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  1. I use both the PDF & ofline HTML versions a lot. I seldom use the website because of the (cumbersome to me) Google search tool. The offline HTML is the easiest for me to navigate and the PDF is the easiest to search.
  2. PC (ProChannel) is also visible in Console View and has a couple of nice compressors. PC also has a bunch of presents to audition if you choose to use them.
  3. I definitely considered that but decided it's not the problem. It hasn't stuck with any other keyboard shortcuts. I use Windows keyboard shortcuts frequently. So I think I'd be seeing other examples.
  4. What did I do to, apparently, activate Windows Speech Recognition? Starting a couple of days ago while working in Cakewalk the "Welcome to Speech Recognition" dialog shown in the screenshot popped up when I used the CTRL + S attempting to save the project I was working on. I may have preceded the CTRL + S with another keyboard shortcut my mistake. The Spacebar Play/Stop keyboard shortcut quit working at the same time. For a while I couldn't use either CTRL + S to save or Spacebar to Play/Stop. Since then it happens nearly every time I'm using Cakewalk. The keyboard shortcuts CTRL + S and Spacebar work as they should for a while until the "Welcome to Speech Recognition" dialog opens for CTRL +S. I'm positive that I'm not pressing Win + CTRL + S when this happens. Also, the Spacebar Play/Stop shortcut doesn't always stop working. Eventually both commands begin working again. It's as if Cakewalk has lost the focus and clicking on it or in it doesn't restore the focus for some time. Things I've done that haven't solved the problem I've verified that "Run Speech Recognition at startup" is not ticked. I'll open Task Manager and cancel Speech Recognition which has sometimes seemed to persist after I've closed the "Welcome to Speech Recognition" dialog is closed.
  5. Have you tried 100% scaling? I have a 38" 3840x1600. I use it at 100% scaling and have no trouble with legibility or blurriness in Cakewalk or anything else. I'm guessing that the text size would be a little smaller on a 32" but it may not be noticeable.
  6. No. Thank you that's what I needed. I somehow went to a Project5 Technotes site instead. I don't even know how I did that. Thanks again.
  7. Sorry, but what I find at http://project5.technetos.com/download/Alesion_PTN_Construction_Kit.zip is an Alesion PTN Construction Kit not an Alesion ARP Presets folder and what's inside are PTN files not ARP files. I don't see any other links. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Lots of options for time manipulation, mostly 3rd party. The included audiosnap and stretching algorithms (can't think of name) will do it. As will 3rd party tools like Melodyne.
  9. Thanks. It sure does! The difference appears to be it leaves an extra pair of nodes that the region adjust tool doesn't. I guess I'd forgotten about that option since, up until recently the region adjust tool has been a more tidy option. But, I'll use CTRL+drag for now. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I think of that as selected which also makes that track the focus which highlights the track name. Whereas changing the focus by clicking on the track name doesn't change the selection. I think of selected tracks as included in any operation whereas only one track can have the focus.
  11. Thank you. I hope that means that I'll be able to click near the top of an audio track between two automation nodes on the envelope selected in the edit filter and use the automation region adjust tool that appears to drag the segment between the nodes up/down.
  12. Can you define sticky-selected? Couldn't find in the local or pdf documentation. What I'm seeing is with no track selected [track no. highlighted] or having the focus [track name highlighted] the time range on the time ruler and tempo track are highlighted along with the audio track between the two nodes on the envelope on either side of the cursor when I click near the top of the track to engage the automation adjust tool [not sure that's the right name].
  13. Yes. I think so. To edit envelopes in multiple tracks you should be able to select them using methods other than the lasso method. I'm really fond of being able click in the top half of the clip to select the segment between the two adjacent nodes for adjusting automation.
  14. Thank you for the detailed response and suggestions. I'm usually adjusting existing automation and don't have snap turned on. So dragging in the bottom half of clips will just add nodes. Also I don't make selections in the time ruler. I click in the top half of the clip between two nodes on the edit filter selected envelope to select the segment between the two nodes. Cakewalk adds the time ruler selection.
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