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  1. It looks that way. The monolithic hardware & claims that apple users are more willing to pay for apps probably make apple products more attractive to developers.
  2. I think you can simply copy take lane clips and paste them in individual tracks.
  3. I have W10 1909 (2004 won't install), CW 2020.05 and GS-2 VST3 V2.3.2 and GT-2 Properties Page looks fine and GT-2 plays fine. So don't see a problem.
  4. I'm not fond of that auto selection feature either. And, like you, my favorite timeline selection method is to drag in the timeline using aim assist. I'm learning to ignore the, to me, useless big green selection range and work underneath it.
  5. I did look at the Undo dropdown and nothing was there.
  6. Exactly. I don't think I have any clip groups to loop. So nothing should have happened. What happened had nothing to do with looping. The popup indicates that clips were bounced but no new clips have been added to the project audio folder. My question is what happened and why?
  7. Looping a selection independent of tempo is easy in Cakewalk. Turn off Snap to Grid. Drag on the Timeline to make a selection. Press SHIFT + L to set Loop Points. Press the Spacebar to continuously play the selection. Press again to stop. Drag in the middle of the selection on the Timeline to move the selection. Drag the Loop Points to widen or shrink the selection.
  8. Bill Phillips

    CTRL+L Mistake

    What happened when I pressed CTRL+L in project shown below? Since there are no groove clips and no clips were selected I would expect either nothing would happen or maybe a select a groove clip message would pop up. But that's not what happened. Is there anyway to terminate erroneous commands once a popup appears? Nothing I tried worked. The project shows an existing loop selection at the end of the 2nd verse and I've made a new loop selection in the Timeline of 1st verse. I intended to press SHFT+L to make a new loop selection. Instead I got confused and pressed CTRL+L. Big Mistake. Cakewalk got busy and non-responsive. Then the hidden data slip editing error message shown in the screenshot popped up. I tried to cancel or close it. No luck. I tried to close the project. No luck. So I clicked OK. The mixdown progress bar popped up in the Control Bar and when it finished a saving project message appeared. Once that cleared, the same message reappeared. This happened I'd say more than a dozen times. When it was done, I was able to close the project without saving. So I don't think any damage was done. Unbelievably I re-opened the project and did the same thing a second time and the same thing happened again. So it's repeatable. After that I was able to figure out that I should be pressing SHFT+L which removes the existing loop points and added the new ones as expected. The project has 40 tracks many contain no clips and some with clips are hidden.
  9. Thanks. I didn't realize that the entire index is on a single page. I'll try that.
  10. Problem is, you can't really search the website which for me is a real problem. I quite often, probably most of the time, don't know where to look but can come up with a keyword or two by trial and error. The pdf document is very easy to search.
  11. I use clip gain on vocals to level them out. To me it's the easiest place.
  12. Thanks for the reminder. Another good reason for using the media browser to load tracks.
  13. Do you use the Perfect Tunes, CD Ripper or MP3 Converter apps?
  14. On my Android phone this link sends me to TicTok. Nevermind my mistake.
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