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After Hours

Hidden Symmetry

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Absoflippinlutely great!!!  Both the video and music create a neo-film noir touch and are spot on in complementing each other.  If I am not being too nosy, may I ask from where did you get the video clips or did you do them yourself?

Excellent piece of work !!!

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The mix was top notch as usual, love the horn blends. The composition was challenging without being unaccessible! The video worked, and I kept thinking, this video could also be the "backdrop" for some death metal!


Kudos for the pads - the pads were very expert, they filled without calling attention to themselves. Understated and perfect.


Usually your tunes make me want to Sunday Brunch with Mimosas . . . but this was a an excellent departure.



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Very nice.
I always listen to the music first... and then watch it again with video.
This one came as quite a surprise.
Listening to it without video I thought of thought of 1930-1970s--- some sleazing sazzy detective scenes etc.
But watching the video changed that to prittty spooky stuff!!  lol

Amazing what audio/visual can change perceptions.

Great mix.. also agree with the pad comment that Tom made too.

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Thanks Tom & Gary,  I appreciate the feedback. Using free bits of footage these background vids are pieced together loosely by the mood of the tune rather than any story line. Just a bit of eye candy for YT listeners. Good to know the mixes are in the ballpark & that you're hearing nuances.

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