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  1. ur link no worky Craigb (ITYRN)
  2. Bill will takes whatevs 🙂
  3. Bapu

    Ample Guitar VC III

    Today Gwan Tamale
  4. ^ to spread destruction in the knave of piece?
  5. Bapu

    Ample Guitar VC III

    Bapuji in 1974 with his EB3 I don't have that Cherry one but I did recently acquire a 1972 Walnut EB3.
  6. Actually I've never used EZXs in SupDrummer. I'll only used SDXs there. I just always thought they should stay in their own yard.
  7. Aha, well that may be true. Since I have both I would have never encountered that before.
  8. IIRC all EZX MIDI can be used in Superior Drummer.
  9. Ya, I'm yer Hoochie Coochie Baybe, baaaaaaaybeeeeeee
  10. Phish straight outta Compton water?
  11. I think EZBass will become something special down the road. I plan to use it for inspiration, less likely for final tracks (until I'm physically unable to play). What I heard in your test is a great example of a demo bass line that can either be a) be tweaked or b) a jumping off point for a real player. I'm thrilled with EZKeys for somewhat the same reason(s). EZKeys was used to start the latest BZJ song (of course Daryl did a great job of adding a live player feel to his parts).
  12. (c) 2020 BJZ Ken (Zargg) Nilsen - Vocals, Guitar James (Jyemz) Griffiths - Guitar Ed (Bapu) Kocol - Bass Hugo Ribeiro - Drums Daryl (daryl1968) Greenway - Piano Lasse (Leizer) Williamsson - Orchestra 1st verse: Lost in a dream of yester years My life is a mirage to me So much heartache, so many tears Nothing was how I wanted it to be Pre Chorus: Nothing is further from the truth Than everything I left behind me Chorus: With 2020 Hindsight I see what I should've done Just a little more work and it would've been more fun The days ahead forever seemed dark as midnight That's what I've learned from my 2020 hindsight 2nd Verse: I can never go back to the past And change the mistakes I've made I'll start a new future to last One that will not rust or fade Repeat Chorus Solo Repeat Chorus x 2
  13. Very nice Wookster. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
  14. Nice little test there Lee.
  15. Vocals in the verses reminded me of Don Henley. Nice song. Just had a listen to the POD2 version. Yup, profiling has come a long way.
  16. Bapu

    Losing Hope

    Hi Harry, nice toon. Guitar tones are schweet. Vocals are nice. The double speed feel change is an excellent choice. I kept waiting for some doubled harmony vocals and they came in a little too late for me. A personal taste thing I'm sure.
  17. Bapu

    Glasgow Blue

    A+ on the bass tone. Nice start of a piece, can't wait to hear the completed piece.
  18. Very mellow vibe but fits the subject matter. The mix crits have been covered so I'll just say ditto except the solo jumped out at me maybe a fade in automation where the first few notes are about 2db lower and build up. 🙂
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