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  1. Lounge lizard session will do you fine.
  2. I’ve got Melda Complete and for some reason don’t have anything installed.
  3. Do you have Minimonsta 2? If so you need to log in to your account before you can purchase the soundbank.
  4. He set me up for it. Just imagine if we had our own tv show.
  5. …actually, you do mean that you hope I’m better at playing as opposed to better healthwise right?
  6. That just reminded me I did one of the demos for that…Guitar Demo by 丰2ॐ. the artist formerly known as MrFigg
  7. I’ll wait until it’s $19.99 again and then not buy it then instead.
  8. Yeah. I was disappointed. I've been waiting on a sale on Bunels for ages and turns out it was a spelling error. This is the sort of thing which happens sometimes I guess... but still.
  9. Haha. Yeah. Django was going to be my first example.
  10. Nope. You don’t need them either.
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