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  1. Thanks for the great feedback, the video/text was done with Z game Editor (a video authoring plugin included in Fl studio)
  2. Nope no plans for it, just having some fun learning
  3. enabling Send all keystrokes to this plug-in button is not working with one of my 3rd party vst instruments, will a conflicting keyboard shortcut binding cause this
  4. you are right, I think that kick drum is driving the master bus peak levels way too hot, so the overall mix got squashed when I put a limiter on the master bus to keep it from clipping.
  5. that Real Hip Hop....Ohh
  6. ok got it, current day PPQ is really about sequencer display resolution, not sequencer timing resolution....my head is spinning
  7. If I'm understanding this right, even at 96PPQ a quantization setting of 1/8 will always snap the MIDI event to the nearest 1/8 note interval, but if quantization were disabled at 96PPQ there would be fewer tics between the 1/8 note intervals where a MIDI event may occur as opposed to 960PPQ ?
  8. additionally, is there a relationship between the midi record input quantize function and project PPQ ?
  9. this is confusing, does this mean the Midi engine is always operating at a high resolution even when the project PPQ is reduced to say for example 96PPQ ?
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