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  1. Thanks. That makes sense. And I got it fixed until the next time I decide to install an X2 plugin.
  2. Yes. Thanks. I apologize. My problem was that I clearly remember being able to use the browse button for VST plugin locations and I can't now. I also realized, that asking an install question in an update release thread is not a good idea. Changing the registry key solved the problem, but the browse button is still greyed out.
  3. Why can't I select a VST folder for 2020.10 EA1or2? What do I do to fix it? This is a new problem. I haven't had this problem before that I can recall. I always use Advanced install. My Cakewalk VST2s are all in the folders I selected in the G:\Cakewalk folder. See GIF below recorded for EA2. I have about 10 VST folders listed most show up in the screenshot below. The one in G:\cakewalk content- x2\vstplugins was added by the X2 installer when I recently added a couple of X2 VSTs.
  4. Thank you! Very helpful! Did I miss that in the documentation?
  5. After selecting "Advanced" install why am I unable to select another VST plugin folder? I've always been able to do that before. Is this something I screwed up by deciding to install a couple of X2 plugins? UPDATE: Don't bother to respond. You've got bigger fish to fry. My question is related to the Early Release, but not related to the great new main feature which is generating a lot of discussion. So I'm just going to skip this early release and hope the problem I'm dealing with, which is new for me, goes away before the final 2020.10 release. If not, I'll bring it up again then.
  6. Thanks. That VST plugin file path does exist along with 10 more. And yes, it's there because I recently installed several plugins from X2 and that's where X2 wanted to put them. I don't think I was given a choice by the X2 installer. My problem is that the Cakewalk installer folder location Browse buttons are all greyed out and I am unable to change the VST path to the location I use for Cakewalk. What do I need to do to make the Browse buttons active as they should be when the Advanced install option is selected? I think the only one I want to change is the VST plugins folder.
  7. I just started install and selected Advanced so that I could pick VST and content paths to match my file location preferences. However, I was unable to select the VST path and stopped there. The path shown seemed odd to me as well. I have three Cakewalk VST folders: G:\Cakewalk\vstplugins_32-bit, G:\Cakewalk\vstplugins_64-bit and G:\Cakewalk\X2\vstplugins. The path the installer was going to use was: G:\Cakewalk Content\X2\vstplugins. I don't have any plugins in the Cakewalk Content folder.
  8. Is there help documentation or tool tips for the Classic Creative Suite? I remember when these plugins were first added to X3, I think that the last line of the plugin description ended with: "For more information, see the Alias Factor online Help" as it does now. I was then and now not able to find any documentation online. I realize that they're pretty simple, but I'd appreciate descriptions of each dial including units, etc if it exist.
  9. Thanks. That's good news. Do you happen to know which chip your Chillblast uses?
  10. Any suggestions for a PCIe firewire adapter for my DAW PC? Also, is anyone using the Syba PEX3009 PCIe? It uses the TI X102213B chip which, I've read, is a good choice DAW applications. My DAW PC has an ASUS X99 DELUXE II mb. My goal is to add a firewire adapter so I can, hopefully, get my ancient MOTU 828 mkll going again assuming it's drivers will work with W10 2004. Thanks.
  11. I'm obviously doing something wrong. Here's what I get. Notice tempo is around 86 bpm and changing, but Host Tempo displayed in Sonitus Delay is 131 bpm. BTW, what is the app you use for creating gifs? I was using it based on your recommendation but lost it when I had to reinstall windows. I liked it better than ScreenToGif I just used here.
  12. Does this mean the Host tempo sync won't work? I've found a number of references that indicate it does. Here's one but it doesn't work for me.
  13. Thanks @scook. Yep. Continuous, created by dragging acoustic guitar track to timeline.
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