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  1. That would make a great cover or my combo amp. I could rename it the Tail Gator
  2. I found that most Facebook music software/hardware groups are decidedly droll. I’ve divorced myself from everyone of them. No one there can have a proper conversation without getting offended. Or getting offended that I’m not offended. Or simply doesn’t have any humor at all. Which I find offensive it’s so much nicer here. It’s like being home again. (I must have found a set of ruby night slippers)
  3. It’s all relative, isn’t it?
  4. After dealing with Karen..... Pete will be a push over.
  5. Alas, no.... I’m allergic to Becan. unless of course, it’s fried.
  6. But are you feeding him any Becan?
  7. Do in well Gentlemen. Doin well how are y’all doin’?
  8. I’m late to the party. I’ve got a Schecter Banshee Elite 7FR-S. Has been a killer guitar from the day I got it. Love the action. Love the sustaining for recording at lower volumes while still getting feedback effects. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your SLS Elite
  9. Like I was never here at all.........
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