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  1. Craig Anderton


    Not that I've noticed...but most of the time, I just use the wireless keyboard if I'm within reach, and use shortcuts.
  2. Did you take advantage of the offer to get a version that wasn't locked to Cakewalk after Gibson closed the company's doors? If so, un-install and then re-install using that authorization.
  3. Craig Anderton


    TeamViewer does the job, and it's free. It's a little crowded on a smart phone ( a stylus helps), but tablets are good.
  4. Craig Anderton

    Melodyne Expired? Download fix.

    Had it happen to me, too. My first thought was to re-download it because there had been one of the dreaded Windows update (which blue screened my computer, thank God for System Restore and the ability to postpone updates), and as mentioned, downloading the new version fixed the issue.
  5. Forgive the obvious question, but why not just use the DX version? Cakewalk by BandLab supports DX - seems like the path of least resistance and best results. I don't see Cakewalk abandoning DX support any time soon - it works, and the Sonitus effects are cool. FWIW the Sonitus plug-ins do work with DX-to-VST wrappers. However, you lose the sidechain functionality , and 32-bit DX plug-ins will not work in a 64-bit environment.
  6. I second the checking of fans. Also wipe down the blades, which often attract dust. On a related topic, last night the fan on the NUC in my office was going non-stop. I had Studio One, LibreOffice, and Edge running. That wouldn't seem so terrible, right? First I closed Studio One, figuring that was probably taxing the CPU the heaviest. But it was having multiple docs open in LibreOffice, and multiple tabs on Edge, that were the culprits. I could hear the fan throttle down every time I closed another Edge tab or LibreOffice document. In Task Manager, I was pretty surprised by how heavily Edge taxed the system, but then again, so does Chrome...whacha gonna do...
  7. Craig Anderton

    Still using SONAR?

    It's great that I can reference specific functions Cakewalk can do at workshops (like create acidized files), and people can then get the program for free and do those things - even if they use other programs.
  8. Craig Anderton

    Faderport 8&16

    I can't speak for the companies involved, but I can speculate I don't think Presonus has much incentive to go really deep into customizing the Faderport for Cakewalk beyond the Mackie compatibility, and Cakewalk has bigger fish to fry...besides, then there would likely be customer pressure on Cakewalk to start creating templates for other controllers. The only way I see a dedicated Cakewalk controller happening is if BandLab itself decides to make one, or if they "anoint" a hardware controller made by some other company as the "official" controller, and concentrate on making a Cakewalk-specific template (which would likely require a commitment to updates as well). If they chose the latter route, though, the Faderport would be a good choice.
  9. Craig Anderton

    Scheps Omni Channel - amazing problem solver

    Thanks for the tip! I'm a big fan of using de-essing in front of amp sims, so I'll have to give this a try. Waves makes great stuff. Have fallen totally in love with the Abbey Road Chambers reverb
  10. Craig Anderton

    Sonarworks and ATH-M50X

    The point of Sonarworks is to give you an accurate representation of the "flat" sound. A lot of headphones "hype" the low end or high end, so it's natural that when you disable Soundworks, the sound will change. All you really need to do to monitor with the sound you like is add some EQ to the master bus, after Sonarworks, that boosts the high mids and highs. Consider trying a high shelf with a couple dB of boost, starting at around 3 kHz.
  11. Craig Anderton

    Does anyone use win10 Version 1903 ?

    That's the kind of sentence that makes me wonder if it was a good idea to sell my 8-track tape recorder...
  12. Craig Anderton

    Oke Bandlab/Cakewalk is really awesome.

    The thing about Cakewalk being free is that no matter what DAW people like to use, it's almost certain CbB will have features their DAW doesn't have. So it's worth downloading and becoming familiar with it. For example, I don't know of any program that can do the "drag a piece of music to the tempo track to analyze the tempo changes" function, or does virtual instrument upsampling (or mix recall). The biggest issue with CbB has always been reliability. For example I needed to do something with Waves plug-ins last night, and simply could not get all of them to show up (and for the ones that did, CbB insisted on showing only the 32-bit version). I'll keep trying, but had to switch over to another DAW that handles them without difficulty to complete the task. So I think it's important the developers keep trying to nail down the loose ends, and make the most of what's already in there, before adding too much bling.
  13. Craig Anderton

    Who's Using ReWire with CbB?

    Well guess what! I'm wrong...you can edit while recording in the PRV with sound on sound mode, just like the step sequencer. What threw me off was that if you enter or edit something, even if it's later than the current now time position, it doesn't play back until the NEXT iteration of the loop. I tend to program long drum loops to allow for variations, so with something like a 16-bar loop, I'd be entering notes or editing notes but not hear the changes. However if I waited until the loop went around again, they would indeed play back while recording, and I could edit them. So the PRV still isn't as immediate as the step sequencer or conventional drum machine-type pattern creation, but it does work if you're willing to wait for the loop to repeat so you can hear what you did. I don't recall this as being the behavior in the past - perhaps it was changed in an update? Also bear in mind that sound on sound mode doesn't persist from project to project, it always seems to default to comping mode.
  14. Craig Anderton

    Who's Using ReWire with CbB?

    So how do you edit it while recording? I'll play with it some more, perhaps my opinions are based on when I tried to do this with older versions, but couldn't.
  15. Craig Anderton

    Who's Using ReWire with CbB?

    I should have specified the MIDI piano roll view. The problem is you can't hear what was previously recorded when dealing with the piano roll view. You can use the step sequencer, but that's a different animal compared to the piano roll view. Sometimes I still miss Master Tracks Pro...