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  1. I saw this - crazy low price, but is it worth getting if I already have an Audio-Technica 2020USB+ ? The 2020 is great for Zoom calls and laying down 1 track tacks, but it doesn't work well with multi part productions (latency issues, no dedicated drivers). How does the Mackie stand up as an instrument or vocal mic in music production?
  2. True story. The bigshot A&R uncle of a friend of mine - "This guy should not be allowed to make music." I might get t-shirts printed with that quote.
  3. Update to the copyright debacle: After nearly 30 days I got contacted by Landr (who I use to release my music) informing me that the copyright claim is because FUGA is the collection agency they use. This is on the one hand good news because it means it wasn't a random scammer. On the other hand, it's not great because I could find no mention of this partnership on Landr's website when it first happened to me, hence my concern. However, there is now an article on their blog site answering this question posted 19 days ago: https://support.landr.com/hc/en-us/articles/15442436320791-Why-is-FUGA-claiming-my-tracks-on-YouTube I cannot say I'm super pleased to learn about this partnership considering the negative reviews online concerning FUGA, but I guess this is the new norm. Now all I have to do is sit back and watch those pennies roll in. Correction: roll by.
  4. Stumbled across this post and I think it's actually a good idea. So, I've give ahead and subscribed to your channel. Here's mine: https://youtube.com/@53mph
  5. This got me thinking....has CbB been putting hidden coding into mixdowns to make them copyright traceable? This might explain why FUGA auto-detected copyright content in my music when uploading to YouTube.
  6. Out now on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7jurYdTHa3PwvRzk4JgsDv?si=kC1I9yD8TyenqlBkt9P5Yg
  7. Just a few hours away from my music video premier on YouTube LOST COWBOY - 53mph Catch the full-screen Premier on YouTube 17 Feb 2024 A cowboy stumbles into town from the desert. He's got one thing on his mind.....vengeance. But, it's not going to end the way you think. I wanted to see if it would be possible to make an engaging music video using only Ai generated images. All images in the video were generated using the BING Copilot image generator and were then animated in either Pika or Genmo. Some zoom and lighting effects were added using Vegas Pro. ************ Tools used to generate images and animations: - BING Copilot - Pika.art - Genmo Video fx & editing - Vegas Pro. ************ X (Twitter) /@53mphband Bandcamp / 53mph.bandcamp.com/
  8. Thinking about it, they may have actually developed a great mastering tool. After all, unlike iZotope, Landr have required people to upload their music to their site for mastering and they also have been releasing the music. This means, they might have some deep learning embedded into the tool that can tell what works (distribution stats tracking what gets the most plays) and what doesn't (my distribution stats, for instance). With all the material uploaded to Landr, they will have had a huge archive for machine learning. I don't know if iZotope do this as their mastering is offline and not directly linked to distribution. Just a thought.
  9. I apologize for my insinuation. Good to know that there is a human being behind the review.
  10. This might drag on as YouTube give the claimant 30 days to review the counter-claim and respond. Thanks everyone for your replies and suggestions. I will look into legally pursing any copyright infringement as it is something I feel very strongly about. I also happen to know a lawyer specialized in music copyright. He may have to get involved at some point. Thanks everyone
  11. So far, I don't even know who they are beyond the name FUGA. They have not responded to my counter dispute, and they have not even supplied the name or the piece or artist. YouTube says the piece has not been made publicly available.
  12. That's what my friend's site has, but it doesn't seem to stop the 500+ fake accounts that are being opened every day.
  13. I had hoped there were only good folk in this shaded corner of the web.
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