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  1. I just want to give a shout out to Arturia Customer Support. I bought a second hand Minilab Mk2 on eBay. Of course, the keyboard and the software had already been licensed to the original owner, but I thought I'd reach out to Arturia and ask if they could help out. In less than 24 hours I had my keyboard licensed, and licenses for all the bundled software and freebies that came with the original keyboard. This is amazing customer support if you consider that they will not be making any profit on this sale. Well done Arturia
  2. I just want to jump in here regarding the Vegas Pro in this bundle. This is the Edit version which is less powerful than Vegas Pro (confusing, I knowI. Why call it Pro of it's actually sub-Pro?). I've got Vegas Pro 15 and there isn't anything in this version that would tempt me to upgrade. Anyone on the fence should check out the comparison charts between the various versions. Especially as the recent Vegas Pro edit versions don't come bundled with many effects. You have to buy these separately. Worth keeping in mind.
  3. Late entry the the thread. BS Keyboard deals were rubbish this year, so I got a used Arturia Minilab Mk2 on eBay for 50 EUR. Very pleased with it. I bit on some last minute Cyber Monday deals on Nembrini Audio. Acoustic Voice Guitar Preamp.
  4. Sorry, I think I caused some confusion. What I meant to say was that if you currently own Acon Acoustica 7, the remix tool is built into the digital editor suite, but it is not usable outside of Acoustica 7. The stand alone version appears to have the same functionality.
  5. From what I can tell, this is built into Acorn Acoustica 7. It's not stand alone or usable in other DAWs, but it is fully functional.
  6. Is anyone successfully using the free nembrini Wah pedal with a midi controller? I don't have an expression pedal but I was wondering if I could use a midi keyboard mod wheel as the controller. I've tried setting up my m-audio oxygen controller but cannot seem to get any control of the wah and the instruction manual is ....well ... useless. Sorry, nembrini but it's true. I've searched YouTube but I cannot find any setup videos or even videos of people using the wah. Anyone here got some insight?
  7. This year, I was hoping to pick up a good 25 key midi controller with semi weighted keys for a good price, but I haven't seen any worthwhile discounts. Some have even been fake discounts. For example: Amazon offers AKAI Professional MPK Mini Play MK3 at 8% discount for 119 Euro. Thomann offers the same model undiscounted for less and free delivery. I might as well just wait. Black Friday Shmyday - mah
  8. Your work method is commendable. I always find my best work comes from just sitting with a guitar and a digital recorder. All those VSTs and DAWs just distract from the purity.
  9. Have a go at finishing a song with lyrics suggested by Chatgpt. I guarantee you will not be impressed. I've played around with it out of curiosity, but I've always been underwhelmed. No Ai can replace the unpredictability of the human mind or the left field thinking of a great songwriter. Sure Ai can make a predictable song based off existing patterns, but it's not going to surprise you.
  10. Ok - problem resolved. When you make your order from the BFDdrums site, make sure you use your InMusic email address, because the serial numbers aren't sent via email anymore, but deposited directly into your InMusic account associated with that email. I did not know this and used my email associated with my PayPal account to make the order. Just out of curiosity @Bapu when you got your order on PB did you receive a serial via email?
  11. I still haven't resolved my issue (it's been passed on down the line), so as a cautionary warning, you might be better off getting these through PB rather than from the BFD site.
  12. @Pluto Gabo Do you work for FUGA or are you the owner? 'We' in the above message leaves a lot to the imagination.
  13. 53mph

    Young Dumb and Human

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I finished of the track and sent it out to radio on Friday. It's going to be premiering on Lonely Oak Radio tonight. We play 'Young Dumb and Human' by 53mph @53mphband at 8:31 AM and at 8:31 PM (Pacific Time) Saturday, November 11, come and listen at Lonelyoakradio.com / %23NewMusic show, @LonelyOakradio
  14. FUGA? In Italian this means 'to evade' or 'to escape' something.... usually the law. This service might get some very different clients in Italy. 😅
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