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  1. Hopefully Peter or Ryan can answer this. If I buy Amplitube Brian May, will it qualify for the current promotion?
  2. For people on a very tight budget Audio Assault products will serve very well.
  3. Any chance iLoud MTM will be a part of this promotion as a qualifying product?
  4. Check the blowout area at JRR. Just purchased the Vintage collection 1. Can't believe how natural and organic the tone is. Although the plugin still doesn't respond to playing like the real amp, it sounds exceptionally good.
  5. Between Lindell and DrumX Lindell was the most obvious choice. Compared it against other M/S channel strips. Well, it's doesn't rival competing products but still is very nice, especially at the price. For $4 it's a great buy, even if it will "collect dust" on the drive.
  6. I you have H-EQ, it has API mode, which is indistinguishable from Waves' take on API (and Neve and Pultec and SSL).
  7. Mixbus v5 is as buggy as it can get. Major workflow areas such as audio routing, mixbusses' visibility are plagued with unexpected errors. Very disappointing.
  8. I have a v4 license, but never used it due to poor UX. Pulled the trigger to get v5, hoping to use it for mixing in the near future.
  9. You're welcome, Piotr! Since CDR supports sfz libraries here is a hint - get some drum kits from Platinum Samples. Excellent value with great sound. 'Nuff said!
  10. I wonder if anyone uses Cakewalk's own Drum Replacer. When I tried it on a live drum kit, it gave me better results than other triggers, including Addictive Trigger.
  11. I got two or three $25 vouchers this year. They haven't stopped it, just changed it somewhat.
  12. How come, I see 2500+ in my toaster popup?
  13. Same here. Really hope it's not yet another particle synthy thing. However, more keyboard instruments or, better yet, AD3 would be very welcome.
  14. Try this http://www.igniteamps.com/
  15. Thanks for the heads up! Updated.
  16. You are welcome, Zo! Frankly, one can make great records with any amp sim. They are all good. But to me the only one that sounds and feels like the real deal and stands out of the crowd is... right, ReValver.
  17. I test new versions once in a while. It's been some time since I last checked their workstation. This sounds promising. I'll give it another try. Thanks!
  18. I hope you'll be able to relay this idea to the UVI developers so they can fix their software. Until then I'll just skip everything UVI related.
  19. Yes! And the crash happens immediately. No debugging message is shown. The plugin is simply blacklisted. If <=2.6.15 works and >2.6.15 doesn't it means something is not right with latter releases. I mean, the 2.6.16 wasn't a huge rewrite of the code, yet they couldn't spot the bug. Maybe less maniacal approach could be more productive. But if it works for them, let it work. Didn't mean to hijack this thread. We need to stop discussing this subject.
  20. Thanks for your tips, guys. I've gone through all these steps and then some. Submitted support tickets to UVI. They suggested some silly trouble shooting steps to try, and kept on asking same questions. Their best idea was to use a remote connection to my PC, which I'll never allow to anyone, no matter what. Nice people, but not very qualified at what they do. I suspect, the core code is outsourced, while the support crew has a very vague idea of how their product works. I can be wrong, of course! But if the product doesn't work as expected and the support is useless, I'd rather stay away from it. Hope you'll have lots of fun with UVI based products.
  21. Just demoed it. Certainly not as sluggish as other PG products, slick UI, not scalable, but usable. Sounds better than previous versions, but (still) has severe aliasing, audible with high gain settings on high pitched notes. Doesn't perform as good as competing ampsims, which all work fine at 96kHz/16samples on my Scarlett 6i6 1st gen. FX2 works as expected only at 44.1kHz/16 samples. At other sample rates it becomes a ring modulator or requires higher buffer settings. Still feels like the initial attack is processed by an SSL type compressor and then fed into all other modules. Definitely wrong approach! Guitar match is an interesting feature, but considering the price point, I'll stick with Peavey ReValver with similar functionality, better audio quality and clever pricing.
  22. Ditto! I still hope to become more proficient at playing keyboard, until then I'll keep my 16 guitars and countless amps/cabs/preamps/pedals/multiFX intact.
  23. I wonder, if the $20 upgrade path is permanent price or just a special introduction offer. I hope, they'll keep it at $20.
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