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    Cheers guys. Got this Dulcimer last year and still feel it’s one of Embertone’s best. Let’s give a warm welcome to the new guy
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    Fleer has been on the Cakewalk Forum for over a DECADE! The reason the dates are so close is tied to the "re-invention" of the forum here. He was a member of the Cakewalk Forum long before the Bandlab forum. But he DOES like the APD Deals...as do most of us!
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    That shirt is motherforking crazy! For fans of The Good Place...
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    I have a couple of mountain dulicimers (and a couple of electric ones) and I think Emberton have nailed it with this library.
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    As for Al Schmitt, I did get his EZ Mix pack and it’s one of the best I have. Very versatile and dedicated to many different instruments. Quality pack indeed.
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    I have 65 UAD plugins I have bought always on special.. I have the QUAD UAD2 Card and a Silverface Quad Apollo with TB3 upgrade. I won't (he says now) be buying anything more off them. I simply don't use them all.. BUT, what I do use and it varies on application, sounds, and behaves beautifully. I get the most mileage when recording mics and playing my guitar or bass into the unison preamps. Stuff like the Capital Records chamber.. are just.. well, incredible!.
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    It would be a LOT harder to overlook these if they got on the $29 bandwagon. Or is it $19 now?
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    This is the only PA plugin that I haven't put up for sale. ADPTR Audio - Metric A|B - Mixing With Mike Plugin of the Week
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    I just tried to purchase the UAD Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb from the UAD website. I created an account and attempted to add the plugin to my cart. The UAD website says , "You must own a UAD-2 device to purchase this product", .. .. Holy Cow!!! 🤢 And to think, I was willing to pay the $199.00 asking price for their plugin. That was divine intervention telling me that I didn't need it,... and also my wallet saying, El cheapo, I told you to get that Apollo Audio Interface. .
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    Yes. Preferences > Customization > Editing > Selection after a single split:
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    The Superior line has never gotten a lot of sales/deals, just a few from time to time. And of course any new products will be at least a year before we see a discount of any kind. Looks like they are releasing a separate EzKeys MIDI and a drum MIDI on the 24th to go with this dual release (Big Band EZX is based on Decades SDX).
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    THAT is how you do it! It's a MONSTER and a BEAST!
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    Mine arrived about half an hour ago...I played with it a bit...and for what it is, it's not bad. Will take a bit to dial in and get the hang of it. Distortion is still just a bit "fizzy" for my taste, but better than most "digital" amps...but, all in all, I'm not unhappy for a practice amp that I could still gig with if necessary. But I'm also a "tube" purest, so that definitely factors in. It weights 37 lbs, which is about half of what my Bogner weighed...so that's a bonus!
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    I have Project 5 installed on the Win 10 computer I am writing this post on . Before this lap top became a Win 10 64 OS I had P 5 on it in Win 8. My experiences have been good running P 5 on the newer Windows OS 's .That may be due to when I was deepest into P5 I was only using a 32 bit XP P 4 w an M Audio 1010lt. Now I run a Focusrite 2i4 . P5 in Win 10 runs much better for me than it ever did in XP . I have a better machine , I have more ram and an i 3 beats a P4 at the poker table after all the bets are in . Is it worth the trouble ? In my case the yay's far out weighs the nays . I will say that w some reservations ... Just about every thing P 5 could do Cakewalk can do ...P 5 was so streamlined in it's work flow .Most of the features P 5 excelled at are living a breathing in the current version of Cakewalk ..so are most of the plugs , arpeggios , song and patterns , and a number of other things like the Matrix View , just the tip of the iceberg. Cakewalk seems to have more layers of options to wade through itself to get the same results . I have l worked on learning Cakewalk to the point of being able to do a lot of what I used to do in P5 ...it is a steep learning curve imho ...It would take me hours to sit here and do a comparison on a workflow comparison one feature at a time between P 5 and Cakewalk . To be perfectly honest with you I fired up P 5 in Win 10 before I came here today . I find it totally inspiring to use P 5 with many of the SONAR X3 , and SPlat instruments and plugs that show up in P 5 ...P5w more modern plugs and synths kicks some serious colo ....the workflow is simplified and it is easier to get around for FAST down and dirty ... Having said all that P5 on a more modern computer can be a little finicky w plugin scans and may crash more often . this computer has both 32 and 64 bit DAW's and the plugs an VST instruments I do have will scan and work for the most part in P5 ... FWIW I don't use P 5 nearly as much as I did . As far as other options go I have both Mixcraft 7 & 8 pro and they are pretty decent DAW's that can do what P 5 used to do and a lot more ... The only thing that P 5 does that none of this other stuff does is save to PTN files .. any way nice talking w you , Kenny
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    I tried it during the dark days as a potential back up should the worst happen and it didn't really work for me. The projects I tried did open in Reaper but were a total mess. Some reported good results though so I guess it depends on how your projects are set up.
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    For starters the Becan could go down with the Ship Kenny
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    I have been playing around with both D and Shift+D and they seem to work with some screensets but not others. Mag levers = magnification sliders. Makes sense!!! (Those sliders that change the sizing of the tracks--height and length.) Thanks for the clarification.
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    what could go wrong?
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    Those freebies from Ample Sound are excellent!
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    Thanks for the heads-up on the Walker Steinway Fleer! Nice one 👍🏻
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    mesh, i usually know what i want when i go in, and they are very accommodating. you can use that form, yes, it's very simple and straightforward. i like the neutriks. and if it's something they don't have in stock (like, purple mogami) they order it, don't charge me anything to do it, a nominal fee to put it together, i'll go at lunch,, and usually they build it while i wait, but if they're busy, i'll pick it up at end of day. pretty sweet arrangement. now, i use George L's cables for a lot of my connections, board patches, main line from board to amp, and i think they are stellar. use the straight plugs only. scratch that, i have a bunch of 90 degree push in patch cables, and none have ever failed me. if my pedalboard was gigging a lot, i'd have everything soldered. flat head plugs, mogami cables. but i aint gonna do it now! but for TRS and XLR, it's always custom built cables, also, performance has pre-made 'performance' branded cables on the wall, already made, in typical lengths, but i'm always asking for the odd length. i LIKE the neutrik ends, but i only use them in the studio...i think i'd go for something more robust for stage work. i know it's hard to see, but the blue guitar cable has a neutrik on one end (1/4") and a angle that was soldered, with a stress collar on it, attached to the strat... and the purple cable coming off the palmer on top of the roland speaker cab, that's canare with neutrik xlr's on the ends, gping directly to interface... i have 4 of these mic cables made up, all with neutrik, plus a couple of shorter TRS and xlr cables for patching. i like canare for guitar, mogami for mic recording and patching.
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    Must have been typing at the same time Lars.
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    Most are the same model Neutric NP2X. The question is do you want a 90 right angle or Straight connector on one or both ends (the silver ones are just fine). I would stay away from the silent option as they are not reliable at all. The color boot/ring is just an aesthetic thing if you want to be able to tell your cables apart. Also the link you sent posted is for Canare Cables, be aware they are on the dark sounding side. If you play a Tele, might be fine..but they can get muddy with something like a humbucker guitar. Mogami is more neutral.
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    MeldaProduction has announced the 38th round of the Eternal Madness Discount 2019! 50% OFF some of the most powerful audio plugins on the market until September 22nd (23:59:59 UTC). MMultiAnalyzer - the most powerful multitrack analyzer, sonogram, loudness meter, collision detector... MDrumEnhancer - a unique enhancer for drums which makes drum replaces obsolete and can even be used in real time! MGranularMB - an extremely versatile granular resynthesizer which will boost your creativity! MXXXCore - an affordable way to get MXXX. It is cheap and you can buy only those modules you actually want.
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    Brand new deal - Vintage Piano Bundle by REALSAMPLES featuring 2 unique sounding pianos: Pianoforte and English Spinet II! Pianoforte features an old Traugott Berndt piano from 1848 and English Spinet II features sounds from an English spinet built by Benjamin Slade in 1705. Both pianos are from REALSAMPLE’s Edition Beurmann series of museum instruments. Listen to audio demos here: See signature for links and more info.
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    I traded my UAD account awhile back (after having it for years) as I just couldn't afford/justify to keep up with their prices. Like the good King said "if I was doing this for a living"....it would be a different story. Great plugins with a great price tag.
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    Or . . . $71.20 at OVERLOUD site if you already own any other GEM product with the code in your OVERLOUD account.
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    Sonar to Reaper in 4 clicks (public alpha)
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    No, but what I know is that on my computer nearly every iZotope plugin is a lagfest and generally speaking I don't think UI design is where their talent manifests, and UI programming certainly isn't where their effort is directed. But I have used their mixing & mastering tools so little that my opinion would not be interesting in that regard. I get the impression that those are their main products anyway, so I'd expect more effort on that front. What I like about Metric AB is that with regard to UI layout and performance it's the exact opposite; extremely slick, responsive, effortless, and light. It's fun to use, unlike the horrors I've experienced with iZotope's stuff. I'm not against iZotope in particular and still use some of their plugins for the shortcuts or sound they provide, but at some point I kind of woke up to the fact that I dislike the actual act of using them, and only endure it because I know when I'm done tuning them I can shove them to the background and forget about them.
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    For eeeever young ... i wanna be .... for eeeeeever young....
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    Very energetic...’lots of energy. Would probably work as a piece for an action movie.😊👍
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    I don't know Zo. I've never used Cubase.
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    Go with the reverb ...on all bass synth you already have some amp (trillian / NI ect) and Ampegg go some nice as Fender also ...
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    What Mark said. First make the selection where you want the notes to be deleted, next proceed with the instructions above, finally click delete. EDIT: nvm, I see you have edited your post
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    If you have a $50 voucher, then you can get the Neve Preamp for $39... That's as close as you'll ever get to $29 deal at UAD...but their plugins are quite exceptional so...there's that...
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    I ordered one too....It will be here tomorrow! I hope that it sounds half as good as it does in the videos! I just sold my Bogner Alchemist 212 a few days ago....and I need something less "heavy" and still gig-able should the need ever arise again, and also something that I can practice with in my Bedroom. Since the band broke up I've been offing all my equipment, other than my PRS CE24, and I had a lot of EXPENSIVE pedals...I also have a complete Light Show that I'll off once I've sold out all my Pedals, which are all up for sale on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. I won't be doing a "band" thing again. I'm too old to invest my time and money into something that others just won't take seriously. I invested 6 years of my time, and THOUSANDS of dollars into my last band, only to have everyone flake out just when we were getting to the point of "making it" locally...we had just played Harpo's, and The Machine Shop was our last gig. I figure that, with my PRS Electric, and my PRS Acoustic, I'm set for recording whatever I need to here at home, and I can mic this amp if it lives up to the videos. I did the 3 Pay thing, so can pay over 3 months...
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    We have Saturator X which is a great plugin, and our new tape machines have tape saturation (and a whole lot more) going on too. All of these are part of the Pick & Mix Group Buy as well.
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    I like these samples as well. A few different ways they can be used. I took some favorite samples and made some presets on my HPD20. That way I can just use them without my daw even up and running. At this price, these are good if you have the space.
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    Most DAW's will give you the option of how you want to load the synth , as a stereo or a multi output . Which is the way it's so posed to be . I installed both the stereo and the multi output versions of these synths on my computer . This is a heads up for anyone that buys this and installs both the stereo and the multi output version on the same machine . In Cakewalk I inserted the BollyMaha 2.1 as a simple instrument ( to take these screen shots ). My first screen capture shows the GUI in Cakewalk by Bandlab ... My second screen capture shows the preset dialog drop down menu . Notice how each preset name has either an (S) or an (M) at the tail end of the description ? This becomes very important because if you are using the synth as a stereo plug w a stereo output you will need to choose the preset that has the (S) in the description . If you choose the ( M) while the synth is loaded as a stereo track all the pads will not sound . I have chosen the preset with the (M) accidentally a few times when I had this loaded up as a simple VST I insert . What happened is only the first pad will sound . All other Pads will be silent . Not the end of The World ...more of a Muse Kill ..until I figured it out ..lol Here we have the BollyMahara 2.1 loaded up as a Multi VST 1 w stereo outs in Cakewalk Here the Pads are mapped out automatically VIA Cakewalk ....I have yet to find a way to have the plug map the outputs to the tracks I want to send them too. While I was doing this post I realized I needed to correct something from my last post . In my Cakewalk browser I have the bonus folder w some midi beats and wave loops The Midi files that Beat Skillz provided as a bonus do not have to be transposed +24 to sound on the correct pads ... The +24 transposition is for all other non Beat Skillz drum and beats midi files .Sadly the transposition thing at + 24 still needs to be done .. Yet we still have unfortunately 2 things ... #1 , when auditioning these midi files in Cakewalk and any other DAW for that matter , the start of the Midi file has a number of bars of the midi file starting w the intro w no data ... something like 4 or 5 bars before a beat shows up ..In Cakewalk it may take about 15 seconds for the beat to play GGGGRRRRRRrrrLOL In Reaper I can see the blank space of the midi file ..In Cakewalk for some odd reason it does not show .... #2 , Here is a screen shot of what happens when I drag a Beat Skillz bonus midi file from Cakewalks browser to the first bar in my time line .. Notice how it placed the midi file at bar 9 point something ? GGGRRRRrrr number 2 LOL .... Anyway I'm not looking to knock the product ...I like these drum plugs a lot . I'm just putting out the info in case someone here goes for the deal and hits the same stumbling blocks I have .. all the best, Kenny
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    Downloaded early today. So much fun!
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    If I could predict what is going to be an instant hit, I'd go into the consulting business. There are people who would pay Big Money for that info. 😁 I've got one user style "disk" done, I did that in July and the beginning of August. I've got some good ideas for another. The done disk is rock, and the one I'll probably do next will be fusion jazz or smooth jazz. Leilani is working on two fake "disks" and we send them out to subcontractors to choose styles - if I did them myself, I'd pick my own styles because I know them best. I want the style chosen to be the best for the song, whether it is a PG Music or a Norton Music style. Once I get the basic framework done (MIDI files to import into the Band-in-a-Box StyleMaker app) I can start importing snippets at a time. But the recording the MIDI files for the styles I need takes time. I do the drums, bass, and comp instruments in real time. (I play sax, wind synth, flute, drums, guitar, bass, and keys in varying degrees of proficiency). Often that means practicing something I want to import until I get it under my fingers, then recording it. That's why I need huge blocks of time with no distractions. I think I'll start this on Monday, maybe do some organizing late Sunday. So if I'm AWOL a few days, I'll be back. I don't think I'll be missed much. The thing is after 27 style "disks" of up to 30 styles per disk, it gets harder and harder to do something different and worthy. I get inspirations from songs, auto-play keyboards, music books, or whatever. At this point, I'll record things, and throw away most and only keep what I think is either different or a strong enough variation to be worthy. After all, when done, they will have my name on them. I started doing this in 1992 selling them on floppy disks (5.25" and 3.5") and now they are instant download. Disks are history, but I still call them disks because I don't know what else to call them. But I guess that's OK, we still dial phones even though phones don't have dials, and make mixtapes even though cassettes died a long time ago. Notes
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    Science: "Nothing is truly random." Me: *Shows them this Fred..." Science: "More research is needed!" 😁
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    I think everyone has behaved themselves accordingly, however the risks of arguments are becoming elevated. This thread is locked.
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    These group buys are great...but they ALWAYS put a "cabash" on something... for instance...if you already own something you can't get ANOTHER one in the group buy, BUT they will happily sell you another one! Do I love IK products? YES! Do I love their business practices? NO!!! Authorizations are not "removable", so, should you do a fresh install, or a new system, then you have to WASTE authorizations, and, when you have exhausted them, you MUST request a reset, at which point THEY will decide if you can have more or not. (They usually do - so at least there is that) Products purchased with MONEY are resaleable. Products purchased with Gear Credits, which were purchased with MONEY, are NOT resaleable. Jampoints accumulate...that is, until you sell something. THEN they take the Jampoints back! Even if you bought it 5 or 10 years ago...they take them BACK, which can effectively leave you with a NEGATIVE Jampoints balance, and you won't have any "Usable" Jampoints until you have paid back the deficit. Customer Service is NON EXISTENT on Weekends. No exceptions. As if no Studio actually WORKS on Weekends? Your "Sounds" downloads are only available for X amount of time... after that, if you need to download them again, you have to PAY again, despite having already purchased them! So you should always archive your downloads, but, should something happen to your archive drive, prepare to open your wallet! These are just a few of my "Pet Peeves" with IK. Thankfully, at least the product is "decent".
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    Sadly, for us, they don't care. They KNOW that they've got a HUGE Market, so don't really have to pander to us. And, rest assured, if a sale comes up soon, this will NOT be included...
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    You use perjoritive insults like "go out of his way to self-sabotage" and "this specific user's mess". No registration regimen is perfect, and when the Bandlab system did not work, on an otherwise well working system, I took normal and reasonable steps as workarounds, that do work on some products. There is no mess, as uninstallation is trivial for experienced users. Uninstalling an attitude of superiority, is far more difficult. I think my suggestions would simplify bandlab coding expenses in the long run, , with win 10 spinning oddly, and a new mac system with major changes imminent. Many potential users balk at the appearance of account creation and registration being required for a 'free' product, IK and NI, among others, catch a fair amount of flack with their free product requirements. Which for the record, do work in my systems.
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