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Lost Cowboy - 53mph


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I've finally managed to get some vocals down this year. 

Tracks is called Lost Cowboy. It's now been remixed and mastered after some fine tuning. I think it's ready for release.

Any feedback much appreciates. 



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12 hours ago, KSband said:

It's ok in the beginning but towards the last half the music overpowers it bit. 

Thanks for the feedback - I'll go back to the mix and  see if I can craft out a space for the vocals.


@KSband new version has been upoloaded to the first post above. Thanks again for the feedback

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just a note here: I could not get the post to link to SoundCloud (bear in mind SC seems to hate my iPhone, although I think I have fixed that) played fine here on the forum. Would have dropped a like and commented over at SC, but alas…

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