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    I pulled the 15 second mixdown ad injection feature that I was working on for the next update as well 🀣
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    Guys, this is not intentional, we'll figure this out ASAP - I'm getting it as well.
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    For anyone who was still seeing banner ads at the top of the forum, these should be gone now, too.
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    Sorry about that everyone, we were doing some Ad Tech work on our other media sites and for some reason this proliferated across Discuss! Should be fully resolved now.
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    Ha! Now I have a pop up from an online dating site that says "You have a match!" Who says these ads are not relevant? Meeting women is the whole reason I got into music in the first place.πŸ™ƒ Thanks, Bandlab!
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    Nothing hacked πŸ™‚ it was a setting we were testing on another site of ours that unexpectedly applied itself on all sites hosted with that infrastructure.
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    I was thinking: wouldn't be great to be able to call saved lenses without it resulting in emptying the current screenset? So, if I have lens 5 as mixing view, for example, calling it when I am on screenset1, would leave the latter with that new screen setup. That way, when I switch to another screenset, I could go back to the mixing view as I left it in screenset 1. As it is today, by using lenses we can not use screenset, unless we re-define them for each project. By calling a lens, the screenset is emptied, and you can not set it, duplicate it or doing anything other than calling other ones, resulting in wiping out the current UI configuration set by the lens .
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    A quiet Sunday night in 1953. The Dodgers had just won the pennant. J.F.K. and Jacqueline Bouvier had just married. And four titans of bebop came together in a dive bar for a rare jam session. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/08/nyregion/thelonius-monk-charlier-parker.html
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    Dude, I'm sorry. That was sarcasm. Although I did not say banned, I said admonished. I also said you should get paid.
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    It's not part of your post. It's a Google ad appearing in the wrong place on top of your post.
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    "Block Trackers" in FireFox is working here! Thanks for the heads up abacab! T
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    If you don't need the specificity of Mark's CAL script, there's always the Process > Deglitch menu (aka "the MIDI guitarist's best friend"): BTW Mark - good job on the sampled piano!!
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    Just as the title says, I would love the ability to drag, and arrange the tabs in the Multidock
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    Saw this on the BBC news site: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47494760 It links back to the following statement by Google: https://security.googleblog.com/2019/03/disclosing-vulnerabilities-to-protect.html Basically, anyone using Windows 7 should update Chrome immediately. But Google are saying the issue runs deeper than Chrome - i.e. it's in Windows 7 itself. Microsoft may issue a patch, but Google advising considering an upgrade to Windows 10.
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    Nested folders would come in so handy for organizing large projects. This is a fairly common feature in other apps, like Premiere and 3DS Max, for example. I've been wanting this for a long time. Thx
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    No, but I just use a RCA to 1/4" adapter: It does force you to use unbalanced cables though, but I mainly use it for output signals. I find balanced cables are vital for input signals, where you're having to amplify a fairly weak signal coming in. For outputs, especially line level or amplified signals, the benefit is less pronounced.
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    When/if I hang it up, my children will inherit some nice stuff. Assuming I don't need the cash for medical bills that is.
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    Nah, I think you just did it for the post count🀣 And thank you for you let me add another to my post count
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    Another thing to check is digital noise from wireless mice and keyboards. Mice in particular can cause issues in some environments.
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    I have something like that and I believe I have it tracked down to the analog cable path from my audio interface outputs to my studio monitors. I should probably be using balanced cables there. Either that or the monitors are picking up the EMI directly. The noise I hear appears to coincide only with moments of heavy disk drive usage. If I disconnect my monitors, I cannot hear the noise using my headphones in the audio coming directly from my audio interface phones jack. And there is no audible sound coming directly from the computer. In my case that pretty much eliminates ambient noise emanating directly from the PC, or noise in the digital audio signal path.
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    Hexcel is a generative MIDI sequencer for Reaktor based upon the harmonic table, specifically designed for creating semi-random patterns based upon user input. Download HEXCEL for free.
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    This is what I was going to suggest. At first I only used balanced cables for microphones, but as I draped cable over cable like a sick game of tick tack toe I realized I needed to upgrade every cable. I did and it has been a lot better. I still cant perfect cable management properly but my only issue now is my Video monitor using Fenders with single coils.
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    Yes, my bad, I didn't fully read everything and all I saw was my re-posting screenshot and that comment. Sorry all. But seriously this is a huge issue if a forum can be hacked as some of us have our Sonar products linked to the forum log on. Good to see they jumped on it.. all is well,,nothing to see here folks...move along...
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    It's just "standard practice" to wire any serious studio with high quality cables. Even unbalanced cables will benefit in noise rejection if they are of the higher quality and have proper shielding. There's not much point in using balanced cables when the connections are unbalanced. Example an audio interface or powered speakers with RCA jacks are clearly not balanced. And guitar and most hardware synths are never balanced. RF interference is not an normally an issue if the cable runs are short. I have all lengths of cables from 3" to 6' just for this reason. I use no more than needed to make my connections. So always start out with the best cabling in your studio. And add to that proper power conditioning for the A/C ( Mains in your speak) . I use a Furman. The noise you describe is possibly like the one I will get when I use a wireless mouse. I will only hook up my wireless keyboard and mouse when I need remote control while tracking vocals. Otherwise I have eliminated all wireless devices from my studio space. Even my phone is hardwired. And the ferrite chokes are also a great idea especially on you USB cables. There was a thread a few days ago and that person has a Scarlett 2i4 which use buss power. ( EDIT_ I see Mark posted a link above while I was posting) They are documented as making the noise you describe and the ferrite choke is reported to solve that issue. . I have a few A/C power cables that have those chokes on them too.
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    It would be 'Pedant's Day'. 'Pedantic' is an adjective, not a noun.
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    Just leave the green food coloring out of my micro-brew please. πŸ™„
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    Um, didn't you guys see Scook's post right above yours? Meng has said the ads were NOT intentional and they are looking into the issue? πŸ™„
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    THE IMMERSIVE SAGA CONTINUES. As already announced, this spring will see the release of the Orchestral Percussion SDX for Superior Drummer 3. Today, we’re happy to share its official release date as well as some more in-depth details about this next chapter in the immersive Superior Drummer 3 saga. Head over to our site for more info as well as video and audio examples. GET IMMERSED
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    O my ... I feel like I am getting a call to get into SD3. Their path and options they provide are really irresistible. Resistance is futile? But I don't need another arums, I don't need another drums , I don't need....
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    I know what you mean. I too find it annoying that when you change to a different lense, the screenset reverts to "blank". It does this even if you save the project while a screenset is active. It would be nice if the screenset was recalled even if you change a lense.
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    I'm glad today's holiday is almost over .The idea of my boys hanging up on a wooden plaque at an all woman's hunting lodge on exhibit just like a Moose head trophy does not appeal to me at all . Kenny
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    Just don't forget to give your credit card details to that lovely Russian beauty when she asks for them Larry, less you offend her.
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    Thanks Meng! Somehow I felt it was unintentional. It wouldn't be the first time a forum got hacked or such.
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    Those not seeing ads are probably loading non cashed (cached) pages.πŸ˜‰
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    I'm wondering whether the ads were an unintended byproduct of a site upgrade. I've just noticed some new enhancements.
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    I'm partial to victoria secrets adds - you know - just in case I have a say so...... but no adds here either, desktop with win 7 and firefox.
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    Taken in the context of the previous posts, I assumed the comment was as a joke. The ads now seemed to have stopped.
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    Where is this from? Is this what some are saying? Because the resolution is so bad I cannot see which thread this is from but I most certainly did not post the picture shown? If this is a sign of bad security here I'm afraid I'm not about to hang around and get abuse for having someone change my posts.
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    SPAK: Hi, Steve, Big thanks for giving this a listen, and also for your good input and kind comments!😊 I'm still struggling a bit on trying to get my "Studio Ears" back after a year and a half away from recording and mixing, so your input and observations are important to me and greatly appreciated. Especially due to the amazing quality of your posts here on the forum!πŸ‘ Thanks again, my friend, and have a great weekend! Bob
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    If a man says something in a forest and there isn't a woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?
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    +1 to this. Make sure you try them working too, i.e. have it actually playing a sound rather than just trying it out without it switched on. I bought a Samson Graphite a while back. It looks fantastic on paper, feels great to play, but every time you hit a key you get a wildly different velocity. At first I thought it was just dirt on the connections, but it's not. It's a bad design.
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    Good luck with that Mr Mudgel I hope all goes well.
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    Hi there. AIR Music has Transfuser 2 which was used in Pro Tools to slice beats, make drum samples, etc. Transfuser 2 I've got it on Plugin Boutique and still using it in my DAWs. I would like also to share my TouchOSC layout for it. I'll be doing some update soon. I've set drum pads (MIDI ch. 10) with 3 rotaries, 6 smart knobs and main section with Master Pitch and Master Volume. Layout link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Au2bDwwlo47ogpF768qzbvhJoK9vEw
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    Buy a copy of Computer Music Magazine (digital download, $3.99 to $4.99), and get the Frontier CM. Not as good as Adaptive limiter, but still excellent!
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    The sonitus plugins are really good but they look a bit dated imo. I don't think they've had a makeover in years so I think maybe updating them to look more modern could be nice what do u guys think?
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