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  1. Hi Folks - this is very helpful and I'm making a decision on whether to get a Yamaha MX49 or Komplete a49. with Craig's suggestion above, does this mean that the transport controls on the a49 like record, quantize, loop, etc...will work with Cakewalk as well?
  2. I currently have a iRig Keys Pro 37 but will be returning it due to lack of transport controls. Looking at Arturia 49 essential or Komplete a49. Do these work well with Cakewalk as a DAW controller - transport controls? (I used to sequence on a Motif ES before) Also does it make no sense if I want to use Native instruments soft synths and get the Arturia?
  3. Hi Folks, Sorry - another newbie question...searched for this and found some info at https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=Looping.05.html but still not sure... So I have several questions as follows: When I tried creating a midi loop, there's extra blank space after the track and I have to adjust manually to get the midi to loop. This was when using Groove Quantize What am I missing in the process to simply get the midi loop to start and stop in a 4 bar track and just keep looping this without any timing issues? How would I go about looping audio? Groove quantize? I might be missing something that relates to snap to grid or something... Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hi There, First-time poster and probably a basic question. Is it possible to take midi sequences that I did on my MOTIF ES and put them into Cakewalk? I no longer have the keyboard but have the sequences saved on a USB. Any tips on how I can do this would be great to know...thanks!
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