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  1. Thank you! All drives in my new DAW are Samsung. I've been using 3rd party cloning software when I need it which isn't often but now I can use Magician which also has a lot of testing and troubleshooting features. I opened it up and learned that my 3 new M.2 PCIe drives needed firmware updates which I did all at once and very quickly. Thanks again.
  2. Ditto that. He's a valuable contributor and resource.
  3. I often ave this same problem using either Chrome or Firefox on my S20 FE, but not always. I assumed it was a problem with the display setup in the email itself. Next time I see it, which will be soon, I'm going to look for email and browser settings that might be causing the problem.
  4. This looks like the solution to so many of the thing people are trying to accomplish with markers and much more. I haven't learned to use it yet, but I'm hoping to as soon as my DAW is back in operation.
  5. Thanks. I just downloaded FreeFileSync. The granularity and ability to control sync direction sold me. I'm wondering what you mean by high quality. Waves tech support told me I could use any USB drive and that even the smallest one would have much more capacity than I need for my < 30 plugins. So I plan to use one of the SanDisk 8GB drives I use for clean installing Windows.
  6. If your DAW can't handle playing the full project back without clicks, pops and dropouts, you can freeze all tracks to reduce the processing load before playing back the project. Maybe that's what Reaper is calling a dry run.
  7. That's not possible. In the context of a DAW, to render is to export. A dry run would be playing the final mix without exporting. Most, if not all, DAWs support that. If you're worried about bit reduction artifacts plugins like iZotope's Ozone have that capability.
  8. This video, made by a musician with time on his hands, and showing testing he did to compare a bunch of mics, was posted on the Production Expert blog. I'm sure a lot of you have seen it. But I decided to post it here because it's shows so clearly what the overall frequency response differences are and, if you want the graphs, he suggests that you can pause the video on the graphs you want and take a screenshot. There's probably plenty of other differences, which may or may not be important, that he doesn't discuss; but I think his work provides really useful information for selecting mics to buy and use.
  9. I have a 13900K and I'm using This air cooler called the best by Tom's Hardware in its review. It is big, has 2 towers, 2, 120 mm fans, and room for a third. I'm using the Phantom Spirit SE which has one more tube and is a little shorter than the one reviewed. If I need the third fan I'll use a 90 mm one because a 120 mm fan would be sitting on the RAM and stick ou above the top of the cooler. I like a lot of fans too. I have 6 bequiet 140 mm PWM Wings Pro 4 case fans. I can't hear a thing with the case cover off and my head in the opening. I'm still installing software and haven't loaded it up at all, but, I think, Tom's Hardware tested it up o 200 Watts.
  10. I agree. No improvements, though I have not been able to use CbB very much so far, mostly just testing, as I'm still adding programs to my new DAW. I haven't seen any problems that going back to Windows 10 would solve. For me, Windows 11 Pro is just as intuitive as Windows 10 Pro if not better. There may be some downsides to some of the security improvements in 11, but I haven't noticed them. I also seem to reading a recommendation, I think in Tom's Hardware that Windows 11 Pro is a better choice because, I think, it's more configurable, though most of the extra stuff only comes into play if your PC will be part of a managed domain.
  11. Ok. I get the point. Question withdrawn.
  12. I'm lost at "1. Open the Steam client." I'm not familiar with Steam. Is it the StEAM online gaming platform or something else?
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