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Bill Phillips

Sound on Sound Review

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4 hours ago, Alan Tubbs said:

Noel, impressive  list over time.  Maybe someone should try to pitch It to the mags ...


3 hours ago, Deckard said:

@Alan Tubbs Might you yourself have any clout with regards to this, as you're a regular contributor to the magazine in question? :)

And great job with all your reviews in SOS, by the way - the Cakewalk ones and all the others! :D

The list is actually more impressive than what Noel indicates. In addition to writing in my Sound on Sound column about elastique pitch stretching  and Scan in Sandbox, I also covered updates Noel didn't mention, like the Clean Audio Folder enhancements, note draw duration buttons, aim assist enhancements, the streamlined export function that simplifies exporting stems, and some of the other improvements that have been made.

So, I don't think there's any need to convince SOS's editors that Cakewalk's updates deserve coverage, because it's already happening on a monthly basis. And as a writer, it certainly is convenient that Cakewalk still keeps doing updates - there's always something to write about :)

However, I don't always write about enhancements. For example, I just submitted a column on how to do VCA fader-like functions using CbB's existing feature set.

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Added note about upcoming column
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