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Found 5 results

  1. Dear All, since my new install on the new W10 laptop I suffer from a bug in the windows management (but only CW has this problem, other apps are OK). I hope somebody can give me a direction on how to fix this. Right now I have no more ideas. I work with 2 screens, the 17"-laptop FHD and a 27" 4K. I use the laptop for the console view and plugins within the MultiDock and the 4K for the track view. The behavior on the new PC was strange from day one: When I minimize the MultiDock window in the laptop screen it disapears completely (no minimized view) an there is no way to bring it back. The only way to restore it is to close the project an reopen it. Did somebody see this before me? Any idea is highly welcome! Best regards, Peter
  2. If you work in Cakewalk on Windows 10, which Windows 10 do you run? Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro?
  3. Checking if anyone is/was experiencing problems using the Waves plugin Scheps Omni Channel (SOC) with current versions of Cakewalk running on Win10-64? It runs fine on my Win7-64 implementation using the Waves v10 version, but I'm trying to migrate to Win10, and most things are working well. On my Win10, using the Waves v11 version, I cannot reopen a project that has SOC on a track. Cakewalk crashes with an "Unhandled Exception" error (c0000005) with a reference to the Waves "Wave Shell9-VST3". If I use the v10 version with Win10, Cakewalk crashes when I try to save a project with SOC in it, but doesn't show an error screen . I'm about to report the problem to Waves tech support, but I suspect they may try to suggest a Cakewalk issue.
  4. Previously used .cwp files in Cakewalk now lock up after just 23 seconds of playback or recording after updating to version of Cakewalk and updating Win 10 to build OS 18362.900 of Win 10 version 1903. I am running on Xeon processors working at 3.07 GHZ with 12 Gig of RAM. After Cakewalk abruptly locks up, I cannot shut it down via the Red X at the top right corner or open the File Menu to Close properly. In fact, no menus will open once Cakewalk freezes. I have to use Task Manager in Win 10 to close Cakewalk. As expected, once Cakewalk is shutdown via Task Manager, it will not open again; but when I try to shut down the computer I encounter another problem. Following the shutdown of Cakewalk, I cannot shutdown Win 10 via a Left click on their Start Icon on the bottom left. In fact, no menus appear via a left click on that Start icon, not even the obnoxious thumbnail listing of all the programs available on the computer. I can however exit Win 10 via a Right Click on the Search Bar adjacent to the Start Icon. Both Win 10 and Cakewalk by Bandlab were updated this week of July 1, 2020. Prior to updating, Cakewalk by Bandlab had been working fine for many months, but I have seen this phenomenon before, and it always seem to be linked to concomitant updating. Trying to research and fix the issues during the in-between-re-update-time is a total loss, and I have learned to sit back and wait for subsequent fixes to come down the pipe weeks later. But then, how is this a productive tool for composing music? Deadlines and commitments are abandoned, which makes the use of such unreliable tools a fools choice. Why did this updating stumble not occur with earlier versions of Sonar and Windows software, or did it and I just didn't notice? It makes Cakewalk as a midi sequencer on an orange screen under DOS seem like an advantage. At one time Microsoft published that it was possible to simply go back to an earlier version of Win 10 under their Settings Menu, but I see that this option has been removed. To combat the updating issue, I have learned to keep my DAW offline. But eventually, when pressured by Microsoft, and when seeing new updates available from BandLab, I give in and update both programs at the same time, hoping they have worked out their mutual bugs. But this time, they have not. I can open and use Sibelius on the same computer without any problems, and have done so after this last updating fiasco. There is some responsibility toward fixing this problem on my part, which is to report these bugs when they occur... and to recognize that it is impossible for software developers to consider every possible configuration of hardware that now exists, especially in the PC world. I tried adopting the Apple approach about 12 years ago, but what an expensive joke that was. And so I am registering my official "bug report" at this time. It would help to know that I am not alone, or insane, or unreasonable, and that COVD-19 hasn't mutated to a version that eats magnetic code on the SSD disk in my computer. Please advise.
  5. Randomly and often Cakewalk qill just 'han'g when trying to export audio. Sometimes it works, more often than not I have to kill it in Task Manage r and try again (sometimes multiple times). This also will hang when I try to change the track output from the Inspector view. If I change it form the tracks->selecttrack output it does not hang. The export thing is driving me crazy
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