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  1. Thank you for your ears and time! I'm glad you like the song, and I'll give your suggestion some consideration on my next pass. This is what I'm looking for!
  2. I like it as is! Good arrangement.
  3. Lynn Wilson


    Jack, this is very entertaining! I've mentioned dynamics in the past, and it seems like you got it because this is nuanced and subtle and well arranged. I like the melody very much and the processing on your vocals is just right for this song. Keep 'em coming.
  4. Way to go, Nigel! You've produced another winner, and I'll be listening and studying this song for a while.
  5. I have to agree with the above comments; everything about this production is first class! Songs like this showcase CW very well. Keep it up!
  6. Craig, thanks for your kind words! You have good ears regarding the vocal. I'm using Waves VocalBender on the lead vox, and it is a doubling f/x. On the choruses, I've added an Eventide Harmonizer to the lead one third higher and sang a harmony up a fifth, so 2 voices=3. Normally, I would sing all 3 parts, but this was an experiment. Hi Paul, glad to have you back! If you hear the vocals that way, I may have succeeded in the mix (lol), but sometimes it's good to be lucky.
  7. I don't remember if I used this Avatar, but I was on the old forum for sure. All the best, Craig!
  8. This proves that one can write and record a hit song using only CW tools. I wish this was on my car radio, I might start listening to radio again. A+
  9. Lynn Wilson


    This is superb! I like the mix, melody, vocal, and arrangement very much. Nicely done, Steve!
  10. Thanks again, Freddy! It took a few days to get the hang, but was worth it.
  11. Classic Makke! Let's go surfing!
  12. Wow, where did that come from?? I love the way you are processing your vocals lately. You've opened up a whole new world to explore. I've been trying to get used to my Waves OVox and Vocalbender, but I don't quite grok it yet. Anyway, this is a very entertaining song, and I dig where you are!
  13. You captured the flavor of the original very well! I remember this song coming from my dad's radio in his old Ford pickup in the day. Thank you for the time machine!
  14. Great cover! I like it when one takes a song and makes it their own. A+
  15. You may be the only one that mentioned the f/x on the lead vox. That is an experiment with Wave's Vocal Bender. I'm using a doubling effect, though, very subtly. In the long run, I can take it or leave it, I haven't ultimately decided, yet. Good ears and good catch. I'll focus on that when I get back to this. Thanks for you comments!
  16. I just listened to all three versions of this song, and I can hear the steady improvement with each mix. You have a terrific song to work with, and with just a few adjustments this could be a gem. On the last version, I hear a tiny bit of distortion on the bass or low end element of the mix, which can easily be tamed by backing it down a tad or using less compression (if you're using it). It has enough bottom to carry the song. As for the guitar, it has improved but is lacking a bit of "warmth" to my ears. Perhaps, adding a db or two in the 300-500 hz range, or cutting some upper mids a bit in the 2 khz area. Either way, when you get there, you will have something to be proud of.
  17. No critiques, just praise! Your voice sounds smooth, and the production is polished. Most of all, you write beautiful melodies that convey so much emotion. You're on a roll!
  18. Music like this has healing aspects. This is exactly what I'd listen to before or after a tension filled day. You can never have too much beauty in the world!
  19. It ain't paint-by-numbers music, and it's not easy to produce. I like this song (Jung) too!
  20. What Jack said. However you produced this, it's stellar; I love the stereo panning that gives it a huge sound! A good template for the rest of us.
  21. Hi Freddy, I'm so happy you got to hear this. Several people here have helped me get this in shape, so coproduction credits to all! Thank you for you kind words!
  22. I love Sonar 7 and still have a copy of it somewhere. I love your work because I never know what to expect! The last thing in the world this song needs is quantization!! I'm building up my nerve to go out on a limb, too, and you'd be my inspiration.
  23. John, I listened to this the other day, but didn't have time to comment. I see that you may have removed this, but I was able to track it down and enjoy it again! The sophistication in your songs has grown exponentially since I've known you. You even inspired me to buy EZ Keys, for which I am grateful. As good as you are, you should take comfort in your art because it gives comfort to others! Your last several songs are tremendous, and I hope you keep it up as long as you can.
  24. Keith, I'm glad I caught this before it disappeared because this is fantastic!! The words and message are a perfect reflection of my own thoughts, at times. I don't have as much time anymore, but I'm going to listen to this a few more times. Great job!
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