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  1. Could it be that fast start (probably not the correct name) is enabled allowing your PC to restart quickly most, but not all, of the time? If fast start is enabled, you should probably disable it. It can cause serious problems.
  2. Thanks. A picture is worth a 1000 words.
  3. The translator may be a big contributor to the communication difficulties here but we're stuck with it. I'm going to attempt to summarize your concerns and respond to them again hoping that it might help. I'm not a Cubase user either, but I did read through this whole thread. It's clear to me that, in Cakewalk, several track outputs or sends can be sent to a single bus or aux track in one operation. It appears that Cubase provides the same functionality for group tracks. Same function, different name. I don't see a difference. You can do the same thing on the aux track or bus. What do you mean by "all tracks closed"? Are you using the Track or Console view? In either view press the H key to display a track manager that will allow you to choose which tracks are shown. If you are using Console view, click on the arrowhead in the ProChannel field to open/close the ProChannel. You can use quick groups to open/close ProChannel for a group of tracks. Select the tracks that you want to open/close ProChannel for. Then with Ctrl depressed click on the ProChannel arrowhead in one of the selected tracks. Then use aux tracks as the Cakewalk equivalent of Cubase group tracks. Give it a try it works in either Track or Console view. Select the tracks you want to group. Then with Ctrl depressed click in the output or on the send + on one of the selected tracks and choose new aux track at the destination .
  4. I'm guessing this rant was intended for your blog and not this forum. Suggest you move it there.
  5. Is it impacting CbB or instrument performance? If not, maybe it's ok as long as the Documents folder is marked to always on this PC and you don't have more than one PC using the same OneDrive account. Hopefully by now OneDrive Support has an FAQ for getting Documents backup off of OneDrive. In my case, I think I had to disconnect my PC from OneDrive and reconnect it without Documents backup, but I'm not sure.
  6. I've never excluded any CbB files from "Virus & threat protection" and I'm not aware of any problems it's caused. If Defender is scanning files while they're in use, it doesn't seem to cause any problems. What am I missing?
  7. I use OneDrive but it was a struggle to set up, I believe the problem is the user/Documents folder not %APPDATA%. At least that's where I struggled. OneDrive offers to backup Documents. Choosing that option cause performance problems with both CbB and OneDrive because Cakewalk and plugins store lots of information they need in the Documents folder and conflicts quickly arise when both the program and OneDrive are accessing the data at the same time. To solve that problem I chose to not have OneDrive backup the Documents folder which appears that I was finally successful at but it was very difficult. OneDrive really wants to backup Documents and if you happen to respond positively to one of it's request the SHTF quickly and recovery is very difficult. I can say it's been behaving for months now and I'm very happy having the 1TB free cloud storage for each Office 365 license. For simplicity and possibility stability. I don't create any folders named "Documents" anywhere and I put nothing in my user/Documents folder. All the folders in the user/Documents folder are placed there by programs and there are a lot of them. My documents folder is 23.4 GB right now. I also keep all of my Office documents on OneDrive and I have a folder named Docs_Bills for my documents on OneDrive. I also have one named Docs_BU that I can copy the user/Documents contents to manually to backup. OneDrive has it's own Documents folder with shortcuts to documents that I save on OneDrive like OneNote. Finally, I see lots of potential problems with the way OneDrive works and have been round and round with OneDrive support about them but I get the idea that they understand and are trying to address the problems as they continue their main goal of out Appleing Apple. I really appreciate that observation. I've came to the same conclusion but been unable to condense it to words. 🤔 I have OneDrive on a separate drive with no other folders on it because I placed a second folder "Cakewalk Projects BU" on the same drive with the idea that I would copy files from Cakewalk Projects to Cakewalk Projects BU and then to another folder with a slightly different name in OneDrive. Before I could do that OneDrive absorbed the Cakewalk Project BU folder. I still don't have this completely sorted but am backing up Cakewalk Projects folders to OneDrive manually in yet another folder.
  8. Thanks for the candid and detailed review. I downloaded demos. Documentation and UIs look well done.
  9. Thanks. That's one option I'm considering. The main reason for my post was to provide that Fixing Firewire link to anyone who might be able to use it.
  10. I've been having frequent intermittent blue screen on startup problems for the last month or so. I've updated drivers and nothing has changed. I have both USB and Firewire interfaces. At first I was using the MOTU 828 mkII Firewire interface and thought the problem might be with that so I switched to the Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 USB 2.0 interface but the problems persisted. I decided to contact SYBA the manufacturer for my current Firewire PCIe card and they sent me the link below which I used to manually update my Firewire driver again even though my current driver appears to be identical to the one I just installed. So I'm not expecting that this solved my problem, but I thought that the reference at this Fixing Firewire might be useful to others with Firewire interfaces.
  11. I'll take a wild guess and suggest setting Workspaces to None then check for the missing Views again.
  12. Yes. Multiple options is probably a good thing because it's more flexible and supports multiple workshops. Currently I use keyboard shortcuts when they're available and add them when I can.
  13. You might want to post this on the feedback loop forum. It could be that there is a problem in clip paste processing. Not sure myself.
  14. I just noticed that I never thanked you for this detailed and helpful response. Thank you.
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