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  1. Ah yes... bagpipes. We hired a bagpiper to play at my wife's funeral a few years back, as she was half Irish (which half I'll leave unsaid). We had no idea whether bagpipes were part of Ireland's music heritage, but seemed fitting. Bagpipe tunes sound appropriately sad for a sad occassion, and along with a version of Amazing Gace, he did play a couple of wife's favorite Irish tunes like Danny Boy and Irish Eyes are Smiling at the service. Admittedly, the bagpipes were a unique touch to the occasion, but as a long-time keyboardist, I would have to say a step in the wrong direction vis-a-vis organ or piano music.
  2. @Doug Steinschneider probably very few are still browing this IK related thread, so you may not get responses, but here's my take... I used the Behringer ECM 8000 with IK ARC for an initial equalization test run to try out the ARC product. In general, to get the full benefit of the ARC equalization is a lot of work, and the end result of the process didn't really seem to make any significant difference to my hearing, yet eating up a lot of CPU in projects using those results. Without doing an A-B comparison of the Behringer vs IKM mikes, which may require some type of equaliztion analyzer, and likely not any audible differences, I would say using the Behringer would not be an issue, except perhaps to a "purist". The ARC product is something I've put aside for potential future use if I reach the point of caring about the fine nuances of sound in my listening environment. For the time being, I'm just focused on making changes to my projects to keep the sound I like similar across CD, streaming, phone and automobile/PC speaker playback situations and maybe trying out the several plugins I see in ads that make that process much easier.
  3. Possibly related.... I've been having a crash problem using the Sampletank4 VST3 (or VST2 version) with Cakewalk on my music PC, although STank4 works fine in standalone mode and SampleTank3 works fine as a VST and standalone. However, on my desktop PC, ST4 works correctly with CW. I have filed a support request with IK Multimedia, and got an interim response from them. The support tech guy was having a similar CW crashing problem using their Amplitude product, and they are narrowing down to a recent Win10 update that altered some internal operating system parameter that ST4 uses. My desktop PC is indeed using an older release of Win10, so I'm temporarily freezing Win10 updating, but I don't want to mess with trying to backout an update(s) from the music PC. Per the IKM support tech they are making program changes and will be testing soon to see if that is the solution. If IK Multimedia has potentially found a Win10 operating system issue, it may also be affecting the EZBass/Toontrack issue, which means the application vendor may have to make changes.
  4. Unfortunately, similar problems happen occasionally when CW is loading a project. It generally has to do with either an issue in your computer configuration or some option in your CW setup that you can change. I've found that the only answer is to use CW Support and file a problem report. If you're not getting an Error Screen popup showing an error code, then you need to make a setting change in CW. I had to do this some time ago and I don't recall exactly how I did it. but it's something like this: Under preferences | Initialization file you can set the ExceptionHandlingSeverity=7 You may have to type the string into a text box that comes up, but if you search around the CW Forum, I think there is there is a step-by-step explanation of how to file a problem report with CW Support and how you send them a crash dump. Likely there is no quick and easy answer since you changed your computer and there could be some differences in the configuration files.
  5. Good solution. I think ST4 SE version still loads the full standard library.
  6. @Grem I thought I had the same issue several weeks ago, but realized that the Promos highest on the list didn't show multiple freebies, but the Promos lower/lowest on the list did, so check the bottom one to see if you have multiple freebie selections. From my experience and confirmed by PeterIK, you can click the Promo and see, then back out without losing the promo.
  7. I'm going to load up the ARC software and play around with it and the mike for a few hours this weekend. I think it will work fine based on reviews and Sweetwater's return policy and the 2-year warranty pretty much takes the risk out of this purchase!
  8. I wrote too soon. Order got delivered today. Here's a pic.
  9. I decided to buy the Behringer MEMS mike, which has a $100 MSRP, but Sweetwater offering on a special sale for $29 and free shipping plus their 2-yr warranty. It was out-of-stock and backordered when I purchased it earlier this week, but got an email that it's shipped and will arrive at my door on Monday.
  10. Poifect!! I'll start getting ready for the 50th Anniversary Group Buy!!!
  11. HAPPY 25th GREAT BUY!!! So anyone know if there will be any additional item(s) available to select with our freebies as a Thanks for hitting the 25K mark?
  12. Yes, but if the GB ends tomorow, then is it 30 days from Oct 16th or is it based on the "official" revised end, i.e. 30 days from Oct 31st?
  13. I'd like to start a rumor that an unidentified source said that @Peter - IK Multimediawill be adding 30 additional promo freebies if the GB reaches 25K, ten each at the $50, $100, and $150 levels!
  14. Helping the cause... Did my 3rd Buy yesterday. Just wanted to scoop up the complete (22) Syntronik Synth libraries, adding 75Gb to my Sounds/Samples Drive. So this 25th GB has (so far) netted me 69 promo products and 3 Buys , 72 total products to keep me busy exploring my treasures! Thank you IKMultimedia and Peter!!!
  15. Appreciate some help in understanding the licensing use of these IK software products. If I have say Sampletank4 loaded/registered to my studio PC, can I have it (a copy) also loaded to my development/learning/testing PC (same house, same IP address, about 30' apart) or on a travelling laptop,under the single IK license? Most all of my other products and software allow use on a second PC which might be a test/backup/live-play machine on the same license, or in some cases through the keeping a license on the cloud or an iLok USB key to share across machines. The underlying concept is to not be using multiple installations at the same time for different purposes.
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