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  1. I back up per-project files on Blu-Ray discs. 25 GB discs are about a dollar each, and a recordable drive is about $100. Blu-Ray is a far more robust backup medium than DVDs. Then there's a second copy on a backup hard drive that gets refreshed every few months. There's nothing about the bundle format itself that's a problem, the problem is that it's like a zip file - if there's some kind of corruption in the storage media, you probably won't be able to access the project. The nature of that kind of backup is you come back to it years later, and who knows what might have happened to the media. With individual files, maybe corruption will nuke a vocal clip or something, but you should still be able to access more of what you need.
  2. I'm just guessing here, but maybe you need to un-install the old one before installing the new one?
  3. FWIW Waves has great tech support. You almost get the sense they like finding out if something's wrong, so they can make their stuff better.
  4. This is actually an international standard, ISO 8601, which defines a format for representing dates and times. For dates, it's year-month-day. Hours-minutes-seconds is also standard. ISO 8601 is quite comprehensive, and standardizes notation for weeks and even durations. You can find out all you want to know about it (actually, probably more than you want to know!) here.
  5. Power supply failures are fairly common, and easy to fix. The supplies themselves aren't very expensive. Its failure doesn't mean you're going to have more hardware problems, although of course, items like hard disks can do only so many rotations. Like a vintage automobile, over time it becomes increasingly difficult to keep an older machine maintained. What I'd recommend is go ahead and replace the power supply AND get a new machine. Then you can migrate files, .dlls, and the like over time. You will run into issues, but you'll still have the older computer available to get work done. Back when removable drives were common, I'd create a new system drive and work with the new drive/OS for a while to re-build the system, and then go back to the old drive when I needed to get work done. Eventually, the new drive took over. In my most recent switch to a new computer, I networked them with an ethernet cable, and that make transferring files easy. I HIGHLY recommend that when you set up your new computer, you maintain files with key codes, site passwords, note about installation, zip files you downloaded with executables, etc. Keep all these on their own hard drive. Then if you ever need to re-build your system, you can do it in hours, instead of weeks. Good luck! You'll be blown away by how fast and wonderful new computers can be
  6. The Export enhancements are of immediate practical use to me, very much apprecicated!
  7. I use it with Cakewalk, so I know it works. For some reason, Cakewalk isn't seeing it. Does it show up in the Cakewalk Plug-in Manager? Also, in the Browser, make sure you're looking under Synth, not Bass. Yes, I know, that's not logical...once you get it working, you'll love it. Hang in there.
  8. The main reason to leave X3 installed is because the accessory programs that came with it may not be included in BandLab, but BandLab will "see" them.
  9. While not specifically about what the OP experienced, it's related: I often have to re-install things after a Windows update. Yesterday, right after a Windows update, my eLicenser said I didn't own any products. Re-installing the eLicenser control center, then unplugging/plugging the dongle, solved the problem. Also, I sold my Roland Octa-Capture interface years ago so I don't know if this is still an issue, but it often needed to have its drivers re-installed after a Windows update. And sometimes, Windows tries to be "helpful" and go back to defaults that were changed. Bottom line is it's not always an issue with the program.
  10. Maybe this forum thread will help. I was shocked at how much disabling the "high-definition" (yeah, right...) audio drivers installed by graphics cards degraded performance. Doesn't happen with all graphics cards or all drivers, but it's well worth checking out.
  11. Don't forget that it could be a CPU-hungry plug-in pushing things over the edge.
  12. If your devices support WDM/KS, Windows aggregates those devices automatically. Unlike the Mac, you don't need to go into a separate function to aggregate interfaces. Although native Windows audio has a reputation of being slow, I'm able to get 2 ms @88 samples with WDM/KS using a PreSonus 1824c interface, aggregated with the Line 6 Helix USB audio interface. The performance is comparable to ASIO.
  13. Can you do what you want by layout management?
  14. More good info, thanks! But you can still use the collections of FX Chains for Sonitus plug-ins. I did quite a few of those to accommodate users who didn't have Platinum. They might help people appreciate the Sonitus plug-ins more.
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