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  1. Me too! Don't know of a way to prevent it. 😟
  2. Historically, I used dashes or underscores in project file names but lately I've been using dots (like 9.01) and haven't seen a problem. I don't recall using dots in exports but may have. Am I setting myself up for disappointment?
  3. Are you aware that you can have separate track managers for the track and console views if you untick the box inside the blue box on the image below? I like to use the console view for mixing and want to see aux tracks in the console view that I don't want to see in track view since there are no clips in the aux tracks.
  4. That that along with track or clip name would be nice for everything (import, export and bounce).
  5. I don't use Reaper. So I can't be sure but it appears that you've adopted Reaper's file naming convention as the only acceptable way to name a file. Since you're using Cakewalk, why not adopting Cakewalk's naming convention and save yourself some work? For me "01_Kick In" is incomplete particularly if I have 50+ tracks a day to keep track of. I include the artist and song name, as well as the date in every project file name.
  6. Wouldn't omitting the word "Silencer" leaving only the"-" solve the problem? You'd have the edited name you show preceded by a dash.
  7. @scook, thank you for the clarification. Hopefully that ends my problems with installing Cakewalk updates.
  8. Have you tried exporting tracks? You'll need to add some text in the file name box ("Latest Edit" for example). The exported track files will be named "Latest Edit Track Name." Does that work for you? If it does either pick an export preset that works or define and save a new one.
  9. @User 905133, thanks for the suggestions. I moved around visible dialog boxes and checked the tray but couldn't find any hidden popups. Any suggestions on where else to look? I was also miffed that Bandlab Assistant was still running after I'd closed and uninstalled it. Why would it still be running? That sounds like malware behavior.
  10. I just updated Cakewalk to 2020.01 and am kicking myself for not taking screenshots of the gyrations I went through to get the BandLab assistant to run so that I could update Cakewalk. Highlights include: BandLab Assistant launched and I logged in but it needed to be updated. So I downloaded and installed the update which required that I agree to stop Bandlab Assistant. But BandLab Assistant didn't appear to start so I tried to launch it from the Start menu which didn't appear to work. So, I went to programs and features and found two versions of BandLab Assistant installed. So, I uninstalled the older one but still couldn't get BandLab Assistant to start. So, I uninstalled the version that I'd just installed. Then I installed it again having to agree to stop BandLab (which was apparently still running even after all versions uninstalled) to do the install. Now I was able to launch BandLab Assistant and do the Cakewalk update which appeared to go well. I launched Cakewalk and verified that I have the 2020.01 version and closed it for now. If you're having trouble updating Cakewalk because you can't seem to launch BandLab Assistant consider these steps.
  11. Thanks. That's good to hear. I'll start shopping again.
  12. I don't have a 4K monitor but would like to buy a 40" one once Cakewalk is updated to handle DPI scaling. @jono grant maybe the two post on previous threads below will help. It appears that the Cakewalk UI doesn't handle DPI scaling unless, it's been addressed since @Noel Borthwick post below. @Matthew Sorrels is also using a 4K monitor and has some troubleshooting suggestions.
  13. I don't think that Cakewalk supports DPI scaling. I seem to recall reading that in a thread on using 4K monitors. At the time I was thinking of buying a larger 4K monitor, but decided not to after reading that post.
  14. iZotope's RX7 Music Rebalance does a good job of removing acoustic guitar from a vocal track. Not sure how well it would do with a click in an acoustic guitar track. RX 7 is expensive but very handy. I have it as part of the Music Production Suite and got it through multiple upgrades over a couple of years which made it seem a lot less expensive. RX7 also has a de-bleed tool, but I've had less luck with that.
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