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  1. How can I set clip colors for Take Lanes? Any suggestions or clarification appreciated I like to set clip colors to match track colors because it seems to help me navigate. However, when I have multiple takes that process seems to fall apart. In this screenshot, I think that T3 was selected when I assigned the color to track 1. So the clip for that take is the same as the track color. However, I can't seem to change the clip color for T4. Notice that I've set the T4 Foreground color to match the track color in the clip inspector but that didn't change the clip color. What am I missing? Also, I really don't like the low contrast light gray default color for take clips. Is there some way to change that? My theme is Tungsten. I didn't see take lane color options under preferences.
  2. Me too Bob. My mb has a dedicated m2 slot and a pcie x4 m2 mounting card. I'm mostly recording & mixing audio mine are used for the C [boot] drive & the Cakewalk projects drive I have two Samsung ssds for everything else. I haven't measured but mine seem lighting fast.
  3. On the Time Ruler at the top of the Track View, click the (+) on the right end and add the Millisecond Ruler which shows Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds. Use that ruler to select the exact number of seconds you want. You can also choose Snap to Grid resolution in seconds to make it easier to select the exact number of seconds you want.
  4. They are different dialogs. You used the Meter/Key Signature dialog which works at the beginning of the song. I used the Measure Beat Meter dialog which doesn't work at the beginning of the song. I think I have the latest version as well. Ver: 2019.07 (Build 79)
  5. Thanks msmcleod. I thought I tried it, but must not have because it works.
  6. How do I specify the Meter at the start of a project? I use the project shown in this screenshot https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ag9MrIdQMNIZoQSkFNpfPX2WuOGB?e=uF1VsC to provide a metronome for piano practice. So I frequently change the metronome Meter to match the song I'm practicing, but as shown by the error dialog in the screenshot at the link, CbB doesn't allow me to do that . Why not? This project has only the one track which contains no clips.
  7. Ok, I've figured this out. So, I'm answering my own question. Here are the answers: In short the Reference Guide is great! I read the section on exporting again and found that you need to de-select all tracks and clips for the Project export option to work. I didn't really find an answer here, but it no longer matters to me. Since I don't know how it works, I won't use the Export>Audio option. Instead I found that the presets listed in the Export module are the same ones that appear in the Advanced dialog. So by choosing Advanced and then selecting a preset you'll be able to see exactly what's included export presets are used in the Export module. But that still doesn't define what happens when the Audio options are used.
  8. I save images on OneDrive and paste a link in forum posts.
  9. Now that there's a Export Module on the Control Bar I use it but I have some questions that I haven't been able to find answers for: What's the difference between the Project and Selection buttons? I leave the Project button ticked because that's about all I export. But I still have to select all tracks to export the entire project. Only selected tracks are included in the mix even with the Project button ticked. For the Export Audio options, which dithering option is used? I always use use Pow-r 3, but don't know which option is selected when I skip the Advanced choice. So I use Advanced.
  10. Me too! Nice quiet case. Lots of fan locations and easy to route cables out of sight. Really like being able to mount two SSDs on back side of MB plate.
  11. No responses. So I guess not.
  12. Is it possible to copy clip automation from one clip to another? I tried copy and paste special, but when the clip is de-selected, the automation is de-selected as well. There also aren't any clip automation lanes. And there don't seem to be any copy/paste choices in the automation edit dropdown.
  13. Looks like keyboard shortcuts you want to add for all lenses & "none" should be added with "none" selected in lenses.
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