates) Click for more info: šŸ‘‡ https://ugritone.com/collections/plugins/products/1989verb
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    Well at least I got receipt! I sent another support ticket, and they'll probably make it right...but they need to "sweeten" the offer due to all this headache they are giving customers...
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    And use it to get your crossgrade Excalibur for $9.99
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    Jesse i have those at school and don't reach for them because they sound better , it's not that , most are on pair with what we can have native and i 'll get some native other them quite several time ....the key is the respect of audio source , UAD plugins are all pretty heavily oversampled internally , so you'll get a constant quality and dsp off your omputer cpu (noticed that i does take some native cpu as well) . So for me UAD is a waranty of 1) Processing no matter how crappy is your computer power 2) Quality of processing . The plugins that impressed me were the ocean way (witch ik sunset answered the need of getting it) and the UA 176 /175
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    $19 With FilterOrgan you can add bandpass filters to your audio track whose center frequencies are tuned to musical notes. You can control the filters real-time by MIDI to make them play harmonies and melodies. https://www.kvraudio.com/marketplace/filterorgan-by-bltworks
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    Darn you UAD users, I can't get near one of those plugins unless I buy some hardware. šŸ˜–
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    Love it - I also love Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream etc Great stuff You know I once saw Tangerie Dream play a live quadraphonic gig - well i sort of rememeber, so to speak!!! Nigel
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    I pinned that comment and I'll mention that in the upcoming video. Thanks for that one!
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    Hi guys , heres a track from last year I had on samplitude I transfered it using wave fills and then mixed it on bandlab adding a few bits`n `pieces , its inspired by a Ken Loach or a Mike Leigh film about a disfunctonal famliy a down to earth great film, I didnt really know that this film had inspired me untill it the song was finished and after about four or five months later I realised .hey its about .....that film If only i could remember the name of that film , its driving me nuts
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    Never! Be a good sport and buy some new drives, old geezer
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    I just got the Celestion Laney pack and they sound very sweet indeed. No issue with the deal Code, worked as expected. Might push my luck and grab the Suhr and maybe Orange, and maybe Vox , exchange rate for Aus$ is in the toilet so that puts big ticket items in the no go box, so may as well appease the GAS Gods with some smaller ticket items. (I have kept some aside in anticipation of EZ Bass regardless of exchange rate ) [Edit] (Got Vox and Orange, again got that 'boxy' sound, compared against OwnHammer and Redwirez Vox and Orange, OwnHammer and Redwirez win hands down, No more Celestion IR's for me)
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    If you happen to have ABLETON LIVE then from the link in the OP and @Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann post above I highly recommend you down load the free ABLETON projects .. excellent stuff. I love the Stranger things theme Live project & Hall and Oates Cant go for that And EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD .. mind blowing sequencing
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    I have done this for quite a while converting commercial tracks to MIDI files - using a yamaha MU series module as the playback synth. To do this, you gave to listen intently to each instrument to get the right sound. Of course, it helps if you have deep knowledge of the synths that your using to reproduce the track. If you are using hardware synths, as well as getting to know the patch list, be prepared to scrutinise the SYXEX commands and controllers available for that synth. What I try to include is, obviously the correct sound - but you may need to apply LP or HP filters to get the sound even closer. This can include individual drum sounds (If the synth is capable of that) I have noticed that most commercial tracks track have subtle tempo changes throughout - so be sure to include these. I have a program that grabs a tempo of a section of a commercial track at a time. By the the I have completed the track, it includes a tempo map that pretty much matches the original. Also, layers can help get that fuller sound. Then there are effects - reverb would play a prominent role here. Note: I usually do not put much reverb on the base track. Also, if you have a strong base drum - lose the reverb on that as well - otherwise the track can get a bit muddy. One last thing I can suggest is never quantise anything 100% (Unless the genre calls for it - like most EDM)
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    I have the Tube Delay plugin and I like it. But you'd be out of your mind to pay $45 for it.
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    If you were playing bass when you were born I now feel even more sorry for your mother.šŸ˜€
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    Correct. The MIDI and Karaoke tracks you can purchase online do a great job of utilizing the same instrument tracks as the original, BUT you have to evaluate them for yourself before buying. Some are really bad. The companies selling these files always have a short sample of the file you are buying so you can listen to and evaluate it. Some companies have several files of the same song, created by different production companies (some are better than others), and then too, I have found I had to buy more than one of the same song, and cut & paste parts out of one and paste into the other. One song sounded better overall, but lacked the detail of other parts. So I had to buy 2 files and work on it manually to make it sound better. Here are a couple of pay sites I have used. And there are a few free sites out there, too. https://www.midi-hits.com/ http://www.midiking.com/cgi-bin/store.cgi?aID=;_tc_=1
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    I don't write 'em...I just report 'em!!! šŸ¤Ŗ
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    it was a 47 $ not long time ago , useless sale imho
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    Quicky shortcut - Buy Karaoke tracks to sing against.
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    Great movie theme. What did you say the name of the movie you were working on? Just kidding nice vibe!! Max Arwood
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    When writing or performing music, if you want an audience, you must respect the tastes and sophistication of your audience. Early in my career I was given this mantra: You can play for yourself, you can play for other musicians, our you can play for the general public. If you are good enough, you will get the audience you asked for.
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    It's very much ongoing! We're just working on something that requires a little extra time in the oven right now.
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    I guess I like this style of music more than I thought. I had to listen to this a few times so as not to miss anything. If I had mixed this, I would be very happy! I'd be even happier if I had played it or written it. Great job!
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    This approach works! it has successfully gotten me no where in the last 20 years! I didn't want to go anywhere, so I'm happy.
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    Hello All, KRK KNS 8400 Closed Back Studio Headphones with Temperature Sensitive Isolating Memory Foam Ear Pads Found HERE with Free Delivery at the price of $112.98 / Was $149.95
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    Thanks for your encouragement! I used a laptop for monitoring during the mixdown. Tom, thank you so much! I'm using a preset modeled after Gary Moore in the latest version of S-Gear with my Strat. That sudden stop during the mayhem is intentional; I got the idea from someone else somewhere along the way. Douglas, thank you for your kind words! I'm using headphones more than ever in cross checking my mixes. I'm glad it translated well. I'm always flattered by the PG comparison. Wow, thank you very much! Daryl sent me such well polished tracks that I had little to do but not screw up my tracks. If Daryl can stand doing another, I'm game. But, these days, time is at a premium so stay tuned.
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    This is a great collaboration between you two guys. I would say the mix sounded "glued" together well. The amount of glue is up to the engineer. I think this has just the right amount in my opinion. Things gel in the lower mids a little but I think it adds to the glue effect and feel of the tune. Amazing how the mix can influence the material in such an artistic way! The repetitive motifs added to the old pop/rock feel and reminds me of similar tunes from that era. The vocals are great! Thanks for sharing and I hope you two get to do it again.
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    First off - I thought the mix sounded excellent - very up front with depth - that's what it sounded like through my cans. Sweet lead vocal - I think I've mentioned before you remind me a bit of Peter Gabriel. I think it's a good song - I really enjoyed the listen - well done guys.
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    Good tune & performances. Your parts fit the tune nicely. On my laptop but it seems balanced, enjoyed it.
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