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  1. Reference Guide PDF now available [Updated 20-May-2021] Does this mean there is a an updated version of the 2021 Manual dated May 20, 2021? The version number listed is 27.04.00
  2. I agree for most basic MIDI drum tracks that come with free MIDI files, the copy/drag would work. The unique persussion notes, especially in latin styles, are the tough ones since you have to scroll across the song in PR view to find which notes are active and then do the same drag process. I support Cakewalk's keeping the Run CAL option available and supported.
  3. I often use the Run CAL script to "Split notes into seperate tracks" on MIDI drum tracks. The split works well, but I then have to go thru several steps to then find out which drum note corresponds to which percussion insrument as the track names are not consistently correct. Most of the issues are with the specialized percussion instruments like claves, cowbells, and latin special types. As scook has noted in the above reply, I wondered if there also is an "alternate" solution available to change a mixed MIDI drum track into sperate tracks??
  4. Trying to cleanup Cakewalk-related files which are located in several places on my C:\ drive. My Cakewalk system files appear in two locations, maybe one of the locations is a remnant of Sonar days. c:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\xxx c:\Users\Chuck\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk Core\xxx There are different subfolders in each of these locations, so I'd like to sync them and change my Cakewalk "Preferences" menu locations to point to just one location. Which of these locations is the preferred one to consolidate my Cakewalk files?
  5. Same here. Would note that after one of the recent recent minor Win10 upgrades, when I opened Cakewalk it had ASIO4ALL drivers showing in Options. I switched it back to the UMC404 ASIO drivers and all continues to work fine. Just pointing out that there may have been some "glitch" in recent minor upgrades from Microsoft that impacted Cakewalk, but for me not worth the time to figure it out and easy to remedy.
  6. Folks... several of us have brought up the "Project End" issue over time, for which allowing the setting of a Marker to indicate the Project End woulod be all that is needed. It seems like a fairly simple programminmg change, or a maintenance fix, since checking the "Stop at project end" box works inconsistently. lapasoa ... I commend your persistence. Hoping one of the tech folks at Bandlab can provide whether such a "Project Marker" addition is very complex or problematic, or agree that the Project End checkbox is not working correctly and agree to add it the list of "bugs" or on the enhancement list. I know I reported it as a "bug" two years ago, and in the various threads on this issue, adding the marker should also be on the enhancements list. Scook ... I understand your bias, just feel differently, but am continually thankful for your various workaround suggestions! Enough said... will continue living with the problem and enjoying all else Cakewalk offers me!
  7. @Colin Nicholls, @Starship Krupa The good news is I learned two ways to move bars across all tracks! Thank you guys for the help!!! Report post
  8. Colin Nicholls... Thanks for the suggestion, but I can't get that to work, so I must be missing something. I set the cursor to the "Move" icon; Enable Ripple Edit All using the Track-Options menu pulldown; Grab the left-most part of the first track and move it to the selected bar. Only the first track is showing being moved, all other tracks show no move. I opened the CW documentation which didn't add any additional guidance, basically what you said to do. I tried doing the above with Ripple Edit Selection too, no difference. UPDATE: All tracks moved correctly after I selected all the tracks! So with no tracks selected only the track in focus moved, but by selecting all the tracks they correctly all showed a move of two bars. Not sure if it's supposed to work that way, but I easily changed all tracks.
  9. Marcello.... I only have Ozone 9 Elements, but the Imager is included. Some of your questions are of interest to me, as I typically only use Ozone 9 on vocal tracks and at the Mix level, so i basically play around with the sliders till it "sounds" best to me. Please continue to post your findings as to the "right" approach to using the Ozone Imager, as they could be useful to know. BTW... are you the same Marcello that posts on the Cantabile forum?
  10. I have some older projects that start on Bar 01 Beat01. What is the best, easiest, or recommended way to move all tracks (including "takes") exactly two bars from the beginning of each track?
  11. Scook... Thanks for the prompt response. Maybe I'm having a different problem. I used the Drum Map in this project to alter the volumes of several drums. What happens is that as long as that drum track has Output= Cakewalk TTS it will play correctly and will bounce to a new track. However, once I change the Output to "DM1", the drum track plays okay, but when I try to bounce a set of tracks, the drum trach set to DM1 gets ignored in the mix. If I try to bounce just the Drums Track I get the error that says there is not Audio in the track. So I reached the conclusion that the problem was setting the Output to DM1 and the Input as Virtual Controller, which works fine as a MIDI track but won't bounce. Thought it might be an easy fix, but not worth the effort to make the Drum Map work like I hoped, since I really won't be using on other projects. I will simply use the regular drum track and not worry about the volume changes. Appreciate your help though.
  12. Hi Scook... I found this post from you through a search and I have the exact problem of wanting to bounce a drum track that uses a Drum Map. I've watched this short video several times but I'm not understanding something and have not been successful getting to the same end result you show. My question: Is the goal here to create two linked tracks, or to modify one track? I can easily do the first step to temporarily remove the Drum Map, but if I stay in that track and use the pull-down menu to "Make an instrument Track", that option is grayed out. So I made a new Instrument Track and put Cakewalk TTS as the output. That gives me two tracks, the MIDI Drums track with "Virtual Controller" as the Input and DM1 as the Output; and a second Instrument Track but I don't know what the Input should be since DM1 is not an option. Would you please help me out with more detailed guidance on how this should work with the end result being a Drum Track that I can bounce to Audio?
  13. Hey Max... I just started getting the 05 error myself (again). A few months back I fixed it by doing a Waves "repair" option as suggested on this forum which worked, but did not work yesterday when I tried that. Was just about to report the problem to Waves Support, but sounds like you already did that and they issues you a patch/fix to install? Do you recall the Waves tech support name that handled your issue? It might save a step if I direct a message straight to him. Like you, it only affects certain projects, so I can work on other projects, but good to know Waves solved your issue (and hopefully will do so with mine as well)!
  14. Yes, your last sentence is the real issue, "The project will play on in silence ad infinitum." There is nothing beyond the actual project endpoint. The only recourse is you have to be at the monitor to hit the spacebar to stop Cakewalk from playing on. As mentioned by several commentors, a lack of being able to insert an "Endpoint" is a true nuisance problem, and hopefully Cakewalk tech folks will figure out a simple way to include it on a future release.
  15. You may want to also review this earlier thread. Answer seems to be that there is no way to "force" a project end marker into a project. A couple of workarounds have been used but when a project doesn't end and keeps going ad infinitum, Cakewalk needs to develop an "Insert Project End" marker. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/25072-audio-tracks-not-stopping-at-project-end/
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