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Downtown, Collab with Pro sax player


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Steve, what did you like better on the first mix?

I split the screen in the studio and played both versions side by side ( not at the same time LOL ) taking each section from one and then comparing it with the other

I think I prefer the 1st mix over the 2nd for quite a few reasons. The 'feel' is a little more 'in your face' as if your in the best chair in the night club.... this I my opinion is due to it having a bit more compression and the drums a little more, lets say crisp including the sax . the fills are a good addition and it's a strange thing as you say you fattened the bass a little in the 2nd V 🤔,   .. . It's just a personal thing though as in both versions the mix is excellent with, have to say, little difference, so it's not a criticism of the second variation .. just that I would have mixed it with the original take as done ... Still a bloody good bit of work !!



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