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  1. Hmmm...last time something took a while, it was revamping the audio stretching.
  2. I remember with SPLAT installs that it would overwrite custom content like track icons I made. I don't recall if CbB does the same thing, but you might want to make sure that anything you created is backed up.
  3. I often mention at seminars there are many things Cakewalk, which is free, can do that most other DAWs can't, like generate stretchable files (I think only Acid and Sound Forge can do this). Even if you use a different DAW, it's worth downloading Cakewalk IMHO.
  4. I just posted a new article on getting the most out of loops and loop libraries in Cakewalk by BandLab, I hope you find it useful. It's a little too long to just put in a post.
  5. I did a search and found this. Does it happen when you open the program? Did something precede this starting, like installing a new program, Windows update, etc.? Do you have the latest W10 update? Error code 0xc0000005 is one of Windows very broad errors. This is because it can be caused by different factors related to an installed program, installed hardware or both. The following are just a few of the many possible causes: An installed program such as the antivirus program that prevents the smooth start of a program. Either corrupt or missing hardware drivers. Incorrect system hardware configuration. Either low memory or damaged RAM Virus/Malware infection. An old program. Corrupt or damaged system registry files. Data execution security feature (DEP).
  6. If you use Windows drivers for CbB, then the volume control should have an effect.
  7. Like other pre-BandLab instruments, where sounds and files are stored is pretty arbitrary. If you moved your sounds somewhere to save space, or moved any of the folders SD3 wants to reference, or messed with the file structure in any way, you'll probably lose things. I ended up moving all my SD3 content over to a separate drive, and added an mklink where Cakewalk looks for the sounds.
  8. Another option is the Pedal Controller, a small box from MIDI Solutions. This accepts an expression pedal input and outputs your choice of MIDI controllers. (For do-it-yourselfers, the circuit board is small enough you can probably mount it in a pedal if you want a stand-alone MIDI pedal.) It can also generate aftertouch and pitch bend, so it's good for more than just control change information.
  9. Cool, I thought it was important to point out to the people who wanted "VCA channels" in Cakewalk that it already has much of what they do anyway. Sure, VCA channels is a good buzzword, but it's the functionality that matters.
  10. Hi Jesse, As the author, thank you for respecting Sound on Sound's copyright. Copyright is what gives publishers and authors the right to decide how their intellectual property is going to be distributed. Buying a subscription to Sound on Sound gives you the right to read it, enjoy it, and use that information in your projects. Posting copyrighted material is no different than cracked software - for example, if you buy a copy of Kontakt, you can't post it for other people to use. Nor does the code used to create Kontakt becomes yours. What you buy is the right for you to use Kontakt. Including a link is definitely the preferred way to handle this sort of thing. You still get to make people aware of the information, Sound on Sound gets some props for running the article (and also for supporting Cakewalk - one of the few publications that does!!), and hopefully, people will explore the SOS site and realize that it's well worth a digital or print subscription. It's no secret that media of all kinds are having problems making ends meet these days. For these resources to continue to exist, people need to feel they offer value, and be willing to compensate the people who work hard to make those resources possible. That said...I'm happy you found the information useful enough to draw attention to it. Hopefully others will benefit from the linked information as well, and will become aware of the great work that SOS does every month.
  11. The track interleave needs to be mono when you do this. If it's set to stereo, yes, the dragged file will be louder. The Browser can do all kinds of cool stuff. There are several tips in The Huge Book of Cakewalk by BandLab Tips, as well as in my Sound on Sound column.
  12. I'm not sure this part is correct: "In summary, whenever the track output interleave is mono and the data interleave is stereo, mono data will be increased in level by 3 dB." I've had mono samples in a track with mono interleave, and the level increase still happens when exported, but not when dragged into the Browser.
  13. I've run into this problem before and brought it up many times, IIRC it has to do with the interaction of CbB being inherently stereo so it treats mono as existing in both channels, then sums as it exports. I've found four solutions. 1. Don't use the export function. Instead, drag the file into the desired folder in the browser. 2. Drop the Gain by -3 dB before exporting. 3. Export the mono file as stereo (although of course then you end up with a stereo file) 4. Export as Split Mono. This creates two mono files, just delete one of them.
  14. Yes, I misspoke! Sorry. I meant to say "run a cab with white noise."
  15. As to the add-ons, I don't know how many of them were either partially or wholly done in conjunction with third-party companies, who may not have gone along on the ride from Gibson to BandLab. Also if Cakewalk had to pay royalties that were covered by charging for the software, it would be difficult to justify spending that kind of money on a free product - although my understanding is that the new stretching algorithms do have a licensing fee, which makes BandLab pretty generous IMHO. I'm still surprised there isn't any online shop so people can accessorize CbB, but I guess BandLab has bigger fish to fry, like resurrecting entire guitar and amp lines.
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