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Two BandLab Assistant in the control panel > Programs and features.


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I noticed there are BandLab Assistant 5.0.6 and 5.1.1 in the control panel > Programs and features.
It's same in my both primary and secondary computers. Maybe after updating 5.0.6 to 5.1.0, I guess.
Anyone has this? I don't think its only me...


I don't know why...  Just wondering. How should I do?
Should I delete all corresponding entry to 5.0.6 in registry?

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20 hours ago, scook said:

Yes, I see both

If it bothers you, delete them both (although the delete of 5.1.1 may fail after deleting 5.0.6) and re-install the current version

Thanks @scook I also thought same thing.
I will try to do it and check that uninstalling cleans 5.0.6 versions entries in the registry, or not.

18 hours ago, User 905133 said:

Not sure why I don't. (Just sharing this here to say its not everyone; I have no idea why. Could be any of a number of reasons. Probably not worth trying to determine.)

@User 905133 Thanks for your report. Because it's the BandLab Assistant! xD

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I tried to only uninstall the oldest one. It went well but also affected the newest one. It lost its icon and probably got uninstalled as well because i decided to uninstall that too and got the message that it could not find it but it could remove the entry in the list.

No problem to have them uninstalled. Everything is working ok without them.

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Tried to update 6.2.0 with Assistant only for it to keep vanishing w/o doing anything.

Please explain how to update.

Appears after closing it, it's still hanging in memory and needs a forced quit in Task Manager.

Wonder if/when this will be fixed?

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Yes this method has become well know as there are dozens of threads regarding issues with updating the assistant. 

The auto update rarely works. Also look in the system tray and you'll often find the assistant is already running. 

Open Task manager and kill it before updating. 

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