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  1. This app was instant purchase for me. I completely moved from PC to iPad and the most painful thing for me is to find something similar to Rayzoon Jamstix drums. This Auto Fills along with Digistix2 or Beathawk is a nice solution until Lumbeat drummers are in AUv3 too.
  2. Let me break into this topic one last time with OT about KnobCloud. From my perspective KnobCloud is way more efficient platform for selling than KVR. I sold 3 apps including BIAB during 24 hours without any issues. Thank you again @Brian Lawler and wish you luck with megaPak there, @Bapu 😉
  3. Thank you Brian for KnobCloud! I can't sell BIAB there for now because PGMusic is not in the list of supported devs yet, but I sold Valhalla VVV within 30 minutes there 🙂 Sorry for OT.
  4. Could you please recommend me a trustable market place where I can sell my BIAB 2023 Pro license? KVR maybe? I have moved to iPad and have BIAB for nothing now. According to the PGMusic chat assistant, the license transfer process should be easy.
  5. iOS version please ...
  6. I think everything is here: I have iPad Air 2022 and tested round trip latency in Onyx app https://onyx3.com/LatencyMeter/ Btw, Apogee Jam+ latency was 16.5ms at 48kHz/64 samples
  7. I have an older iRig HD 2 at home now and latency on iPad is worse than my "all-in-one" NuX Mighty Plug Pro which is not primarily audio interface. I'm quite curious whether iRig USB will be better or not. Btw "Premium" Apogee Jam+ is even worse than HD 2 in case of latency on iPad.
  8. Got it, thank you. I had to rejoin to their newsletter, logout, login and then click to "My Products"
  9. and it is extended also for iOS, nice. "Unlocks TONEX SE plus full version features and gear of AmpliTube for iPhone/iPad (Free download from App Store)" Only thing I miss is MIDI in/out like iRig Pro has.
  10. @Music Software Deals Not sure but I think the sorting algorithm doesn't work as it should. At least in case "Sort by price: low to high":
  11. filo

    Jamstix (NOT a deal)

  12. Thanks, it should be specified more precisely even on their pages: https://www.airmusictech.com/virtual-instruments/xpand!2.html "iLok is not required for use"
  13. I see "No iLok key required" in Notes. Really? I remember XPand2 required iLok
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