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Alan Tubbs

Computer from scratch

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ive got a brand new computer for music and I am retiring my old win 7.  

win 10 pro.  What is the best process for preparing wi 10  and then assembling the programs, such as cake first?

any ideas welcome before I start.  Thanks in advance.

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Nothing has changed since this thread.

The key is to know what needs to be installed in order.  What happens when these are installed out of order. And how to fix an out of order install.

Assuming you have the SONAR Platinum/Producer series, the condensed version is

  • advanced install using minimal installation of X2+X2a to get V-Vocal (there is an video in the thread about this)
  • install at least the Platinum program
  • install CbB

That is it for the items to install in order. Installing out of order usually means the most recent version of shared utilities is overwritten. The quick fix is uninstall and reinstall CbB.

Then, at your leisure and in no particular order, run the Platinum plug-in installers and use the advanced install option for X3 and older to pick up plug-ins as needed. There is a spreadsheet linked in the thread containing the SONAR plug-in bundle history.

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