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  1. You have to go to. The Bandlab site, register and then download your free cakewalk by Bandlab.
  2. Great effect. Only regret is I paid twice that.
  3. HardwarenD Shaping while recording makes it much easier to shape in the box or using external hardware. -3dB while recording means you can use another - 3 dB compression, making a gentler, more natural sound from compression than slamming it in the box or mastering. And the imperfections are part of the charm. The best engineering of vox I’ve ever done was gain riding an la2a itself during the take. Glorious saturation while controlling the volume. Cant do that with software, I think, tho there may be work arounds. the most interesting bit of kit I’ve bought lately is the RND Orbit summing mixer. It is transformer coupled on the outputs. Running a hot signal thru the output shows exactly how much a transformer (by Rupert Neve) can sweeten the sound. Once you hear it you can’t not hear it. To my ears software solutions are great for precision control of vol for comps or surgical cuts for eq. But if I want mojo on a channel, it is hardware. and as for pro mixers who are in the box, one often forgets their tracks have been recorded in pro tuned rooms with expensive hardware . They already have all the analog magic built in.
  4. Sound forge can do that. Separate program, not a plug. Check to see if the cheap version (when it was a sony product they had a sub hundred version, I don’t know about magic).
  5. WA tone beast, WA pultec and a Burgin McDaniel’s Komit compressor/diode limiter (the original hand made versions before Radial bought out the design). When you drive the Komits clean compressor you can get beautiful saturation with the limiter.
  6. You need to start a new thread for a new problem, but … not having the A$H, I would see if the pan separates the outputs, but many usb mixers just give a stereo mix. Then check the manual. A pretty basic question.
  7. Make. Sure you are plugged into a mic input, first thing. What interface? And remember there are several layers of mixers to deal with. First is the interface mixer. Then cakewalks.
  8. FYI, the Orbit is 16 a channel input summer, not console. It only runs $2K. It does have 2 separate stereo outs, but the alternate outs has a transformer that is -6 dB down so that is driven harder. Again, if you’ve never heard a good Neve-tuned transformer, it is really revealing when your music passes thru it hard. I’ve heard but never worked on a 5088. It is about par for big boards price wise with a full pre/eq section. The RND Sheffield channel strip alone is 4 grand. Even the orbit is expensive. A 16 channel summer shouldn’t cost over a grand but 2 custom transformer plus the silk options add up. Top notch components and parts cost but makes for long lasting equipment.
  9. Nice. Can’t wait to win the lotto I don’t play. I’ve got the Orbir and it does give the big console flavor. And if you want to hear how a musical a transformer can be, drive this unit. The transformer just blooms your sound.
  10. Buy a stand alone usb CD player. I suppose your computer has usb.
  11. A free version of Plasma in computer music (I think). I quickly upgraded to real plasma and then cakewalk/sonar.
  12. Kontakt shows up as my latest version of the software. Older versions have the # following.
  13. Probably my fav guitarist. He never lays too many notes. A space in time is a perfect album and cirickle wood green almost. And he seems to have the most fun of all the performers at Woodstock.
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