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  1. Thanks for the explanation and workarounds. I'd seen the workarounds post before but forgot them and couldn't find the post.
  2. Why don't CbB documentation searches search the most recent version the CbB online documentation? When I click Help > Documentation at the top left of CbB and then type a search phrase into the search box I get results like those shown in this screenshot. What I want are results from the latest CbB documentation, but I only see results from older pre-Bandlab versions. I think I've seen this question answered before but I can't find the answer so can someone please answer it again or point me to a previous answer. Thanks.
  3. Very helpful. Thanks. I never considered the retina distance. My viewing distance is ideally 30"-32" but I don't have room for a 40" display. Also, I've noticed that there don't seem to be any 4K displays in the range of 32"-40." I have about 34" between my monitor speakers. I do have an Ergotron articulated display mount that supports 20 lbs and could support the 32" monitor at 25" viewing distance, though a slightly larger 34" display would be better if there was one.
  4. Without a way to audition the 34" 4K display, I have trouble visualizing the impact it would have. On my 1K display I notice that the Inspector and Console Module widths and heights don't vary. Does that mean that they'd be half as wide and high on a 4K display which has twice the number of horizontal and vertical pixels? I'm also worried about text size. Is there a good way to visualize the what CbB would look like on a 4K display? I mostly work in Track View with the Console View docked below. I also bounce between full Track View and full Console View depending on what I'm working on. I also usually have several analysis plugins open in the final stages of mixing along with the plugin I'm adjusting.
  5. I have a related question. Can I replace my 27" 1K (1920 x 1080) display with a larger single display (probably 34" max) 4K (3840 x 2160) and have room to display track view (not maximized) and plugin pop-ups around it? I'm thinking that I don't need the full 27" for track view because I also have CbB on my Surface Pro 3 which has a 12" diagonal display which is cramped for sure. But somewhere between 12" and 27" would probably work if I could read the text in track view and on the plugin pop-ups. Is there any way to visualize what that would look like without actually buying the 4K display and trying it? Also, maybe something in between would be better; say 2560 x 1080. Any suggestions appreciated.
  6. Thanks Noel. That exactly describes what happened. I need to review Quick Grouping.
  7. Problem solved. Before dragging the acoustic guitar DI track to the timeline, select all tracks with the Clip Inspector open, hold down the CTRL key and change the Time Base to Absolute. Also, don't hold down SHIFT key when dragging the clip to the timeline. Holding the SHIFT key down seems to trigger some bizarre mixdown behavior in Melodyne.
  8. I'm getting what appears to be unexpected and possibly erroneous results when using the "Copy Melodyne Clip Tempo Map to Cakewalk's Tempo Map" capability explained on page 978 of the 2019.09 PDF Reference Guide and need some help in using the tool. I'm accustomed to using the "drag a clip to the timeline" method of adjusting the Cakewalk tempo map to the clip tempo. This has worked well for me until now. The band I record doesn't use a click track so the tempo wonders around a little which is fine. I usually drag the acoustic guitar DI track to the timeline to set the project tempo and get the results I want, a project timeline that follows the acoustic guitar DI tempo. But the results I get now seem erroneous to me. My understanding of what should happen is that the CbB project beats per minute tempo map will be adjusted to match the acoustic guitar without affecting the absolute time position and length of any clip. All clips should remain exactly where they are with respect to milliseconds and samples rulers. But that doesn't appear to be what's happening for the project I'm working on shown here before the tempo is adjusted. If I hold down the SHIFT key and drag the acoustic guitar DI clip to the timeline Melodyne appears to go through every track and create a region effect and mix it down which to me is not only not necessary but also possibly changing the audio of each track. When Melodyne is done the tempo map is correct, but I don't know why most tracks were mixed down by Melodyne and the tracks with clips that don't start at the beginning are time shifted which seems to confirm my suspensions that other tracks were stretched. I've read through the 2019.09 PDF documentation page 978 and I think I'm following the instructions. The instructions don't mention the shift key, but I worry about moving the clip left or right as I drag it. I also tried another method of creating a Melodyne RX for the acoustic guitar DI track and adjusting the project tempo to match the clip in Melodyne and then closing the region effect. The results appear to be the same because the clips that didn't start at the beginning are still time shifted. This shouldn't happen. What am I doing wrong? For clarity some of the tracks (including the acoustic guitar DI track) have four to six take lanes which don't show up in the screenshots and it's possible that take lanes are adversely affecting the tempo map change process.
  9. Dare, reading through your comments, it appears that you've abandoned CbB for now and are investigating other DAWs. That seems to be a good idea and will give you another point of reference. So my responses to your questions and explanations below probably won't be much use to you now. But should you revisit CbB in the future, hopefully some of my responses will be useful then. Yes, as you noted, clean installs are not as important now as they were in the past and they are time consuming, but I still like to start that way. I suggested it to you because the problems you were reporting seemed to be very unlikely which made me think there might be serious problems with your OS or other applications. This other software could be contributing significantly to your problem. You might want to check that out. I am trying to learn to use take lanes. So far they are a challenge. I've learned that doing things in the right order is really important, but I still have problems. One thing that I believe is recommended by documentation is turn of the Comp Smart Tool and then find the Mute tool which took me a while. The Mute tool can quickly undo selection mistakes. Take lanes seem to automatically split take clips that are longer than others which can also cause problems with things like drag moves that tend to leave the automatically generated clips behind or cover them up. I've still got a lot to learn here.
  10. Yes. I'm still using the 4.63.24 which I think is the latest version available for my 1st gen 18i8 and I thought it was working perfectly until I popped a project open to make this screenshot for this post. The first time I clicked the ASIO Panel button on the Driver Settings Preferences page, the Scarllet Settings dialog box opened on top as it should. But on subsequent times the Scarllet Settings dialog box did not open on top. It opened behind the CbB window, So the workaround I use to find it and make a buffer size change, I close the Preferences dialog, reduce the size of the CbB window and drag the CbB window to the left to uncover the Scarllet Settings dialog box. So it works fine, you just have to find it to use it. Again, I actually thought this was fixed but it's not and I'm not sure who should fix it. I've assumed that should be Focusrite, but I'm not sure. Let me know it the workaround is still not clear.
  11. Is there a way to change muted clip colors in take lanes? I use the Tungsten Theme where muted clips in take lanes are about the same color of gray as the background. I'd like to use a different color but haven't found a color option under preferences and it appears that the clip color options under Clip Properties don't appear to have any affect over clips in take lanes.
  12. Dare, really; who are you debating? I'm sorry that you are experiencing so many "rare and highly specific showstopper" problems. I'm assuming that you are able to reproduce those problems, describe them in detail in your bug reports, and hopefully can send dump files are even example projects to the support folks. If not, support staff will probably have problems understanding and fixing the bugs you are seeing. My problem is that I've been a on-again, off-again SONAR and now CbB user for 15 years and somehow I've always been able to use the SONAR/CbB to record and mix audio. I suppose I did experience "showstoppers" from time to time, but they must of been rare, because I don't remember any of them. So I'm wondering if the problems you're seeing are more related to your DAW hardware, other applications and Windows 10 64x configuration than they are to CbB. Since, you are apparently unable to accomplish anything worthwhile, maybe now would be a good time to clean up, all of your resource/project harddrives, and clean install Windows 10 Creator Edition and CbB along with any other applications on your DAW.
  13. Anyone using Microsoft's OneDrive for DAW files? To me it looks like a good option because I have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription which includes 1TB OneDrive space for each of six users. I'm assuming that I can have access to all 6TBs which I think is plenty for my DAW and personal files. My plan is to put all documents and resource/install files on OneDrive and mirrored in a local OneDrive folder. I'll keep project files on a local drive and manually drag them to a backup OneDrive folder that isn't mirrored on a local OneDrive folder. Does this seem like a reasonable plan?
  14. Where can I find the scook very handy VST Inventory program? Thanks.
  15. That appears to have worked. Thanks scook.
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