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  1. @msmcleod, thanks. I used save as to create the project so the clips were already nearly the correct length, but I "Applied Trimming" to be safe. That didn't solve the problem. I use aux tracks, not buses for FX these days so, I hadn't really looked at buses. When I did I saw bus automation that stretched out across the whole tracking session. Deleting the bus automation solved my problem. Now "Shift + F" stretches the project to fill the screen. I think I'd originally added the bus automation to do a rough mixdown of the whole session. It looks like you get all the bus automation with each song when you use "Save As" to create a single song mix project from a multi-song session with bus automation. That probably also means that the bus automation is not in sync with the song. Not good, but ok if you don't use bus automation or don't mind recreating it manually for each song.
  2. Thanks @Promidi & @msmcleod. That's it! I moved the left selection boundary to 6:02 and was able to move all the clips left. I also noticed that the selection extends to measure 903. So when press Shift + F to display the project which ends at measure 219, I get the display in the screen shot. I looked at the event list and there are no events after measure 219. Any idea what's out there? Dashed lines for track automation envelopes extend out there but nothing else I can see. As a note the clips for this project were cut from a recording session that most likely extended to measure 903.
  3. Why can't I drag the 18 tracks in a project to the left? The attached GIF shows me trying to drag move 18 clips left. The clips won't drag left and the gray shapes shown show up while I'm trying. I then dragged one clip left with no problem. There are also white dots in the empty space to the left of most of the clips. What's the significance of that?
  4. @MediaGary, are you using a 100% display scale factor?
  5. Focusrite has a floating buffer size popup that you could leave open but using it several times in a session is about the only way I can BSOD Cakewalk
  6. Are you saying that using Workspaces makes Screensets obsolete? I've been trying to use them together on a single project with no luck. I'll worry about other projects once I've got one working. Right now I've got a Workspace definition with the Screenset box not checked that loads one of the screensets that I want to use for mixing, but I have several other screensets I'd like to be able to easily toggle to. With the Workspace Screenset box not checked, Screensets are unavailable in that Workspace. If I check the box, I can't get the Workspace to load that screenset that it will load with the screenset box not checked. I've tried defining a screenset (1) that matches the one I want, but have been unsuccessful. Is there some trick I'm missing? Or should I abandon screensets, which wouldn't bother me, and define more Workspaces for the other screensets I'd like to have available. I just want to take advantage of the workflow tools Cakewalk offers to move around as repeatably and quickly as possible.
  7. Yeah. I think the same thing would happen to me. I have 1st gen 18i8. I don't disconnect audio interfaces when Cakewalk is running so I don't know for sure. I do have a similar problem, when I change ASIO buffer size which is usually dodgy after the first attempt which works flawlessly. But if I'm searching for the smallest buffer size possible, I'll change the buffer size multiple times. Using the buffer size is always iffy and the Focusrite buffer size popup stays under Cakewalk after the first change. And once in a while, I'll get a BSOD. Both Cakewalk and Focusrite have made software updates to resolve this problem. But not there yet.
  8. I haven't used it yet but this one may have more features than LICEcap, but seems a little scary to me. Install took longer and once installed a capture launch dropdown was added in the top center of my screen that I couldn't immediately determine how to remove. So I uninstalled it which required a reboot that took considerably longer than usual to get rid of the capture launch dropdown.
  9. Sorry @David Baay. I guess I misunderstood. I have my answer which I stated in my previous post and you helped me find it. For that I'm grateful.
  10. Thanks for the analysis. But, the default range interpretation applying only to tracks added is news to me and counter to my own experience. My experience indicates that changing meter options including display range under Meter Options in Track View affects all existing track meter ranges not just any tracks added after the change. So I don't believe that it is possible to change Meter Options without the changes affecting meters for all existing tracks. However, given other issues I've had with Workspaces, I suspect it's possible, but unintended, that changing Workspaces for an existing project could change Meter Options indications without actually changing the meter ranges of the tracks in the project to which the Workspace change was applied, or vise versa. If true, I think this is an unintended consequence, or in other words a bug. In either case, the workaround is relatively painless changing meter display range and then changing it back to intended range will sync the meter display range selection with the actual displayed meter range.
  11. Nope, didn't do that. As my screenshot shows I verified the setting being different than the meter scale range for several tracks. Didn't use a template, but I have been using and having problems with Workspaces which I've posted a separate question on. I'm thinking that Workspaces have some difficult to discover/modify features.
  12. @David Baay, thanks. Yes, selecting -24dB display range and then reselecting -42dB solved the problem. The OP was posted to report the anomaly shown in the attached screenshot. As shown in the screenshot, playback meters were set to -42dB but operating at -60dB. I would have submitted it as a bug report but I can never seem to figure out how to do that. I've been having some other problems using workspaces to manage display options and I suspect that this is another one.
  13. It didn't work. As the screenshot shows. -42dB is selected for Tracks but they're scaled to -60dB.
  14. This looks like a bug to me. Cakewalk is in Playback mode but Track View meter ranges are set to Record mode range. This is more of a potential bug report than a question. Should I have posted it somewhere else?
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