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  1. Additionally I saw this: Cakewalk SFZ+ does not read .sfz files, it reads .sf2 (soundfont) files . . . Be sure that is not your problem See this link: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=532700 Syphus
  2. I'm assuming that you are referring to the player as being 32 vs 64 bit. I believe the soundfont file does not come in a 32 or 64 bit version . . . it is just a file to load into the player (which could be a 32 or 64 bit application). So as long as the player matches your installation (64 bit), the file should load. If the app (SFZ Player) is 32 bit, you may have to update the player (or to a player) that is 64 bit. If need to use a 32 bit version . . . then that could be problematic because you will need to use another program to run it (such as BitBridge) in CbB. Do note that the soundfont file can be *.sf2 or *.sfz. sfz is a compressed format and not all players can play them (decompress). Hope that helps . . . If you do a search on the forum . . . there are several threads about Soundfonts and players. If you still need help . . . It would be advisable to include specific info as to what you are trying to do and what your failure mode is . . . I'm sure some will be able to chime in and help What player ? What font file? What error if any? What is the failure mode . . . Syphus
  3. Thank for the confirmation . . . I had done some looking but I did not come across that. At least I know it is a known problem . Syphus
  4. Hi All, The title is a bit misleading after doing some work. Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to why I'm see this behavior . I just spent the last hour combing through the threads and reading the manual when I fixed my problem. Here is what I saw: I had "screenset" 1 set in a new project I started today. I was working with some samples using the "Media Browser". To make extra room, I had "removed" the "Help" module. This gave some room and left a module header bar that said "Help Module" and contained the ">>" marker (or button) that would allow me to collapse the "Media Browser. After working a bit I started to set up some screensets for my workflow and what I kept running into was a problem with screenset 1. I would collapse the "Media Browser", then switch to another screen, but when I came back to 1, the "Media Browser" would be open again. This started making me crazy as I knew that I was doing it correctly (or so I thought). What I discovered (just as starting this thread) was that IF you close (collapse) the "Help" module, the header remains on the screen to support the ">>" marker. If that condition exists and you collapse the "Media Browser" to the right side, then go to another screenset, when you come back the "Media Browser" is there again. It is almost like the screenset save is weirding out for 1. Well the "workaround" is to un-collapse the Help module (you can type "Y"), re-collapse the entire right side panel (including the Media Browser) using ">>", go to another screenset and "BOOM" it works now. How strange is that. The reason I went to this length to type this that I thing this my be a bug, but maybe not?? What do you think? I think it may be something that is not supposed to happen (i.e. a bug). I try messing with the workspace setting to fix it but that was not the problem. Syphus
  5. I ... could... be only arguing in my spare time!
  6. Syphus


    No problem - that is what I saw . . . Just checking Later - Thanks Syphus
  7. Syphus


    Ok, I'll bite . . . Free from where? I only see a pay version . . . Just curious . . . Thanks, Syphus
  8. it has something to do with CBS and Netflix being competitors . . . Oh well, I guess I will take the FREE route for now . . . Syphus
  9. After much digging . . . It is NOT available in the US. I did manage to get a screen to come up that will notify me if/when if become available - otherwise no deal for US Syphus
  10. Syphus

    Loot Audio Offer

    I believe if look to the bottom of the page - it says: "All this for 10 per month - what's stopping you" I'm assuming this is a subscription price - but looking deeper, It seems to be a strange set up ? I'm just say'n . . . Syphus
  11. I'll give it look again . . . Syphus
  12. Just checked and I'm not seeing it on Netflix - should I be searching for something specific ? Syphus
  13. Actor-singer Kenny Rogers, the smooth, Grammy-winning balladeer who spanned jazz, folk, country and pop with such hits as “Lucille,” “Lady” and “Islands in the Stream” and embraced his persona as “The Gambler” on record and on TV died Friday night. He was 81. One of my favorites was "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)" - Rest in Peace Kenny R Syphus
  14. Hi All - Thanks for the response . . . My buddy disabled all his sound drivers except the UMC404HD driver and he said it appears to be stable (time will tell). I won't know till this weekend if he was successful . . . Still, if you have info on this interface, please do include it in the thread. It could prove to valuable to others using or thinking about getting this interface. Once again, Thank you all! Syphus
  15. Hi there, A friend of mine just bought this interface and I was curious if anyone out there is using this hardware? His OS is Windows 10 - I don't want to get too technical here. I want to hear some opinions about it (good or bad) He is experiencing what appears to be a driver conflict: With out warning while using CbB or youtube, The driver disconnects and has to be "jump started" by pulling the USB cable and reinserting. The dropout seems to be random and not triggered by any particular action. Doing some research, I found it might be conflict between Windows bit rate settings and his ASIO settings. Has any using this unit experienced this and if so, how did you "fix it" Any experienced suggestion is appreciated. I don't want to dive too deep. I don't know what his board specs are and don't think it matters in this case. Just fishing for ideas on the problem and possible solutions Thanks in advance . . . Syphus
  16. Bummer . . . I need more Camel Growl ! LOL
  17. I know you just posted this, but when I click the link, it does not look to be free. In fact is says: But Digital Album $12 USD or more I like the "or more" part . . . Listened to the samples, glad my neighbors only have horses - LOL Syphus
  18. Watched the video - Lots of pops and drop outs? I will probably try it out, but if it sounds like the video (pops etc.) I'll just get rid of it. I'm hoping it was just his set up because it looks interesting. Just my observation. Syphus
  19. Syphus

    Freeze bus plugins

    I would agree to the above (from @David Baay) as one solution. But I was thinking and thought why not use the "Mix Recall" function. I don't know if it would meet your requirements but I did this experiment since I was curious: I opened a project and added a extra bus called "Sub-Mix1" - no FX added to either I saved this configuration as a project, then crested a "Mix Recall Scene" called "mix1" I then added a limiter to the master bus and a "EQ" to the sub mix bus - created a new scene named "mix2" next I changed the FX on the "Sub-Mix" buss to something else and save that scene as "mix3" At this point I could go to original mix "Mix1" and no FX in either buss. Selected "Mix2" scene and each now had FX added. Selected "Mix3" and the sub buss FX changed. Now I don't know if that is what you are after (as in trying different mixes). I myself, do not see a use for freezing a buss (with FX) since I can a bounce the buss to a track (to save plug-in overhead) or just create another buss with a different FX and then mute the one I don't want in the mix. Don't know if that helps . . . But it is an idea . . . Syphus
  20. Isn't that the truth! Syphus
  21. I encounter the same type of thing . . . Don't let it get you down - it shall pass! I think that retiring is a bigger challenge then some people think. I was depressed for a few months after the "newness" of retirement wore off. Syphus
  22. Excellent video - it was like I was there . . . ! Congratulations to the two of you! Syphus
  23. You could try contacting support yourself and suggest to them that it would be helpful if they could tag "sonar" videos with "Cakewalk" also. It can't hurt to give it a try! Syphus
  24. Although this might not be helpful, I had a similar experience with Amplitube 4. I was running AD2 (Addictive Drums) standalone and AT4 standalone at the same time and they were not happy sharing the ASIO driver for Focusrite very well. Now I never had that problem within Cakewalk (running together), but did have problems trying to run the standalone AT4 and Cakewalk at the same time (mostly crackles). This was over a year ago. Lately, I have run AT4 standalone and Cake running AT4 and everything seemed happy, but I think that was just luck. Make sure you are not running any programs (outside of Cakewalk) that are using the ASIO drivers and Cakewalk at the same time. Generally as a rule-of-thumb, I just run Cakewalk by itself. Otherwise, I do not have any other ideas. Syphus
  25. You might want to open the "IK manager" and have it check your ampltube configuration . . . I have have update (win 7 ) cause Amplitube to need to be "Fixed". Syphus
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