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scott kawasaki

MIDI Sequences from MOTIF ES

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Hi There,

First-time poster and probably a basic question. Is it possible to take midi sequences that I did on my MOTIF ES and put them into Cakewalk? I no longer have the keyboard but have the sequences saved on a USB.

Any tips on how I can do this would be great to know...thanks!

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16-track, 226,000-note capacity linear/pattern-based sequencer, with real- or step-time recording, 480ppqn resolution, full cut/paste editing, and recordable controller movements. [from SOS article]

Based on that, I assume you can if they have been saved as *.mid files. If they have been saved in a proprietary file format and/or have extensive commands that are unique to MOTIF, extra work might be needed beyond just opening up a *.mid file.

I will defer to others who might be familiar with MOTIF and other hardware sequencer file formats.  My experience has been mostly with E-Mu gear sequencer files--which are backed up as *.mid files and can be easily opened in Cakewalk. (Also I had some experience with very old software that used *.smf files and ancient Casio CZ-5000 sequencer files.)

Just out of curiosity: If they are stored as *.mid files, does Cakewalk open them and show you the tracks? If so, have you tried assigning them to a multi-timbral soft synth (such as TTS-1) or other external multi-timbral gear?

ADDENDUM: I was curious about the file format and found this. So maybe you did export them as standard midi files.  Also, I found an old [1995] *.smf and it opens in Cakewalk.

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