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  1. Mine didn't appear immediately on opening the page but I refreshed and there it was!
  2. Thanks - yes I'd noticed they were smaller - I am wondering if they will get installed automatically whilst I'm downloading the instruments - which is proving to be exceptionally slow process especially as one decided to pause itself whilst I was away from the PC!
  3. After we have downloaded the synths do we have to download the Sounds Updater files? It's a slow process for me so far at 1.1Mb / s!
  4. Yes I kept losing track of where I was in the list but got there ok in the end!
  5. I've got a few queued up for tonight 🙂 Doesn't help that my wifi is only giving me 10Mps from the 96 I'm getting coming into the house! Must upgrade this BT Smart Hub 2 sometime! Too much congestion and can't choose 5Ghz channel it just randomly allocates channels to devices on a whim!
  6. It's going to be a long 180 days 😉
  7. Ah thanks - of course that is why they are all saying installed! I was confused! So 'Reinstall Library is the thing to do? It doesn't help that not all of the Syntronik 2 sounds are labelled as Syntronik 2!
  8. Thanks - Do I have to add and download replacements to my old synths to get the new Syntronik 2 presets? - I think I read earlier that I would not need to re download these Edit - I've bitten the bullet and bought!
  9. Tallied up and I'd get 15 new synths so still a very good deal! The promised multis are a sweetener too.
  10. Thanks - I have Syntronik 2CS and also Syntronik 1 (which I got through a Total Studio 2 Max deal) but haven't used them that much (mainly due to lack of time!) - just counting up how many synths I already have from Syntronik 1 (20) and just about to compare that with the ones in the group buy to see what I would gain.
  11. I may be guilty as charged - still dithering though!
  12. I got a hissing sound when using the Tone Net Brian May presets - doesn't happen on others Amplitude presets.
  13. Don't bite the hand that feeds you 😉
  14. Thanks - so I do not have to reinstall the ones I already have - the Syntronik 2 samples are the same as Syntronik 1? - so basically what I would be getting would just be the new synths that are not in Syntronik 1? Plus the multis if it goes all the way
  15. I have a 2TB external Samsung SSD but it is already more than half full. I am also thinking about system back up space - though I am thinking of adding another removable drive to the 4Tb one I have already
  16. Many thanks Doug - most helpful!
  17. Jam Points will help seal the deal but just remembered I will have to pay 20% VAT which makes it less of a steal
  18. I'm increasingly tempted - I have Syntronik 1 which I picked up through TS Max 2 and Syntronik 2 CS. What are the benefits of getting the Group Buy - other than the extra synths over Syntronik 1 - I'm concerned about all the extra disk space required! Wil I be able to uninstall the Syntronik 1 synths once I have all the Syntronik 2 ones? I'm a hobbyist who only has a small amount of time to spend making music so want to know that my money is well spent 🙂
  19. Even Godot didn't take this long......
  20. Yep I have the not installed issue too even though they are!
  21. I keep picking them up but will have to wait until I get a new PC in a year or so to play most of them as my GPU is ten years old now and below the spec of most games. Having said that I still haven't played most of the games I can play on this PC!
  22. I'm almost getting tempted........
  23. Very nice sounds but cheesy start to the video!
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