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    My wife has relatives that live in rural Indiana and the internet was iffy at best several years ago. So I can see how Larry's internet service might be hard to come by. Plus he has more important matters then us right now. I'm just letting him know he is missed. Peace πŸ˜ƒ
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    My best compressor for drums and I have way too many. Just did a shoot out with a bunch of 1176 clones and none sounded like the fetpressor.
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    Mode audio and waves gift Until July 26, 2021. https://www.waves.com/account/oneknob-filter-free?utm_campaign=modeaudio-july-2021
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    I liked the video for its melange of kitchen sink visual themes, and I think whatever mix issues people are mentioning could be solved more simply if you didn't call it EDM. It's a pretty good pop mix, electro pop maybe? Maybe the Addictive Drums hi hats could come across a little cleaner and crisper but as you said you are not being too finicky with this mix-wise, just banging it out, and I think it more than gets the fun across. cheers, -Tom
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    The originally mix i did was a heavier mix and i then always do a mix with more empathise on feeling and emotion. By far the majority choose this mix for the overall balance and feel than the heavier bass and drum mis, i know what you mean though. If it was more instrumental i would have sacrificed more. I'm just experimenting with adding some type of EDM to my normal guitar songwriting style and getting more technical with cakewalk. I need to improve my mixing and mastering, this is my 11th song using a daw after choosing cakewalk its been a massive learning curve and getting the guitar out after 20yrs. Next project i am not sure what to do, maybe drum and bass or a classical soundtrack.
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    My favorite fast compressor for vocals. Place in series with an LA-2A clone such as Cakewalk's own CA-2A and you can tame the most out of control bedroom rocker wailing. Also works fine with good singers.
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    I have some more information on Control Bar/Menu Button's use in Tools/HUD Module (Large). Cell 1 is used when the Smart Tool or Draw Tool are not selected. This cell should be a color that will contrast well with the "default" white text color. Cell 2 is used on the HUD in that odd case where after you click on the duration menu, it flashes briefly as the HUD closes. It also acts as a "pressed" state button in the case where you have neither the Smart nor Draw Tool selected, but press on it. A brief flash again. Cell 3 is not used. Cell 4 is used when the Smart or Draw Tools are selected (which is appropriate, because note duration is meaningless for tools that don't draw notes). It should be given a color that contrasts well with Focused Track Text. For whatever reason, the HUD uses Cell 1 for the Smart Tool. Cell 5 has the usual Control Bar cell 5 duty of getting displayed when no project is loaded.
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    No politics period.
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    Hmmm, I think an bot has taken over Fleer's account.
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    Exactly. Which synth gets the data is determined by the MIDI channel/port alone. Assuming your MIDI data does not contain commands that only VST3 supports (e.g. per-note pitch bend), then it should react exactly the same as its VST2 counterpart. That goes for Omnisphere, too. VST3 can have multiple MIDI inputs, so if you made use of that feature (assuming Cakewalk supports it) you'd not be able to, say, swap out the VST3 version for the VST2 version.
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    Point taken. Although it is really hard to live a life without a grain of said snarkiness .
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    On a more serious note, I can confirm the team is looking into this for the fastest resolve possible because I did relay it (without additional color commentary to the team). As always, reporting this issue to support will help them understand the true impact of this behavior and we always suggest reporting your behavior to the team. The team typically also has some workarounds ready to go. For this issue in particular, you can save your presets outside of the sub-folders for the arrows to work properly for you. Of course, it's just a work-around for now, but hopefully this helps some of your out. Thanks again for your patience.
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    It is also nonsense to charge $300 for a DAW these days when Cakewalk is Free.
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    Yes you're right, Addictive Drums hi hats were a problem with fx i was using and i am still getting use to how AD works with its built in EQ etc. Addictive Drums can be quite ***** the way you set them up or have each drum or cymbal on its own track etc. I should have had hi hats on two tracks really, one clean using pro channel eq and one with wet mix fx i used to get the sound i wanted for this track. i should call it electro pop. i see how people think when you say EDM, people associate it with banging kick on the quarter, when this is the sound which suited the project goal. There is quite a few instrument tracks in this one with the vocal in front. I based the levels round the kick which was -12db and was clipping the mix in to many places, i used a drum room bus with the goal of ducking but maybe threshold to low. Mark is right with side-chaining, i need to do more work with side change compression because i did have threshold to low and not done enough with side-chaining which many multi tracks. Not sure which is the best free compression plugin in cakewalk with side chain. The problem is when you hit a piano note, at the same time as a bass note, maybe a chord and kick with a vocal, its easy to clip to often with dynamics of song when its driving. I need to look at side chaining more to trigger for sure.
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    I agree. I don't know why I posted it. Shock over the wall of Kustom amps I guess. Hah. They did an entire heavy rock album IIRC and this was one of the tracks. Pat Boone is great too. And a good man. A rarity in the music biz I would say.
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    I also want to emphasize that the mix issue is minor. i loved it as is
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    What's that you say? Not all Guitar Center employees are dedicated sales professionals anxious to meet your musical needs? I'm shocked. Next you're gonna tell me some of them don't know what they're talking about.
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    Fortunately, VST3 created a standard as to where the plugins are installed. For VST2, it is the wild west as to installation paths. You really ought to organize your VST2 installations and put them all in the same place instead of just blindly accepting whatever cockamamie scheme of manouver the developer dreamed up and then having to go on a hunting expedition later on to find them. C:\program files\ Steinberg\VST plugins is always a good choice; that's what I use and that's what Steinberg intended although they didn't enforce it.
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    I believe you can keep balance and get baas and kick better.
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    Once you've selected Chords above the Staff, a white area will appear. Clicking in it where you want your chord always starts with 'C'. Right-click the C and that will open the chord library and you can select any chord from it and the 'C' will change to that chord. Drawing the chord on the fretboard will not show you a diagram in the Chords area, but you can find that chord in the library and add it. To keep from having to navigate the library every time you want to add a chord, if the chord is already in your song, clicking on it will select to be drawn in again elsewhere. Otherwise, when you click in the white area it will always add the last chord you selected.
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    When using the Staff view, you can open the Fretboard view within it and have access to over 1,200 chord diagrams. While the program won't add the notes to the staff or fretboard, you can draw in the chords you want to play/hear in either one.
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    I guess I'll grab me hat. I love some of these 'clunkers' you guys are posting. ☺
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    Not to my knowledge. Why not learn to read music? It's not that hard and being able to do so even half- assed really opens the world up to you.
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    there's definitely some cross-over with the other thread here πŸ˜‚
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    if you're in the uk/eu then that's because hulu license a bunch of stuff to amazon prime, i think
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    The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet
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    No politics or what ever , but laws are getting crazy with an ultimatum from the GOV to vaccine or lose your job , can 't go to hospital ect ...... Things are getting crazy , even in other places like Manil , they won't let you get your mopney if no pass or vaccine .... beware , like always France is a lab for the rest of the world ... Be sure that unlike medias gonna say , the people isn't down with this covid bullshit aka more freedom loss than a pandemic .... again i'm not agains vaccine but the obligation and freedoom loss ... just posting here to be sure the world thks to you guyz in other countries knows .... because mainstrean are saying there's nobody protesting lol Several cities in France , and in Paris several places ....
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    "Off with their heads!" might be back in fashion soon? πŸ€”
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    Worlde Panda mini Portable Mini 25-Key USB Keyboard and Drum Pad MIDI Controller $36.99
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    Check out the Kustom amp lineup. Wow!
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    On a serious note I do hope our King got the shot, considering where his travels were taking him. We need our Deal finder to come back and feed our addiction πŸ˜† Really Lar these relatives of yours need to move to a town that has some decent internet service
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    Alright here's the deal with this plugin cutout that's driving me nuts. It happens when I move the plugin on the chain (FX bin) while it's open. I've manage to pinpoint that out - however as soon as I stop playback and and start play again - it works again. Also, If I close the plugin it cuts back in. So please I'm asking the staff to look into this to see if they can reproduce this. It doesn't happen every time and I'm lost for words. I literally spend the entire day installing everything again. I thought it was a windows update issue of some kind and did my studio system over - just to run into this right now again! Finally prove! Issue.mp4
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    Mac owners can probably afford WUP! 🀣
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    @Notes_Norton I had a similar experience with Tiger Direct back in the 90's. I ordered a computer and after 10 days of not receiving it (was supposed to be 3 day shipping) they offered to overnight me a replacement one. That same day I received the computer and I seriously thought "Wow that was faster than a day". The next day I received the 2nd one. They never asked for it back or charged me for that 2nd one.
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    Just as long a that new keyboard they have the working up and down . I'm been telling IK to make but don't make because they will tempt me too much. Ik look what you have done to me. Okay this time you don't get Sampletank 4 Max with Keyboard purchase you will get the whole T-Max or Amplitude bundle. Heck why don't you just toss both of them in it while you're at it. wink, wink, nudge nudge
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    I think this is also the problem I am seeing, there is a bump in resources required for KU13, mind you, I am still on a 3rd generation i5 with 8gig of ram. At last, I finally have a solid reason to upgrade the CPU, RAM and motherboard. The first time I ran Kontrol, it took nearly 25 minutes to load all the previews and scan the libraries etc before I was able to use it. I like Guitar Rig 6 and am converting all my projects over to it from GR5. The interface is a lot easier to use with bigger knobs and sliders, the presets and general sound sound better out of the box, especially the bass amp presets. I've never been a fan of Amplitube, I've tried it a number of times but don't like the interface and the shop business. I use S-gear mainly, I haven't done any direct comparisons with the GR6 amps against S-gear yet but I use GR5/6 FX with S-gear anyway so will look at that. It's good to have it, I spend less time fiddling than I did with GR5. The interface is more inspiring for me.
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    Reminds me of the phrase: Beans, beans, good for your heart; the more you eat, the more you **** 😁
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    Legend has it that there was a mythic figure named Larry who at one time frequented these forums. The old tales describe an ancient shaman who was rumored to be a prodigious finder of almost supernatural deals. But that was such a long time ago. Nobody believes those old stories anymore...
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    Larry, hope you come soon. Some of the regulars are starting to look at other deal sites….we are descending into chaos
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    I would love to be able to route the output of a MIDI track to more than just one synth. Natively, without the need for external loopback software. As it stands, the only way to get this result is either to use a synth that includes a MIDI thru function or to duplicate your MIDI tracks. The most obvious use case for this is only needing to edit one MIDI track no matter how many synths are playing in unison (yes, I know about linked clips, but they add complexity, as does using an external MIDI splitter). Secondarily, there is screen clutter reduction, and not getting mixed up as to which MIDI track is going to which synth. (If anyone knows of a MIDI plug-in that can accomplish this, please tell me)
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    While I see your point, there are already excellent standalone products geared to printing sheet music. Cakewalk needs a better staff view for editing and viewing notes on the screen. Many users would rather see resources devoted to that. Search the forum, there have been many discussions of the topic.
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    How strange to ban someone who takes a huge amount of their time, for no personal gain, to provide a helpful and useful service to other forum members.
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    I just sent this to KVR DIRECTLY... I just got this message from KVR: You have been permanently banned from this board. Please contact the Board Administrator for more information. Reason given for ban: I can't believe that you are not a dealer... I think it's time to end this abuse of the Sell & Buy forum. I have NEVER been a DEALER of ANY kind. THIS is WHY you don't make "forum members" Administrators!!! They make "judgement calls" based on their "personal assumptions" and their own "Biases"!!! I am NOT, nor have I EVER been a "Dealer" of ANY kind!!! I've been a member of this forum for YEARS!!! Also a member of several OTHER forums. I have NEVER abused your forum, but apparently you have "Administators" who believe that they have the RIGHT to "ban" members based on their OWN biases and personal assumptions! I have followed the rules of the forum, and 100% positive feedback in the Feedback Forum for my posts, and sales, which are NOT from a "Dealer", and I should NOT be punished, and banned, based on your Administrators "assumptions" of "I can't believe you're not a dealer", and THIS administrator should either be DISCIPLINED or REMOVED from their position for ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, banning someone based on their "Assumptions" Sincerely, Larry W. Shelby
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