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  1. I also tried it on Cubase which is supported and had the same issue when I tried creating a piece with opus and only 6 tracks. Crashed - Everything is on SSD drives and I have AMD FX 8 core with 32 Gigs of ram so there should not be an issue
  2. I just licensed it two nights ago and had the same experience and everything is installed on and SSD drive. Tried to run orchestrator and it crashed Cakewalk. I then tried to create a simple template for just Violins, Violas, Celli and Base - When I added the basses cakewalk crashed. I hope I haven't made $200 dollar subscription mistake.
  3. There are no audio tracks - they are all midi tracks being output through VST Instuments. Do I need to make the vst tracks have an input?
  4. Randomly and often Cakewalk qill just 'han'g when trying to export audio. Sometimes it works, more often than not I have to kill it in Task Manage r and try again (sometimes multiple times). This also will hang when I try to change the track output from the Inspector view. If I change it form the tracks->selecttrack output it does not hang. The export thing is driving me crazy
  5. I would but the drive is not only getting flakey is becoming too small for my new library and vst needs. There are other things on it that must remain in place n this drive letter so I will need the room to fix the bad blocks on the drive for this other stuff. My only option is to move the VST's and their samples to another new larger drive volume
  6. I have all my VST's for Cakewalk loaded on a single SSD drive. This drive is behaving erratically and I need to move all of my VST's to a different drive. Is there a bulk way to update all my projects so I do not have to reset each product to point to the new VST location?
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