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  1. I don't think so. A separate audio device & driver are shown in device manager. It's just that Windows 10 reinstalls/re-enables it every time I uninstall/disable it.
  2. Is there some way to permanently disable or uninstall the offending device? To me the notification are useful for devices I actually use which all seem to keep working flawlessly. The one I get that notification for is the one associated with my AMD RX 580's HDMI output which isn't used by Cakewalk or anything else. All my attempts to disable and uninstall it fail. It comes right back.
  3. Bill Phillips

    Microsoft Edge

    Thanks, that's true. I remember it. Insert "for all practical purposes" between "Edge is" and "a part of Windows..." in my statement.
  4. Bill Phillips

    Microsoft Edge

    I don't have a dog in this fight, but FWIW, I think that some people are getting their shorts in a bind for no good reason. We have bigger fish to fry. I sympathize because I generally feel the same way. However, Edge is a part of Windows 10 the way the Apple browser is a part of all Apple OS's. And, some kind of web access functionality is required to monitor for and install updates. Using Edge on Windows 10 systems seems like a no brainer IMHO because it's the most likely to work flawlessly with W10 on a continual basis. I've always avoided Windows browsers and use Firefox, their VPN and duckduckgo. I hate being spied on. However, I'm loving the great photos that pop up each time I W10 starts up and use Edge to download the ones I really like. I've also developed an affinity for the Edge Collections button for keeping track and organizing the dozens of tabs I seem unable to close.🙄 Now I use two browsers, Firefox for browsing trying to keep the number tabs to a dozen and Edge for paging through my collections.
  5. Bill Phillips

    Help Tab

    That old Platinum documentation is becoming less and less relevant as CbB continues to evolve and improve. The online documentation is the most up to date. The downloadable PDF lags behind and has a version number at the bottom of page 2 to indicate when it was last updated.
  6. I suggest that you submit it to Cakewalk either using the Feedback Loop Forum or the problem reporting email address which I don't remember. I'm guessing the problem is with Spectral Layers, but have no way of knowing. FwIW, Cakewalk was an early adopter of ARA and second to only S1 in implementing ARA access to Melodyne. Cakewalk has always worked closely with Microsoft and, TMK, still one of the very best integrated DAWs with Microsoft, probably second to S1 again. Before S1 Cakewalk was definitely the leader.
  7. Ok, I quickly opened Melodyne for a track, used the pitch tool to correct the pitch of a note, typed Ctrl-Z and the correction was canceled. My problems with Melodyne, the only Region FX I use, is keeping track of where the focus is. I try to stay in Melodyne but end up leaving to look at something else and forgetting where I am. I also checked to verify that the Melodyne Region FX Help button opens Cakewalk specific help. It does. See screenshot.
  8. Could a theme glitch be causing this problem? If yes, any suggestions?
  9. What happens if you stop playback, bounce, then resume playback?
  10. Sorry. No I was responding to you and somehow got the idea you were asking about Melodyne. I'm not familiar with Spectral Layers but if their documentation is on par with Melodyne's, my response might still be applicable. I've also never used the give all keystrokes to plugin functionality. I'll have to try that. I'm accustomed to the keystrokes going to the application with the focus.
  11. Click the Help button in the Melodyne view and there Cakewalk specific online help section will open, I think. If it just opens the general help section, look around on the left near the top and pick Cakewalk as your DAW.
  12. See GIF. I added an Arpeggiator clip effect to the MIDI clip in an Instrument Track, then bounced the clip to clips which worked fine. Then I undid the bounce and bounced it again. The 2nd time only a portion of the clip was affected by the Arpeggiator. This is a small project that I'm using to get familiar with working in MIDI. So this could be operator error, or the problem could have gone on for a while without being noticed. If needed I can send the project file. It's small with no audio.
  13. Post moved to Feadback Loop. Sorry, thought it might be related to early release version.
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