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  1. Yes Eddie was off the hook. Yes his technique was influential on the way I played guitar. But the one thing that has stuck with me since the first interview s I read in guitar magazines was that Eddie purposely never played the same solo twice, never played a cover song the same as the original, And used anything and everything down to the tremolo springs to get a sound out of his guitar. Those statements alone changed my whole approach to guitar and music in general.
  2. I can’t believe this is happening to Louisiana again. We’ll be keeping your kinfolk in our prayers Bill. Stay safe!
  3. So.... looking at this thread had me thinking again about Apple and their business practices. How those business practices are going to impact my business in the long run. And it really comes down to this. I’m going to have to see how this all shakes out. As a Pro Tools and Logic Pro based studio, Catalina (MAC OS X 10.15), caused issues with both DAW and plug-in developers. To the point that the migration to 64 bit code threw a wrench into Pro Tools for 6 months. It also created havoc within Apple’s own Logic Pro X for nearly 6 weeks. I decided to wait and see where things were going to shake out. (I still haven’t moved to Catalina and will skip it all together). Here is the down side for me. At any given time I keep one machine in production environment and one machine in test. Meaning I will test any updates to OS, DAW and plugins in the test environment on personal projects. Once I’ve got a good idea of what bugs to expect and that there aren’t any session killers in the setup it gets moved to production. So where does that leave me? It leaves me with two concerns: 1) How much are two machines going to set me back? Meaning machines that will meet my minimum specs to run a full Pro Tools Ultimate mix session with up to 384 voices. Or, a LPX project with up to 500 tracks with plugins. (Yes that’s happened). 2) What if any of my studio gear will need to be replaced due to lack of support or incompatibility? I’m certain my standby Focusrite Clarett will have to be swapped out at some point. (The Clarett series being a bit long in the tooth these days). But what about my so called future proofed Focusrite Red series? How future proof is it really in the scheme of Apple’s change? There’s a bit of an expense that both hobbyists and pros alike have to consider whilst Apple goes about its changes to its master plan. Then there’s this whole Thunderbolt 3 issue that has many Mac users holding a dongle both literally and figuratively. A company that once treasured its “creative” user base has managed to frustrate that user base to no end over the last 8 years. (The observation is that Apple has lost it’s way under Tim Cook - my opinion).
  4. There seems to be a pattern here..... just sayin’
  5. No, no, no...... DIRECTOR OF ENTERTAINMENT!
  6. Are you sure it wasn’t this?
  7. Doc H

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    3 hours ago, craigb said:
  8. Guitars are never the issue. She’s fed that animal before.
  9. I have my own space dedicated to music. Which means she has to go looking.
  10. I hid your coat in someone’s beard. Just can’t remember who’s..... 😂
  11. So I walk into the family room and me little lady says, “You’ve got gas.” I thought it was a simple rhetorical statement. “Oh,....,” I say. she says, “I can tell.” I say, “Oh.... so you’ve been in the studio,” rather sheepishly. you’ve never seen a Hessian girl’s head snap around so quick. “What do you mean?” she says. I best extricate myself from the room, me thinks. ‘Cause this isn’t going to end well....... I thought she meant GAS. Honestly!!! Well.... so I say. “Beans, beans they’re a musical fruit.... you really don’t want to go in there......” Now, I hope she doesn’t go looking in there anytime soon......
  12. Notice that Strummy has quietly sidestepped this one?
  13. Really? There’s this bloke in Worcester who owes me 2 cases and a keg. When I get that, it’s free beers all around! buy a beer.... InsterEd you realize how this works, right m8? I help you you owe me a Guinness. answers are 1 pint of Guinness answers requiring thought 2 pints of Guinness correct answers 6 pints of Guinness it’s in the Coffee House v 1.0 rule book. this works for Bapu, Craigb, BayouBill, Bitflipper and Strummy and anyone I may have forgotten....... brand, beverage and quantities varies by individual.
  14. I read that title, and the visuals.... I just can’t ever unsee that! Ever!
  15. So did you becan to cry Bill?
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